A Better Life

Subversify welcomes cartoonist Derfl who has this to say for himself:

“Who is Derfl? Well he’s my cat actually, but I’m a cartoonist, living under the tyranny of socialist England. Can I defect to America? Or do you still have to  be a Russian for that? Anyway, I’m trapped in the life of someone who has to fix aeroplanes for a living & occasionally, when I’ve stopped shouting at the TV and radio, ideas for cartoons pop into my head and I jot them down. Sometimes they are politically topical, other times just leftfield ridiculous. Banned from writing anymore letters to the newspaper, cartoons are my only outlet for a satirical poke at the world around me.”

2 thoughts on “A Better Life

  1. I very much welcome Derfl into our group. Humor is the enrichment of communications, what makes it all worth while and delicious.

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