Cabin Fever

Karla Fetrow: When the nights are long and cold in the far north, there is a madness that seizes you. It doesn’t come without warning. It has a form and it creeps upon you slowly.

The Necronaut

by l.l. ballack “In the quotidian, to no smaller a degree, death moves: in traffic accidents both realised and narrowly avoided; in hearses and undertakers’ shops, in florists’ wreaths, in butchers’ fridges and in dustbins of decaying produce. Death moves in our apartments, through our television screens, the wires and plumbing in our walls, our…


It’s just a dream. Christ, it’s just a fucking dream! Mwaaaaah! Mwaaaah! Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! “Awwww, did someone have a nightmare. Awww, cuddle Mummy, cuddle Mummy.”


Scheisse by Steve Biersdorf   As much as they had anticipated this moment, thrilled to it by grand expectation, they daren’t approach him, as if he were a white stag or other skittish mythical beast ready to dash away at the hint of intrusion. Or if they were to approach him, to hear him talk in his…

Witch Burning

Like witches, they cast their spells over first one then two, then maybe three or four. Then, before you know it, entire villages are damned by the wickedness of their sorcery.


Life was breaking away from him in bits of degraded matter; he knew that much. Beyond that, things were no longer his concern. Death held no jurisdiction over him; fear had long since absconded.

Imagine The Shoe On The Other Foot

“Fuck you. We’re the biggest dog on the block, and we don’t have to give a shit what anyone thinks. We’ve toppled governments in like 50-60 countries in the last 50 years–you think some whiny bullshit is going to stop us? Don’t get it twisted–we do whatever we want.”

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