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Cracking the Matrix: Our Military/Industrial Spy Services

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Cracking the Matrix: Our Military/Industrial Spy Services

by Ronald Thomas West

Part One


Cracking the Matrix: Part Two

Cracking the Matrix: Part Three

Cracking the Matrix: Our Military/Industrial Spy Services

There is a long and consistent history of strong circumstantial evidence amassed in the public domain, evidence enough to support an overwhelming American civil law ‘preponderance of the evidence’ burden of proof, pointing to military/industrial associated spy services and associated professional para-military contractors as organized crime cartels precisely meeting the definition of RICO or “Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations.”

What has definitively happened since 1970, and particularly since September 2001, has been a government agency sanctioned and run amok murder ring, with attending insanity where caution and restraint has been thrown to the wind. This fact, combined with a ‘security’ apparatus which has grown to gargantuan proportions, can no longer conceal what has become a criminal enterprise, comprising religious extremist politicians,  top military brass who happen to be the politicians’ allied Christian fanatics, coupled with extremist professional corporate mercenaries largely staffed by former spooks and military special operations veterans euphemistically known as ‘contractors.’

These, and the leadership of spy agencies and law enforcement agencies all vector with and ultimately converge on the most powerful players in American politics, whether right wing multi-national corporate billionaires, former CIA Directors, some of whom have become congressmen, and the past and current Attorney General and present FBI Director that protect them.

First as a soldier, then investigator and now as a journalist, my experience has taught me to keep a longstanding and healthy mistrust of intelligence agencies. This began with eye-witnessing CIA personnel (via Air America) trafficking in heroin on a large scale in Vietnam.

Following Vietnam, there was another large CIA associated trafficking operation tied to Iran Contra. Fast forwarding to 2010, one of those Iran-Contra players had a ‘private’ CIA operating in Afghanistan, run by an Air Force contractor named Michael Furlong The New York Times had reported.

Some 40 days after this story broke, we see this:

Defense Secretary Robert Gates has opened an inquiry into whether civilian Department of Defense (Air Force) employee Michael Furlong had “violated rules” by using his position inside a highly secured military facility to coordinate a secret, unauthorized spy ring employing private contractors, to include convicted Iran-Contra CIA operative Duane “Dewey” Clarridge.

By waiting 40 days since this had spilled, Robert Gates had given damage control in this affair ample time to meet, plan, erase tracks, create false leads, and destroy evidence.

Throughout his series, the New York Times reporter neglects to mention Robert Gates is also an Iran-Contra figure, investigated by prosecutor Lawrence Walsh who stated:

By October, when Gates claimed he first remembered hearing of the diversion, Casey ordered an inquiry and later made a report to Poindexter; but, by then, the Hasenfus aircraft had been shot down and Casey and Gates were beginning to cover.

This “Hasenfus aircraft” had been tied to narcotics smuggling, related murders, including murders of American citizens within the United States; not only arms trafficking during the Iran-Contra operations. (Hasenfus was shot down while supplying arms to Contra rebels)

The use of ‘hires’ had followed on the CIA forced to divest itself of Air America by Congress in the 1970s, and is when ‘former’ CIA operatives moved over to ‘contracting’ to fill the void for the CIA. It was during this period of covering up Iran-Contra, when existing air operations were ‘hot’, the CIA took advantage of its long affiliation with the United States Forest Service as a cover, to open a new avenue and access to aircraft that could not be associated with operations tied to the USA government and the Department of Defense operations and the CIA particularly. Again, there were strong allegations of arms trafficking ties to narcotics.

It was in this new post Air America scene of using contractors, that things began to unravel for the criminal ring that has hijacked the CIA’s operational division. In a world of hotshot cowboys, there is the problem of some people attracted to the work have ethics. Now, with a covert program where military C-130 cargo planes were shell gamed to CIA contractors under cover of a Forest Service/Department of Defense surplus aircraft program (ostensibly intended to support firefighting) a tenacious whistle blower who knows how the agency works and access to information, nearly blew the lid off. But with adroit jockeying, the CIA, just barely, managed to escape the ensuing investigations that removed a Forest Service Chief, into planes that supposedly used for firefighting almost certainly were running guns and narcotics.

