Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

We need to stop being so dishonest about religion. Whose agenda does it serve to say, “This bad person was not a Christian. This bad person was not a Muslim. This bad person was not an Atheist.”

Why are we so afraid to be objective in reporting the news? Some terrorists happen to be Muslim. Some lone gunmen and psycho murderers happen to be Christian. Some atheists commit horrible crimes.

A person’s religion is data, nothing more. It’s like saying, Stalin was NOT an atheist because he was a bad person and doesn’t reflect the values of atheism.


There’s a big difference between a company saying “This person was fired because they do not reflect our values” VS. “This person professed to be a Christian/Muslim/Atheist, whatever.”

You can profess to be anything you want and it doesn’t mean you’re exemplary.

Are we going to also say that Kim Davis was not a Christian because she brought out the most negative aspects of Christianity? Were the Evil Popes in the Dark Ages not real Christians – and thus can we say Christianity has no blood on its hands because those murderous fiends were not “real Christians”?

The point is, a person’s religion is just data, nothing more.

If a sociopathic Catholic murderer is excommunicated by the Church then what does he become? An Apostate Catholic, or you know, a Protestant Christian, an Anabaptist Christian. A SECT. A cult, an evolution of Christianity.

Who has the authority to say he is NOT a Christian? Christ? Christians everywhere? When did Christians everywhere vote on it?

Were the Crusades not truly a Christian or Muslim war because they involved acts of war, terrorism, violence and cruelty which were not what Jesus or Mohammad preached? Then what the f*ck were they fighting about anyway?

Does a US Soldier cease to be a Christian when he goes overseas and murders innocent Iraqis because it wasn’t a very Christian thing to do?

When Gandhi said he “loved Christ but not Christians” was this a racist and Christianphobic thing to say, since Christians who took up arms and did terrible deeds instantly ceased to be Christian?

The media needs to stop treating the public like complete idiots. I know there are wonderful Muslims out there – by far the majority compared to the minority of terrorists.

Trying to suggest that people cease to become their professed religion just because you don’t appreciate how their life ended is ridiculous Corporate-Speak.

Religion is not an incorporated business that you have control over. It is an entity that grows, changes, adapts and eventually dies on its own lack of relevance.

Hence, I can safely say loser Greeks are not really followers of Zeus.

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One thought on “There Are No Christian Terrorists”
  1. Throughout history one point is lost How mose was a murder killer who help organised one of military great deception on Egypt royal family and stole the Greek verse of the bible claimed it as Jewish,

    In his verse of the bible he committed mass murder and blamed it on a higher power and the Jews still believe he was a message of God when infact he was a psychopathic murder and liar.

    It is clear too Jews killed Jesus and they know they did because he show just how corrupt and murderous their religion was.

    Then we have Hitler when you look behind the group who helped Hitler kill the Jews it was Jewish government official who was Hitler right hand man and soldier the west world does not want people to know this very fact.

    Hitler was exterminating bad side of the Jewish order which was committing child sex offence against German children, Terrorist acts upon civilians and was corrupting the German banking system, police, and government officials like it is now in every Western governments.

    One can clearly read the bible and see all the hall marks of the biggest liar of all times and mose con his believes who are righteously blind it the bibles true contents a military journal on killing people by deception using both nature and other tribes,

    Time Jews woke up and realise their very own government is deceiving by allowing them to kill Muslims children via bombing and its military establishments which is the USA.

    It was also the Israel mossad that kill John F Kennedy on the orders of the Jewish community cause he challenge this warped religion and was going to expose it child sexual abuse up its own children and that of the Muslim population.

    Every one knows every president after Kennedy was a Jewish follower with exception of Obama who also challenge the Jewish Order so they put Trump cause they Know trumps a yes man to killing Muslim children

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