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Welcome to Subversify, an uncensored commentary and debate site that reaches a new generation of authentic freestyle writers and thinkers.  Our readers represent the progressive thinker, the counter-cultural establishment that influences the changes in media direction. is a PR4 site and has a worldwide audience. has had many popular stories appear on Google, Bing and Yahoo and is picked up by several aggregators including Google News, which sends a story to many different news outlets.

We publish weekly international stories relating to politics, religion, culture, art and history.  The website also publishes high-quality book reviews.  Advertising on Subversify allows you to reach thousands of consumers on an international basis.

Subversify Entertainment offers low-cost editing and publishing services to authors for paperback and e-book formats.  However, our primary emphasis is on book reviews for small art house publishers and self-published authors.  Many great talents fall through the cracks because of partiality shown to people who work outside of the system. We can offer our support with these services.


Option 1: Press Release

(500 word objective news story on your product)

Option 2: Review

(500-1000 words or more, professional review of your product)

Option 3: Sponsored News Story

(1000+ word news story that coincides with your linked product)

(NOTE: Please include your link and the NO FOLLOW tag if you are concerned about Google Search)

Option 4: Interview with the Author

(500-1000 word interview with the book’s author. We ask the questions you give the answers, or we ghostwrite an interview)

Option 5: Social Media Promotion (FREE with order)

(Subversify Viral Sharing)

Option 6: Banner Advertising on

(PR4 and Google News-affiliated site with a worldwide audience)

Option 7: Commentary Article

(Publish your commentary or memoirs while blurbing or linking to your book)

(NOTE: Please include your link and the NO FOLLOW tag if you are concerned about Google Search)



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