Fast forward to 2005 and you find Gulf Stream jets used in the CIA renditions are passing through the hands of known CIA assets, to cartel traffickers, one had crashed in Mexico carrying 4 tons of Cocaine as noted in the narco-sphere news:

…The Gulfstream II was purchased less than two weeks before it crashed in Mexico by a duo that included a U.S. government operative who allegedly had done past contract work for a variety of US law enforcement and intelligence agencies, according to a known CIA asset (Baruch Vega) who is identified as such in public court records. The four tons of cocaine onboard of the Gulfstream II at the time of its crash landing, according Vega, was purchased in Colombia via a syndicate that included a Colombian narco-trafficker named Nelson Urrego, who, according to Panamanian press reports and Vega, is a U.S. government (CIA) asset.

By 2010, military contractor aviation has become multi-hundred million dollar business, flying around the world on contracts to the Department of State which had provided cover of diplomatic immunity to renditions flights.

Back to Furlong. With an undetermined source of funding, and no knowledge of who supervises his work and who in the military chain of command might be involved, Furlong had hired private security companies [military contractors] employing former Special Operations Forces and CIA Agents to spy and assassinate. Furlong was working out of the United States Air Force Strategic Command complex requiring highest security clearance, in a program in close association with the highest levels in the Central Command and the Pentagon. There had been red flags raised by the Furlong operation since late 2009.

A military intelligence specialist, Furlong’s past operations have been in the Balkans, a central area of European organized crime and contract murder. His Balkans ties points to possible Air Force or military links to narcotics trafficking and assassination or contract murders in Europe.

Furlong’s supposed ‘real’ work was in a social psychology intelligence program designed to enhance pacification efforts. His ‘possibly rogue’ operation, a presumption his military supervisors might not have been aware of what he was up to, is laughable, considering the security level and scrutiny required where Furlong worked.

The now known operation coordinated by Furlong employed International Media Ventures, run by veterans of General McChrystal’s Special Operations forces, American International Security, run by a former Green Beret, and most interestingly, as we have seen, a company belonging to Duane ‘Dewey’ Clarridge, a former top CIA official with close ties to Robert Gates and Iran-Contra and utilized by the FBI in Afghanistan, following this debacle.

Not only did Gates wait well over a month to “open an inquiry” to see whether “rules were violated” (notice contract murder is suddenly a mere ‘rules violation’ and that is what Furlong was ultimately slapped with) but look at the following intelligence our brilliant U.S. Military had left out in plain view on the web, bragging Furlong’s credentials.

“Michael D. ‘Mike’ Furlong, a Senior Level executive, is the Strategic Planner and Technology Integration Adviser, Joint Information Operations Warfare Command, Lackland Air Force Base, Texas. Mr. Furlong analyzes national and combatant command-level information operations requirements and develops strategic information plans. He assists with integrating COCOM IO plans with U.S. government interagency strategic communication plans; assesses the effectiveness of those plans and makes recommendations to refine them; and surveys relevant commercial technology to develop programs to meet the IO capability requirements of the IO community.”

Translated to sensible civilian terms, Furlong ostensibly created or improved apparatus related to information gathering and sharing, seemingly innocous enough. Keep in mind, however, his job description indicates he has access to our CIA and military intelligence top secret “inter-agency” networking [improving and/or integrating, that is his job cover according to the government] which makes his Pentagon provided cover of developing social information to improve our military’s community building relationship to Afghan civilians seem a bit like disinformation.

