Subversify Resurrects Before the Rapture

Rapture @2011 Karla Fetrow

By Karla Fetrow


One of the primary factors in mind control is in limiting information.  This observation was made in reference to the disappointed Rapture expectations that were to take place on May 21st.  Of course, there is always the possibility that this rapture did take place.  It’s just that its numbers weren’t among our noticeable losses.  Maybe a few hundred thousand Chinese and Indians were raptured, along with some South American citizens, Mid Easterners and Africans.  In our tidy little ship of the Queen’s Navy, they never would be missed.

Our reception of information is limited, which is why Subversify was formed.  In the spirit of free press, we’ve never censored the news, opinions, language usage, experiences and rambling of our contributors.  There are those who opposed the freedom of information for this freedom means their own exposure and their closet full of deception.  There are those who would have Julian Assange’s blood, would convict Bradley Manning, bury the mysterious workings of Anon, and now to attack Subversify.

Subversify died before the designated date for the Rapture, and was resurrected, miraculously just hours before the demise of a world not chosen to be relieved from the upcoming age of darkness.  This feat was accomplished by our administrator, Mitchell Warren, who has a long history of battling demons and surviving with his armor plating intact.  Having already experienced Attempted Rapture, he has resigned himself to being among those who wrestle for Earth’s Soul.

That’s right.  I said it, that little politically/scientifically incorrect word, “soul”.  It’s okay to have soul music, soul pancakes and give out soulful expressions, but it’s not okay to reference an earthly soul.  Earth is dirty and gritty, no place to create paradise.  It’s only a stepping stone to a greater ideal; one where you are free from hunger, free from evolutionary forces, free from aging, loss or grief.

For the Christian religious, there is a little passage in the Lord’s Prayer, I’ve often pondered over: “On earth as it is in heaven”. It seems to me an Earth conflicted with a state of war and economic disparity is far from the heaven we wish to achieve.  If it’s a stepping stone, it’s a little bit under water right now and could use some fortifications.  If Earth is a reflection of God’s Will in heaven, heaven is going through a lot of turmoil.  Who knows where you will end up in the clash?

The Priesthood of Science seem to have gotten a handle on Earthly Paradise.  Science technology offers us freedom from hunger, shelter from evolutionary forces, new products in anti-aging, and medication for grief and loss.  It also offers us ecological disasters, reduced immune systems, mental dependencies and there is a price to pay for all its services.  The technology is self-serving and the paradise, artificial.

The paradise of science is counter-productive.  Instead of being used to improve Earth’s potential as a life-sustaining planet, it is used to decimate Earth’s natural and human resources.  With its god-like powers, it has declared that it is the final word in knowledge.  It has dismissed any greater intelligence beyond its own, even though its own experiments in producing the spark of life have resulted in nothing more than harmful bacterial and some cloned reflections.  It has insisted that the precision of order and balance that came out of chaos was random chance; or more precisely; the force of gravity within a vacuum.  That is to say the vacuum was never really a vacuum, but the existence of sub-atomic particles pulled together by gravity, than exploding outwards, collecting, dividing and rotating according to individual gravity fields, until the Universe as we know it, developed.

That’s still something pretty marvelous to think about, and that’s before you even begin to examine all the conditions it took to create the life-bearing Earth we dwell on, including that environmental wonder of water, dirt and clay that manifested those first tiny cells that agreed to multiply and divide.  Not only were they ambitious enough to create amoebas, they went forth and multiplied some more, fashioning all manner of curious design.  Forever inventive, some of these cells got together and formed a few rudimentary brains, granting them predatory or defensive instincts and plopped them into these evolving conglomerations of proto-plasm, calcium, minerals and fluids.  Deciding this wasn’t impressive enough, those cells went back to the drawing board and produced some thinking, conscious animals.

Pretty clever cells, all developing within the rules of gravity.  If evolution is to be our evidence, they are also all evolving in ways we cannot see or predict.  Our knowledge of today is as limited, yet as limitless as the first observation that things that are round have more mobility and a lever increases your strength.  Our science today will be considered archaic in the future of discovery.

Subversify does not believe in controlling minds by limiting information, whether by doctrine or science.  We are each of us, through exercising our minds, both priest and prophet.  We are each of us, capable of sorting through information, creating our own data bases and coming to equitable conclusions as to who we are and why we are here.  For this reason, Subversify accepts all religious and non-religious expressions.  It accepts all examinations of the mind; psychological, para-normal, psychic and collective.


It accepts that each of us knows a small piece of truth, and together those pieces shape the understanding of tomorrow.

Knowledge cannot be gained without inquiry and it cannot blossom with censorship.  It cannot accept a final authority.  It must explore, expand, incorporate other visions, other areas of expertise and understandings.  Subversify questions those who would divert knowledge through intrusion, coercion and denial.  It questions their motivations. We have been given a choice between a god that is too small, too human, too war-like and vengeful, or no god at all.  Either choice is designed to minimize our compassion, our kindness, or empathy with each other.

The human mind is not only  knowledgeable, it inquisitive, inventive and imaginative.  It is stimulated beyond the basic instincts for survival, the desire for comfort, the need for companionship.  It is driven by a force that, broken into the terms of science, are chemical and electrical attractions and impulses.  These components do not really explain why this drive pushes us to increase our understanding of the world around us; they are only an identification of the active ingredients.  We have for a reason frankly unknown to us, developed a complex brain that not only uses logic and reason, but puzzles over its place in the Universe, contemplates its own mortality and is simultaneously conscious of the past, the present and the future.  It is articulate and craves communications.  Turn on your minds while Subversify battles the demons of darkness, uncovering their deceptions, their subterfuge and their lies.  Turn on your possibilities as we explore the depths of the sub-conscious, the products of peace, a harmonious future, and maybe even; who knows; an earth with a soul.