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By Roy Erickson Jr. 

The web is ablaze with drum beats of turmoil and secession. States are following their own direction in international affairs. The duly elected President is being called illegitimate, in spite of following the rules to a tee. Somehow things have become unhinged and the Constitution a passé item.

Strauss and Howe have done some masterly, scholarly work in Generations and The Fourth Turning. They say that each generation does not necessarily “repeat” past actions, but that patterns emerge over four generations. This epistle is more of an overview of our history and how we have come to this point.

We start at the American Revolution. As in our current situation, division fermented for decades prior to the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The Tea Party and the attack at Lexington/ Concord were just single events in a flow of history that led to what can be arguably said to be an inevitable event. The past would no longer be an acceptable portrait of the future.

The generational view states, loosely based on Straus and Howe’s writings, that history flows through a four-generational pattern: so you have a generation of fanatics, followed in turn by other predictable cohorts that end up back at the fourth generation by another group of staunch fanatics. They also usher in predictable event stages.

Shortly after taking office, James Buchanan faced talks of secession from the Union and a great “panic”, a.k.a. depression, a few months after his inauguration. In the following years, America had the Civil War eighty years after the Revolution.

Eighty more years later we had a silent revolution fostered by the New Deal, and in eighty more years, we come to the pre-Trump climate of 2013, shaped by the divisive Obama administration. If you pick the theory apart by looking for specifics instead of flow, you can come to different conclusions, but not if you stand back and watch all events and outcomes with an objective mind.

Similarities Between Then and Now

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The Mexican War had ended a little over a decade before and it created inevitable conflict. The treaty ceded lands to the U.S. and the arguments on what to do with the land created great strife in the country. Today, we have a war that has lasted 15 years and the future of that war has created strife and arguments in the country.

The Kansas-Nebraska Act settled things for a while, but California as a free or slave state became a huge bone of contention. Today we have California doing sanctuary cities and doing its own international treaties – different, but very similar. The push to popular sovereignty over federal law was growing in many areas at that time.

We have created a huge immigration and citizenship problem that has created an underclass similar to the blacks of the 1860s and have numerous laws to deal with it. The Fugitive Slave Act was passed to deal with runaway slaves as part of the Compromise of 1850. This act made any federal official who did not arrest a runaway slave liable to pay a fine. This stirred the abolitionists and spurred the creation of the Underground Railway.

Today, Sanctuary cities are doing much the same thing. The North / South divisions of the 1860s are echoed by the East / West divisions of today. In 1854, the feelings grew so strong that a war broke out in Kansas and shocked the nation, much like today’s war on the Police. The vitriol became so bad that people in Congress were attacking each other physically. Today, we have congressmen shot on the ballpark.

The news dealt with the Dred Scot vs. Sanford decision and the Lecompton Constitution for Kansas. James Buchanan was pro-slavery and was pushing the government toward that attitude. Today, Obama is pro open immigration and pushed the government that way. Both ideas had huge pushback from the public.

At this point violence became inevitable. John Brown lit a match at Harpers Ferry and the stirred pot. It remains to be seen if the Ballpark shooter has the same effect—both were direct attacks on the government. Regardless of what the spark is, that one is coming seems inevitable.

At this point, a moderate who was marginally anti-slavery but very pro-Union was elected and slowly began to make slavery restricting decisions and states began to leave the Union. Today, a pro-American President has been elected and is making decisions that limit immigration. Will the results be exactly the same? Unlikely, but the echoes may be deafening.

Today’s press is doing the work of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”. Stowe was an abolitionist and the press today is behind abolishing all immigration restrictions. Both had an impact on how the perceived underclass was viewed by the public. Both stir emotions and strong actions by the public.

Smedley Butler avoided a Civil War in the 1930s by refusing to lead well-armed troops against FDR and the federal government. Hitler and the Japanese then created a diversion to again allow us to fight another foreign power. The depths of the depression caused the people to become stronger in focus and interpersonal commitment, which created a generation that could conquer the world.

Now, eighty some years later, the country is as stratified as it ever has been. Once again, states are talking about doing things beyond and without the Federal Government. Hate talk fills Congress and the Press. The more things change….

An Uncivil War Part Deux


If there is to be another Civil War, what would such a conflagration look like? The last one was an all out slaughter that just so happened to have rules and courageous actions. If we are to have another, it will look more like the French Revolution with mob rule and unmitigated ruthlessness. The cowards who are whipping up the fanatic hatred for others will continue to espouse high moral grounds while overlooking the carnage with gloating self-satisfaction that they are changing the world for the better.

The war will be more of an insurgency, ala I.S.I.S., than armies on the battlefield…more infiltration than confrontation. There are rumors of a “Deep State” working to the detriment of the Republic. We cannot state with assurance that it exists, but it’s also hard to deny the probability of its existence and the idea that if it does exist, it’s implementing a plan—or already has.