Further, consider Furlong worked for our top commanders in a super-secret military facility.  Taking that into account, let’s look at Furlong’s military bio:

“Mr. Furlong received a regular Army commission in May 1977 as a distinguished military graduate from Loyola University, serving for 25 years. During his military career, he held assignments with the Joint Staff, Army Staff, U.S. Special Operations Command and U.S. European Command. Mr. Furlong was also a defense contractor for eight years. He was the project manager for the establishment of three U.S. government-funded independent television and radio networks on the ground in Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq. He also served in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations/Low-Intensity Conflict in the department of defense and in the Secretary of the Air Force’s Space Policy Office.”

Furlong’s CV:

82nd Airborne Division and student, Infantry and Ranger schools, Fort Bragg, N.C.

Operations officer, Infantry Task Force, operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm

Operations officer, 4th Psychological Operations Group (Airborne), Fort Bragg, N.C.

Psychological Operations, Operations Directorate (J3), Joint Staff, the Pentagon, Washington, D.C.

Commander, 6th Psychological Operations Battalion (Airborne) and Joint PSYOP Task Force, Bosnia

Assistant Vice President and Director, Strategic Communications and Information Operations Division, Science Applications International Corporation, McLean, VA

Information Operations Program Manager, Booz Allen Hamilton, McLean, Va. [author note: Booz Allen Hamilton has been described by Investigative Reporter Jeremy Cahill of “The Nation” as a private/corporate CIA]

Deputy Director, Joint Military Information Support Command; and Deputy Commander, Joint Psychological Operations Support Element, U.S. Special Operations Command, Fla

Strategic Planner and Technology Integration Adviser, Joint Information Operations Warfare Command, Lackland AFB, Texas


Special Operations Forces Warrior Foundation

Based on profiling the preceding, any idea Furlong was assigned to a benign assessment of society and culture to identify methods of pacification through community relations building projects [as has been put forward by the Department of Defense when this story first broke] is simply nonsense. Furlong’s job description, while running the private spy and murder network out of his office is a cover for something else altogether, because:

1) the man is expert in Low Intensity Conflict/Special Operations

2) the man is expert in psychological warfare

3) the man is expert in satellite communications relevant to targeting

4) the man is expert in the field of defense contracting, which presumes a high knowledge of inter-entity cooperation in the operations of war. Sub-point here would be his connections in the private sector of so-called ‘contractors’ [mercenaries].

5) Furlong is tied to command level work throughout his career

You don’t give this kind of guy a job coordinating cultural anthropology. The preceding, taken together with the fact he worked in a operations and command center secured as cryptically secret, substantiates the idea there is no way Furlong’s activities could have gone on undetected for a week, let alone months or years, by his superiors. His was a known program deliberately concealed at his work location.

How did the moron Furlong get busted? Not by the military security where he worked (the assumption has to be he was authorized to do whatever he was up to), but because of his loose mouth, and an ego that assumed the people he bragged his activities to would not betray his program. In fact, it was an ethical military contractor that initially blew the whistle, which began an investigation EXTERNAL to the command center where Furlong ran his so called ‘unauthorized’ program. That is why the investigation was not nipped in the bud, Gates and his generals were unaware of it until the investigators presented their information, the investigators presuming Furlong’s crimes were not authorized.

When the investigative report was turned in and factually pointed to Furlong at his desk, mysteriously, it appears the investigation was stopped in its tracks and finally the Secretary of Defense himself had “opened an inquiry.”

I suppose that means Robert Gates personally oversaw the direction of things from time of exposure, as best he was able. What do you suppose Gates, who was accused [but not indicted] by special counsel of engineering cover-up in Iran-Contra, was covering up now? I will conjure it up:

Psychological warfare, when combined with special operations, can be reverse engineered, for instance, instead of destabilizing the enemy, these skills can be used to strengthen an enemy such as appears to have been the case in Afghanistan since it became apparent Obama would become president.

