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filibusterThe Anything but Civil War

By Kran Sanis

On March 27, 1861, the unprecedented happened. During a filibuster over commerce, the Southern states declared their states rights pursuant to the Constitution and walked out of Congress. This created sine die, which literally means “without day”, and in this case refers to an adjournment without provision for a date to reconvene. Abraham Lincoln had been elected President and without a quorum, Congress could not transact business.

Lincoln declared martial law and ruled by executive order. The constitutional republic was gone. Martial law was never ended and a constitutional facade has been maintained since then. Slavery was only window dressing for the Civil War. The war had nothing to do with slavery. It had to do with States Rights and the National debt to the bankers. The South wanted to be redeemed from the Crown in England. The North wanted to remain under their dominion and their debt.

When the South walked out of Congress, this ended the public side of the bifurcated Constitution as far as the government was concerned. What remained of the government was the private side, the democracy, and it was under the rule of the bankers.

During and after the Civil War, a new 13th, Amendment was enacted December 18, 1865; the 14th Amendment was enacted July 28, 1868; The 15th Amendment enacted March 30, 1870.

President Lincoln, by Executive Order proclaimed the first Trading With the Enemy Act. Lincoln stated;

” The government should create, issue, and circulate all currency and credit needed to satisfy the spending power of the government and the buying power of consumers.”

Further, he quoted;

“The privilege of creating and issuing money is not only the supreme prerogative of government, but it is the governments’ greatest opportunity.” Weeks later, he was murdered because he defied the bankers by printing interest free money to pay for the war efforts.

The 14th Amendment brought the freed slaves, whose previous owners were private plantations and transferred those slaves under slavery of the government, the ten miles square jurisdiction of Washington, D.C.

At this period of time, the only people in the United States who were under the jurisdiction of the private bifurcated government of the ten miles square of Washington D.C. were the government employees, those within the territories owned by the United States and now the former slaves. The former citizens of the South, now “captured” became 14th Amendment citizens. The remainder of the people could still invoke the power over government through original jurisdiction of the Republic side of the Constitution.

Thus, the government operated fully under the authority of private law dictated by the creditor, a dictatorship of the banks.

In 1871 the default again loomed and bankruptcy was eminent. So, the ten miles square was incorporated in England. They used the constitution as their by-laws. Not as authority under the Constitution but as authority over the constitution. They copy-righted, not only the constitution but also many names such as, THE UNITED STATES, U.S. THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, USA and many other titles as their own. This is the final blow to the original constitution. From here on out, the UNITED STATES was governed entirely by private corporate law, dictated by the banks as creditors.

Then, in 1909, default loomed once more.

The US government went to the Crown of England and asked for an extension of time. This extension was granted for another 20 years on several conditions. One of the conditions was that the United States allowed the creditors to establish a new national bank. This was done in 1913, with the Federal Reserve Bank.

This, along with the 16th Amendment, collection of Income tax which was enacted February 25, 1913, and the 17th Amendment enacted May 31, 1913, was the conditions for the extension of time. The 16th and 17th Amendment further reduced the states power.

In 1917, the peoples of the Americas were drafted into the First World War. The debt accumulated so that it became impossible for the Country to pay off the debt in 1929. It also enhanced the War Powers Act that President Lincoln put in place during his Presidency by Executive Order. This War Powers Act was re-enforced and was The Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917.

In 1929, the Great Depression and the stock market crash moved billions of dollars from the people to the banks. This also removed cash from circulation for the peoples use. Those who still possessed any cash, invested in high interest yielding Treasury Bonds driven higher by increased demand. As a result, even more cash was removed from circulation for the general public to the point where there was not enough cash left in circulation to buy the goods being produced. Production came to a halt as inventory overcrowded the market. There were more products on the market than there was cash to buy them. Prices plummeted and industries plunged into bankruptcy, throwing millions more people out of work and out of cash. Foreclosures on homes, factories, businesses and farms rose to the highest level in the history of America. A mere dime was literally salvation to many families now living on the street. Millions of people lost everything they had, keeping only the clothes on their backs.

In Europe, in 1930, the International Bankers declared several nations bankrupt, including the United States. Then in 1933, President Roosevelt was elected and took office. His first act as President was to declare, publicly, the United States bankrupt. He further went on to issue his Presidential Executive Order on March 5th, 1933 that all United States Citizens must turn in all their gold in return for Federal Reserve Notes. This was passed into law by Congress on June 5th, 1933 under House Joint Resolution 192 (H.J.R. 192).

We the People turned in all free gold at that time.

Were the people of the era 14th Amendment citizens of the United States? No. Unbeknownst to most, they were still a sovereign people until that time. They just thought that they were required to turn in all gold by Executive Order.

Only those people living in Washington, D.C., and the 14th Amendment Citizens were so required. The population of the Americas was still sovereign and not under the jurisdiction of the United States, which incorporated in 1871.

When the free peoples of the time turned in their gold, they volunteered into the jurisdiction of the ten miles square of Washington D.C. and associated laws. A nation became 14th Amendment Citizens. The birth Certificates, now the title to physical blood and bones, were registered in the Commercial Registry. This title to physical bodies, all property and all future labor, was pledged to the International Bankers as security for the money owed in bankruptcy. This was done under the authority of Commercial Law by and through Title. Still the American People were not in bankruptcy. Only the Corporate UNITED STATES was in bankruptcy.

