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Please address all submissions to Karla Fetrow (by name, or the messages will be ignored) @ SubversifyEditors/

We no longer publish reciprocal links or reply to these requests.

We will publish articles for paid sponsorship, or for free IF the article is original and features excellent writing.


We accept original first-run stories and a few reprints per month.

We will consider:

Original HEADLINE stories (in traditional news format only, 1000 words or more)

COMMENTARIES and MEMOIRS (hopefully a unique perspective)

LISTICLES (The funnier the better!)

TRAVEL LOGS (spiritual-themed, about the place, not the restaurants and hotels)

INTERVIEWS AND REVIEWS (no generic reviews; an edgy voice)

HISTORY (we prefer historical features with relevant subject matter for today)


HUMOR/CARTOONS/MEMES (must be, you know, funny and not stupid)

VIRAL (creator-owned audio and video, embedded, no hosting on-site)

Indicate in your first submission, the author name or pseudonym you wish to go by and include a little something about yourself for the readers. If you are able, include your own images with your submission, but do not send thumbnails. Make sure the images are public domain or your own copyrighted work.


The primary goal of Subversify is to sponsor good literary authors by presenting examples of their work. If the work is not professionally written and polished, the author is not setting good examples of his or her abilities. All the sponsorship in the world is not going to help if your writing does not pass the test of the reader. Subversify publishing is show time for those who are waiting for an alternative perspective.

Subversify does not cater to any particular political, religious or social agenda. All views are strictly those of the author. The purpose is to deliver a magazine that gives not only information but individual perspective. Our objective is to think outside the box. If you question authority, don’t follow mainstream fascinations and have scrapped all the formulae for success, you are probably subversive.

Subversify is the other side of the coin. Be bold in your personal style, be strong in your statements and back your documentation with evidence. Experiment. Exercise your creativity. Treat writing as an art.

Not all submissions will be published in the order they are received. Since this is a magazine, we try to base each week’s published material around a theme. If your work is good and we say we like it, it will be published.

All authors have full copyright to their work. No piece that has gone through a drafting process requiring major changes will be published without final consent from the author. A request for change may occur if the submission contains paragraphs irrelevant to the subject matter, makes false statements in a documentary article, is unsupportive in its statements, or contains a weak ending.

Benefits of Guest Blogging

  • Mainstream attention
  • A legitimate magazine credit and not an article directory
  • Viral-friendly site
  • Worldwide Readership
  • Byline
  • Creative Freedom
  • 100% Ownership of Your Work
  • Build Quality Links
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  1. Dear Grainne Rhuad,

    Some colleagues and I are putting on a #metoo workshop at our University (Aarhus University, Denmark – ) and we were wondering if we could use (with acknowledgements to you/Subversify) the image from your article It really encapsulates the sentiment well.

    (An email sent to ‘’ bounced back).


    Matthias Stephan
    Videnskabelig Assistent (Research Assistant)
    Department of English
    School of Communication and Culture
    Aarhus University
    Building 1481 | Room 458
    Jens Chr. Skous Vej 4, 8000 C Aarhus, Denmark
    +45 871 62774

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