The E-G8 Summit

Grainne Rhuad- French President Sarkozy called a pre-summit summit to discuss protecting private citizens from “evil things” on the internet. Just what are these “evil things”?

Antarctic Adventure

Alexandra Pratt- On December 4th, the British team were sitting down to dinner, when a massive shudder threw them from their chairs amid flying pots and pans. Rushing outside, they witnessed the first of several volcanic eruptions rip the island apart.

On Evil

Bill the Butcher- The terms Psycho and Sociopath denotes people who lack the moral compass that generally keep the rest of us from harming our fellow beings.


Space Eagle- Nuclear power is far from “Green Energy.” How can you consider it green energy if it destroys and kills everything living? The truth is, nuclear power plants are a cluster fuck waiting to happen.

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