To be continued…

By karlsie

Some great perversity of nature decided to give me a tune completely out of keeping with the general symphony; possibly from the moment of conception. I learned to read and speak almost simultaneously. The blurred and muffled world I heard through my first five years of random nerve loss deafness suddenly came alive with the clarity of how those words sounded on paper. I had been liberated for communications. I decided there was nothing more wonderful than writing. It was easier to write than carefully modulate my speech for correct pronunciation, and it was easier to read than patiently follow the movements of people’s lips to learn what they were saying. It was during that dawning time period, while I slowly made the connection that there weren’t that many other people who heard the way I did, halfway between sound and music, half in deafness, that I began to understand that the tune I was following wasn’t quite the same as that of my classmates. I was just a little different. General education taught me not only was I just a little isolated from my classmates, my home was just a little isolated from the outside world. I was born in Alaska, making me part of one of the smallest, quietest minorities on earth. I decided I could live with this. What I couldn’t live with was discovering a few years later, in the opening up of the pipeline, which coincided with my first year of junior college, that there were entire communities of people; more than I could possibly imagine; living impossibly one on top of another in vast cities. It wasn’t even the magnitude of this vision that inspired me so much as the visitors who came from these populous regions and seemed to possess a knowledge so great and secretive I could never learn it in any book. I became at once, very conscious of how rural I was and how little I knew beyond the scope of my environment. I decided it was time to travel. The rest is history; or at least, the content of my stories. I traveled... often to college campuses, dropping in and out of school until one fine day by chance I’d fashioned a bachelor of arts degree in psychology. I’ve worked a couple of newspapers, had a few poems and stories tossed around in various small presses, never receiving a great deal of money, which I’m assured is the norm for a writer. I spent ten years in Mexico, watching the peso crash. There is some obscure reason why I did this, tightening up my belt and facing hunger, but I believe at the time I said it was for love. Here I am, back home, in my beloved Alaska. I’ve learned somewhat of a worldly viewpoint; at least I like to flatter myself that way. I’ve also learned my rural roots aren’t so bad after all. I work in a small, country store. Every day I greet the same group of local customers, but make no mistake. My store isn’t a scene out of Andy Griffith. The people who enter the establishment, which also includes showers, laundry and movie rentals, are miners, oil workers, truck drivers, construction engineers, dog sled racers and carpenters. Sometimes, on the liquor side, the conversations became adult only in vocabulary. It’s a good thing, on the opposite side of the store is a candy aisle filled with the most astonishing collection, it will keep a kid occupied with just wishing for hours. If you tell your kids they can have just one, you have an instant baby sitter; better than television; as they agonize over their choice while you catch up on the gossip with your neighbor. We also receive a lot of tourists, a lot of foreign visitors. They are usually amazed at this first sign of Alaskan rural life style beyond the insulating hub of the Anchorage bowl. Many of them like to hang around and chat. They gawk at our thieves wanted posters. They laugh at our jokes and camaraderie with our customers. I’ve learned another lesson while working there. You don’t have to go out and find the world. If you wait long enough, it comes to you.

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6 thoughts on “This is Your Freedom, America Part II”
  1. This is a far different slant on the version given you in the text books; even by the explanations you’ll hear from those who believe to have a basic understanding of the Confederacy. A habitual routine of the manufacturers of spin doctrine is to present an apparent conflict where none had actually existed. This device is used to incite the emotive appeal; the reflex action inspired by fear, loyalty or sense of duty. They are red flags only, placed there to divert us from our own pursuits of lawfully acquired natural rights.

  2. Every day the peoples of the free Americas are bombarded with Statutory Fraud. The problem is that take these Statutes that are written in law terms, or to take on the look and feel of law, and take them for holistic law. One must first understand that nothing that comes from an act of Congress for the past 180 years is beholden to the confederated union (u)nited States, unless you choose to contract under corporate law.
    It would be best if a person researches the Statutory law used to subvert their freedom, publicly accept any presentment for face value. Face value is a term to identify that a presentment has monetary value, and when used in this instance or reference means that you plan to claim Actual as well as Punitive damages for being charged al Law through Statutory Fraud.
    Properly asked questions in the current court rooms will allow the vile creature “Public Servant” to prove Fraud, Tyranny and Sedition by tone of their voice on record. Then you enabled to end their reign of terror at law, and a whole bunch more.

  3. I am interested and perhaps you don’t know the answer, however it seems that the nation is “calling in” their gold once again. This time with clever commercials aimed at relieving you of unwanted gold via Netflix-esque envelopes, postage paid. All this gold I assume is finding its way to the national treasury in one way or another…So my round about question is this: Are we at this place again…
    P.S. I have been teaching for years the Civil War was not about “freeing the slaves” and it burns my hide that people still think it is so and venerate Lincoln for doing this when the freeing of slaves was a tactical manuever all along.

  4. I honestly do not believe that these gold for pay sites are generating gold for the Federal Reserve. There is considerable evidence that these sites are generating gold for foriegn interests while at the same time other Nations continue to liquidate Federal Reserve bonds and securities in favor of gold and other precious ores.

    And the question of “being there” again is irrelevent due to the fact that “we” never left “there” in the first place. For the short, short version; it is an implied jurisdiction. It has not been rebutted. Martial laws reign supreme through Executive Order enacted by Lincoln.

    And it is hard for a person, after they have been subjected to “Public School censorship”, to villify someone so lauded. Ignorance is the ally of the de facto corporation that is the United States.

  5. “Ignorance is the ally of the de facto corporation that is the United States.”~Indeed, but it need not be so forever…and pointing out the obvious shouldn’t take away the good leadership that Lincoln or anyone else provided.

  6. Perhaps so. However, to enact Martial Law and then not recind it is a act of war upon the land. It signafies sedition and tyranny,also the acts that followed are Treason to the Supreme Constitution. Again the only use of the 14th Amendment is to make citizens out of a de jure poeple into citizens of a de facto government.

    And I agree that it need not continue for ever. But for safetys sake maybe one should review THX 1182 by Spielberg.

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