A Better Life

A Better Life

Subversify welcomes cartoonist Derfl who has this to say for himself:

“Who is Derfl? Well he’s my cat actually, but I’m a cartoonist, living under the tyranny of socialist England. Can I defect to America? Or do you still have to  be a Russian for that? Anyway, I’m trapped in the life of someone who has to fix aeroplanes for a living & occasionally, when I’ve stopped shouting at the TV and radio, ideas for cartoons pop into my head and I jot them down. Sometimes they are politically topical, other times just leftfield ridiculous. Banned from writing anymore letters to the newspaper, cartoons are my only outlet for a satirical poke at the world around me.”

Subversify welcomes new cartoonist, Derfl, whose mad attempts to yell at the telly have ended up in cartoon form get to know his delightful sense of humor.


  1. I very much welcome Derfl into our group. Humor is the enrichment of communications, what makes it all worth while and delicious.

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