Afghanistan had largely been a “sleeping” conflict for years, somewhere between a low intensity conflict and a real war. Suddenly that theater of operations came apart like hell in a hand bag, the Taliban community support skyrocketed across the entire country and in rushed the Bush assembled Robert Gates led military team of neo-con generals, men who hate everything Obama ever said he stands for, political lies or not, to save the day for Obama.  Afghanistan was engineered to come apart by the generals he is depending on to win the “peace.”

Using the ‘private’ network of contractors made up from Christian extremist General McChrystal’s special operations veterans comprising religious extremist founded corporate militias like Blackwater, to provide deliberate targeting of civilians [engineered out of a top secret Air Force installation by Furlong] to the witting or unwitting special operations on the ground, as well, targeting civilians with smart bombs and drone missiles, has in the course of the past few years, radicalized nearly the entire population of Afghanistan and destabilized and alienated Pakistan’s populace as well. On 29 May 2010 the AP WIRE had reported:

U.S. military investigators found that “inaccurate and unprofessional” reporting by U.S. operators of a Predator drone was responsible for a missile strike that killed 23 Afghan civilians in February, according to a report released Saturday.

This is consistent with Furlong’s operation.

Placing the added irritant of many small CIA coordinated American Special Operations forward bases performing night raids throughout the Afghanistan, including areas where there were no Taliban or Al Qaida, served to turn those communities into Taliban and Al Qaida supporters. [see 2, 3, 4, & 5 linked night raid articles]

Meanwhile, neo-con CIA operatives and associated Special Operations Forces, and corporate militia fanning Islamic hate for the USA is by no means limited to Afghanistan with night raids, or Iraq with its infamous mass murders such as the State Department hired Blackwater deliberately select religious extremist security detail opening fire into a crowd, murdering 17 people without provocation.

Over in Somalia you have essentially identical policy choices, insofar as results, as noted in the NATION:

But by most credible accounts, the Al Qaeda influence at the time was small—consisting of about a dozen foreign operatives and a handful of Somalis with global jihadist aspirations. A UN cable from June 2006, containing notes of a meeting with senior State Department and US military officials from the Horn of Africa task force, indicates that the United States was aware of the ICU’s diversity, but would “not allow” it to rule Somalia. The United States, according to the notes, intended to “rally with Ethiopia if the ‘Jihadist’ took over.” The cable concluded, “Any Ethiopian action in Somalia would have Washington’s blessing.” Some within the US intelligence community called for dialogue or reconciliation, but their voices were drowned out by hawks determined to overthrow the ICU.

After 3 years the Al Qaida aligned Shabab had control:

With the ICU dismantled and the brutal Ethiopian occupation continuing for two more years, the Shabab emerged as the vanguard of the fight against foreign occupation. “For them, it was the break that they were looking for,” says Aynte. “It was the anger that they had been looking for, to harness the anger of the people and present themselves as the new nationalist movement that would kick Ethiopia out.”

Destabilization of nations gives cover for pre-positioning American Special Operations, demands increased defense spending, profits corporate militia and armaments industry, and even can be used as a mask for [clandestine purpose] repositioning of American armies to attack Iran, as could be the case for the artificial war generated in Afghanistan.

This deliberate destabilization would be easily coordinated with the assets at Furlong’s disposal, presuming an authentic conspiracy in the command structure which is either entirely incompetent [not a credible excuse] or had deliberately allowed Furlong to operate.

Iran, for several years, ran war games anticipating a possible attack from American forces coming out of Iraq. Iran was concerned enough, it used its influence in Iraq to secure an Iraqi demand the USA could not attack Iran from Iraq in the USA/Iraqi security agreement. Moving the American Army over to attack Iran from Afghanistan does not neutralize the Iranian preparations, but it takes the edge off reorganization, strategic analysis and retraining time; actually several years is required by Iran to re-engineer and hone its defenses to the previous optimal level. Vietnam was engineered by an attack known as the Gulf of Tonkin Incident:

A highly classified program of covert actions against North Vietnam known as Operation Plan 34-Alpha, in conjunction with the DESOTO operations, had begun under the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in 1961. In 1964 the program was transferred to the US Defense Department and conducted by the Military Assistance Command, Vietnam Studies and Observations Group (SOG).