The world will be watching with bated breath as the American self-destruction continues on beyond reason, unabated for much longer than anyone presumes. The fanaticism will look beyond the obvious targets and to the ancillary people as the French did, beheading the wait staff as well as the power structure.

Who would be the targets? The Left will target the rich at first and then anyone who moves to stop the effort. The Right will stay in place early on, trying to allow the government to do its job. After it becomes evident that the government is powerless, either by complicity or incompetence, this will cause the Right to protect home and health first, and then band together…the Kurds and Syria will not be a bad comparison at that point.

It’s tough to say at this point who might win. The South should have won logically speaking, but made several tactical mistakes. This time there will be no Nation State to defeat. Instead, it will be marauding bands that become more interested in themselves and their influence, than any central cause. There would be no end to it until the bloodlust is fulfilled.

Who Picks Up the Pieces


The existing Central Power, whatever one calls it, (the New World Order, the Deep State, and all its other monikers) has moved the country into near total stratification that has made open conversation nearly impossible. Name calling, ala Saul Alinsky, has become the norm and no amount of factual information or counter information changes the discussion.

If the nation unhinges and there is fighting in the streets, the Deep State sits back and stokes the coals while the populous makes it, as the southerners say “Easy Pickins.” Under Obama, the federal government, through agencies such as Internal Revenue Service and the Bureau of Land Management, have stockpiled enough ammunition to kill each American three times over. Why all the extra firepower? Very good question.

At any rate, the stage is set and has been a plan long in preparation and began in 1947 as the American O.S.S. and British M.I. 5/6 created “Operation Paperclip”. In that operation, the allies took the high-level Nazis and deposited them in Argentina. Their money was deposited in the Cayman Islands.

Facts are scarce at this point, as would be expected. MI 5/6 and the CIA, created from the OSS, created Mossad as a worldwide operational adjunct and then needed a country to give it cover. Stirring up points of control throughout the world has been going on since.

This can sound like a “conspiracy theory”, which, by the way, was terminology used by the CIA to undermine those who got too close as they undermined governments throughout the world, most recently in the Middle East and Ukraine. Those countries were used as little laboratories to see how the pieces could be put back together, with varying degrees of failure. It seems once you stir the pot and set sides, it just keeps going.

How is all of this funded? Remember in “Paperclip”, the money went to the Cayman Islands. In the 70s, the CIA was ordered to divest of its companies including TRW, famous from “The Falcon and the Snowman.” The CIA sold its holdings to a new hedge fund formed in Cayman Islands by a Nazi named George Soros. Coincidences abound. That company morphed into numerous military and aerospace companies as well as others. (That we have been at constant war ever since, a coincidence?)

This is an operation that has been going on for generations, with the sole purpose of controlling the world. As long as the U.S. remained based on individualism, there was no way to gather the world under one controlling group. That individualism had to be made to seem evil and selfish, instead of a human ideal. In today United States, about half of the people still see individualism as a good thing, and half try to paint them as evil.

Those are the battle lines in the current situation in the US. Individual verses collective, and each side believes it on a nearly religious level. This is much the same situation as arose in France in the 1780s that exploded into street to street genocide with public executions. That is the brink we are looking down from today.

In France, the revolution wound up as the military controlled government of Napoleon. Something like that would happen here. The military of Napoleon was already in place by the time French civilization devolved. The paid for extra military operatives exist today. There are many companies in the US, Britain, Israel and South Africa, well-trained and well-paid on deck, should the US devolve. How could they do it? It would take a lot of money, wouldn’t it?

Ian Fleming was one of the co-creators of the CIA… what if Goldfinger and SPECTRE were Fleming’s 1984? The second largest gold depository in the world was under WTC building 7, and not one armored car was seen at the site after the implosion. Coincidence? Of course…that’s what they all say.

Designed and Directed by His Red Right Hand


We have covered the money and civil situation, now how do you organize it? In 1985, Jack Anderson did an excellent piece on CIA involvement in the Kennedy Assassination. If he was correct (and at least one participant has acknowledged involvement) then JFK was killed to keep the Deep State from evolving.

Watch the stratification of the country since then and the situation becomes more believable. Since 1988, three of the four Presidents have had a direct connection to the CIA. George H.W. Bush was a former CIA director, and then his son, George W. Bush and then Obama, whose parents both worked for TRW and whose Grandmother worked for Bank of Hawaii. As for Clinton, few would doubt he could be bought.

To what end does this involvement become problematic? Oversight and application of laws have dropped noticeably over the past 30 years. The debt has quadrupled without any real acknowledgment of where the money went, undermining the whole U.S. economic system.

The truly frightening part of this is not the possibility of another horrendous Civil War, but the possibility that someone has intentionally brought us to this point. They have brought us to this point so our society could crumble and they would be more than willing to offer law and order for the mere price of allegiance to them. They could offer the same to all of the countries of the world…

We have been stratified and all is ready…all that is needed is a spark. What will it look like? Numerous possibilities abound, but the tinder is day and piled up to create a funeral pyre for Uncle Sam.

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