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Welcome to Subversify, an uncensored commentary and debate site that reaches a new generation of authentic freestyle writers and thinkers.  Our readers represent the progressive thinker, the counter cultural establishment that influence the changes in media direction. is a PR4 site and has a worldwide audience. has had many popular stories appear on Google, Bing and Yahoo and is picked up by several aggregators including Google News, which sends a story to many different news outlets.

We publish weekly international stories relating to politics, religion, culture, art and history.  The website also publishes high quality book reviews.  Advertising on Subversify allows you to reach thousands of consumers on an international basis.

Subversify Entertainment working through our sister company, offers low cost editing and publishing services to authors for paperback and e-book formats.  However, our primary emphasis is on book reviews for small art house publishers and self-published authors.  Many great talents fall through the cracks because of partiality shown to people who work outside of the system. We can offer our support with these services.


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Right now we are doing a special of one free novella month, based on an accepted synopsis of the book.  You get a free review if you are selected.  All other projects for the month are paid link building.  You can contact us at to learn about payment options.