We as easily could have a deliberately engineered ‘Gulf of Hormuz’ incident, in fact, there are reports of the Obama White House further pursuing exactly that, the Bush CIA para-military operations engaging Iran.

Now, I have been studying Obama for enough time to arrive at a conclusion. I believe in conspiracies which can be detected and proven in reality and although I do not believe Obama is a ‘manchurian candidate’ per se, I simply believe he is narcissistic in the extreme, but this is, under the circumstance, effectively the same thing.

Obama’s intelligence agencies and generals he trusts to be American patriots, it would appear, have caused this artificially engineered realignment of American armies to Afghanistan at the unnecessary price of American, American allies and Afghan blood, of their own accord, passing it off as a deteriorating circumstance funded/driven by Taliban drug trafficking profits [which the formerly Robert Gates and presently General Patreaus directed CIA colludes in.]

Obama and his political allies have believed them. These generals are the very men who resist every effort by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation to blunt the spread of Christian religious extremism in our Military. Men who believe “all Muslims are always evil, all of the time.” Men who have no conscience in pursuing their systemic murder of Muslims. Men who actually believe in a necrotic fantasy of literal Armageddon.


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25 thoughts on “Cracking the Matrix: Our Military/Industrial Spy Services”
  1. I think that most people here are familiar with the corruption in the good ol’ MIC, but what few really pay much attention to is the *reason* this corruption exists in the first place – that reason being the existence of a monopoly on force, for *power* brings (or at very least enables and attracts) corruption!

    People keep talking about the “defense” department – how it needs to be “reformed” and what not – but no one asks just what the fuck we need a “defense” for: that is, just what is it that this thing is “defending?” Why the hell does the common person need a professional army, aircraft carriers, atomic bombs and underground control centers like NORAD for? The average person derives no real benefits from these things, so just who are they for?

    Peronally, I hold that all the common person really needs is the means to defend himself and his local interests – and a locally-run militia force serves this purpose just fine. Anything over and above that (such as standing armies and nuclear weapons, for example) just opens the door for corruption and war profiteering…

  2. Azazel, “What the hell are we defending” is exactly what comes to my mind whenever i see the complexity of the military operation. Any pretense that we were defending freedom was chunked out the window with the Vietnam war. The new, carefully crafted face was then, “we are defending the people who want a democratic government.” This sure has solved the problems for Egypt, right?

    It’s rather pretentious to send a military into a country and occupy its government in order to shove democracy down the inhabitants’ throats. You don’t take away a person’s livelihood, culture and religious preferences and call it freedom. Without these essential freedoms, democracy is nothing more than a two party system, with absolutely no guidelines as to how these two parties should behave.

    The military complex is nothing more than the tool of the elite, used to enable personal ambitions. It is the pawns set up in a giant global chess game to control the global resources. It has nothing at all to do with freedom or democracy and everything to do with greed.

  3. Great job, Ron. You mean to tell me the government is corrupt?? Seriously, this is a great investigative piece because it logistically states everything that the government is doing wrong. And while it seems like a Wikileaks style revelation, it’s all public domain, so we’re protected 😉

  4. Well, maybe not “protected” so much as the state is willing to turn a blind eye for a while since that information already had time to circulate – which takes some of the sudden shock out of it when regular people hear it (again).

    But I have to wonder just how long it will continue to tolertate any kind of free and open expression at all – when will the police state start sending in agents to “pacify” those who point to the proverbial elephant in the room? In any case I’m ready for battle with their kind, what about you?

  5. @ Azazel: The state can also suffer paralysis, it is, after all in one sense, little more than an abstract. This is a circumstance where the infrastructure of a criminal enterprise is nearly entirely dependent on a lie. There are many methods of battle, and the battle for the minds and hearts of people is a free press and the superior weapon, as has been pointed out long ago, is the pen (not the sword.)

