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shoot in footby The David

The week just ended has been quite a period for the Social Conservatives of the Nation. The achievements and activities of that particular political persuasion have been shining brightly and should be an enhancement that any group would covet:
1.) Broward County, in the beautiful “Sunshine State” of Florida, boasts a Republican Candidate for Congress, Robert Lowry, who has distinguished himself in a very unusual way. He belongs to a Republican “gun club” and was there to practice target shooting. It is badenough that these Party luminaries prefer to practice on targets that have the characteristics of their conception of a Muslim man, but the candidate for Congress has done them one better: He did practice that day, but his gun was aimed at a target upon which the initials of his opponent in the coming election were detailed on its head. Oh, and just who is his opponent? She is an incumbent. She is a mother of three young children. She is a breast cancer survivor. What was she doing while her opponent was shooting her in effigy? She was testifying on Capitol Hill with regard to the disease she had survived.
This is the same Mr. Lowry who has polished his credentials by using anti-gay rhetoric. It does make one wonder where the Conservative Republicans are coming from, and after repeatedly shooting themselves in the foot…. where are they going?
2.) The illustrious John Boehner, House Minority Leader and Republican Representative from Ohio and Man-Tan tanned man, made it loud and clear that he is not in favor of expanding legal protection for hate crimes to include those who are targets of violence because they are members of a sexual minority. The illustrious Mr. Boehner has stated he is in favor of the anti discriminatory laws for gender, race and religion, because these are innate. Sexual orientation however, according to the Congressman, is a choice. So, let me see: Gender is inborn? Check! Race is inborn? Check! Religion is in…. What the f…? Well, there it is! Mr. Boehner says sexual orientation is a choice, but one’s religion is genetic? What planet is this man from? And more important, is there a hope of his returning there?
3.) Rush Limbaugh has shown brightly twice in the past few days: the first came when the National Football League demanded that his name be dropped from those applying to buy the Minnesota Vikings football franchise. Something was said about the “anti” everything in his radio shows. The second time the spot-light was turned on the loud-mouth broadcaster was when the Reverend Al Sharpton filed suit against him for libel. It seems that our boy Rush stated that Mr. Sharpton was instrumental to two race riots. Not surprisingly, the Reverend contends otherwise.
4.) And finally, the Party of Lincoln has reached into its past and dusted off Rick Santorum, the anti-gay, anti-choice former Senator from Pennsylvania. There is talk about this bigot testing the waters for a bid to run for the presidency in the next National Election. He is well-financed as he makes his way through Iowa, Michigan and North Carolina. It is no surprise that he has received a tacit endorsement from the Rev. Mike Huckabee. Well, why not? Birds of a feather, you know. This attempt to bring back a page from the past is consistent with what the Conservative branch of the party has been doing to itself over the past several years.
So, you see, it has been a real water-shed period. If we listen carefully, we can hear Abraham Lincoln, the very first Republican President, not only rolling over, but thrashing in his grave.

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7 thoughts on “A Shot in the Foot – or: Oh, Mr. Lincoln!”
  1. it is just amazing when you think about it, you forgot that Louisiana justice of the peace who is worried about black and white babies, his great grand daddy didn’t worry too much when he fucked their slaves … odd how that happened, the concern that is ……

    Will America wake up?, and thanks for including that prick Santorum, that mindless little noodle, we got rid of him a couple of years ago (he had been a Senator from Pennsylvania), WHAT A WACK JOB !! He is one hateful little man … can’t believe, well I can I guess, that he would have the nerve pull his head out of the manure pile, the kid has never worked a day in his life and is supported by his in-laws.

    Why is all this hatred not seen for what it is ? What is wrong with us anymore ?

  2. I’m not sure how much thrashing Lincoln would do considering he criticized William Seward’s anti-slavery platform as too liberal, but i understand your point. There was a time, not so long ago, when the imperfect subscribers to a politically pure ideal, used the limited understanding and awareness of their time period to craft the mandates of a more perfect union. The perfect union has been redefined as a specialized union, a heralding cry to return home to that rather simplified human condition of social value placed on assets, connections, religious choice, status in community, a nostalgia for the nineteen fifties, before civil rights movements, open sexuality, liberal, alternative life styles and questions about military ethics. Not only is this regressive, it’s nearly sixty years into a past that few people now remember. The young people being called into the arms of Leave it to Beaver security are only mimicking the innocence of the time period without the naivete, are only being lulled by the appearance of stability without the necessary structure, and are being brainwashed with devices as old as the first radio broadcasts. To all of those who think their views spring either from the freshness of their time period, or a return to former quality of life values, i suggest they read “Ship of Fools”. They will discover they were thinking and doing exactly the same things a hundred years ago, just before the onset of two great wars.

  3. One line in particular speaks to me Karlsie, as does your thought. The nostalgia for the 50’s. It was never “Leave It To Beaver,” “Ozzie and Harriet,” or “Father Knows Best.” I was a very tough period for anyone who was not a white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant male. Women, people of color, GLBT people, and non-Christians were badly marginalized and patronized. Although I love the music, and I do love the nostalgia, but i wouldn’t go back for anything.

  4. As Karla mentioned, I don’t know how much thrashing the man would do – he’s buried in several tons of concrete, after all.

    The ’50’s were a great time – I was five; almost six, when it ended, but I remember the music, the cars, the T.V. — all of it.

    Then again, I was white. Still am.

    Bad time, as you mentioned, for everyone else. This is the problem with the Republicans – they want to return us to a Time That Never Was…..

  5. Although Lincoln’s casket is made of heavy lead, I’m certain that if anyone listened, they could hear the boom boom boom of Abe’s fists hitting the sides of the casket. Senator Bigot…err…Boner…dang it! Senator Minority John Boehner thinks that Homosexuality or gender dysphonia is a “CHOICE” adds to the fact that he is a, as was said by the school marm in Blazing Saddles, “the leading asshole” in America politics today.

    When did he, or any other heterosexual, CHOOSE to be heterosexual. Science has proven that ten percent of the population has a brain that causes them to BE homosexual. It isn’t a choice. I did not choose to be heterosexual, it just happened. Boys stopped having cooties and started looking kinda cute; I didn’t choose it, it just happened. Boehner CHOSE to be a bigot, I wonder how that happens?

    I well remember the ’50s and wouldn’t go back for anything. I’m happy to be at the point where a black man can be our president and people like St. Palin can be a target for fools to pay her more than she would have made as governor of Alaska. The first time I saw her I had in instant loathing for her because of her clear bigotry and her whiny, whiny voice.

    Faux “news” may praise the GOP…let them, they have only 20% of the population behind them.

  6. I must say, politics and religion seem to bring out the best along with the the worst in folk. The best because both can lead to folk being incredibly kind, the bad side because both can lead to incredibly stubborn and irrational behaviour. I am not having a pop at you, this post just made me see it, so thankyou for that.

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