    Perhaps it will seem ironic to you that I have great respect for the ordinary beat cop. I’m not speaking of riot police, and the corrupt politicians who pack S.W.A.T. with goons, but the ordinary cop who entered the force based on idealism. The cop that risks her or his life in domestic abuse circumstance, particularly, and does 1,000 other thankless chores to keep a lid on a gangster laden culture. These are people who are little different to the soldier that has little understanding of how entire cultures can be manipulated personages of evil. It is the hearts and minds of these people who can make a difference, an honest cop, a honest judge, to start. At the end of the day, we all walk the same road.

  6. I have becoming more and more aware of all this stuff happening in the country and I too am ready for a battle with their kind.

  7. @ Ronald West,

    1. I won’t deny that the pen is a useful tool (I’ve used it myself), but contrary to popular belief the pen is *not* mightier than the sword – if anything the pen derives much of its power from the use of force, if they didn’t there would be no need for “law” enforcement (read: guys with guns enforcing the will of the state). The pen can promote ideas but it can’t make them happen alone.

    2. I keep hearing about these idealistic “beat cops” as well – but I have yet to actually see one that hasn’t already been corrupted or else has become disillusioned with the power he once served and left the force (a few of the latter I have for affiliates – “law” enforcers who lost all faith in “law”).

    It’s far too late to think about “keeping the lid” on this corrupt entity anymore (that accomplishes little more than delaying the inevitable fall of civilization a little bit longer) – it’s time to tear it apart and restructure from the ground-up…

  8. @ Azazel, it is strange but typical of westerners to engage in violent solutions, but then collective thought creates reality and western culture is violent. This is particularly manifest in modern media where violence is depicted as solutions in nearly every sense. But what this really points to, is a lack of *HEALTHY* imagination.

    Isn’t it interesting that I can put forward a clear and developed picture of the problem (wait until you read part two) of violence and your only reaction is violent thought.

    C’est la vie (in honkydom)

    ps, I have cops in my family and you have a small and prejudiced view of their reality

  9. @ Ronald West,

    You speak of violence as though it were a trait limited only to Western culture – the fact of the matter is that it’s actually a universal language and has been long before homo sapiens first appeared on the planet. I’m not claiming it’s the end-all-be-all answer to all problems, but when the problem happens to be a power monopoly it’s the only viable solution (as power does not just willingly surrender itself to anyone – it never goes anywhere without a fight first).

    Oh yeah, I got a couple “law” enforcement types in my family as well, so I can play the anecdotal evidence game too…

  10. @Azazel: You’re an angry guy. I hate to think my article (the facts of which you seem to enjoy a violent self indulgence in) has become a forum promoting the thought ‘a small mind is a terrible thing to waste’ 😉

    Later dude

  11. You sneer at the use of force, but what alternative do you have to offer? Reforms? Elections? Petitions and marches? What makes you think that any of these things will destroy the power of the state (note: I’m not interested in “restraining” its power – I want it gone once and for all).

    Unless you can propose a non-violent method of killing states I’ll just stick with my own plans, thank you…

  12. I have read several books about the Iraq war and the folly of it all. This is the first to pull all of the loose ends together and explain how the neocons kidnapped U.S. foreign policy. The author explains how even Cheney in the early 1990s ( page 11) counseled against a drive on Baghdad but under the influence of the neocons lead the charge in 2003( Page 23). The author provides ample historic examples (Soviet’s forced withdrawal from Afghanistan; Isreal’s withdrawal from Lebanon; France’s withdrawal from Algeria) as predictors of the outcome of America’s adventure in Iraq ( Chapters 2-8). The wisdom of this history was ignored in the neocon’s rush to judgment in Iraq. This is a must read book for any history buff and every citizen who is concerned about the future of this great country.

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