Grainne’s Adventures in Health Care

I can remember as a youth watching cold war era documentaries of Russia’s hospitals and health care systems. The long waits, the months before being seen, the serendipitous chances that sometimes occurred in order for families to get treatment…

Crisis in Health Care

By The David
I am angry with those who control the purse-strings. I am angry with those who head Insurance Companies. I am angry with those State officials who make the laws that allow the insurance companies to reap what are sometimes obscene profits, often at the expense of those who cannot afford them. I am angry with…

The Valley of the Glacier

by Karla Fetrow This is the land of fire and ice. On one side of the twisting Turnagain Arm, grey silt waters of a tumultuous inlet, seething with trembling fault lines, jellying clay and vicious bore tides;

This is your Freedom, America

By Kran Sanis Part One; The Creation of the National Treasury When one regards the current geo-political state of the United States, it is important to understand the history of this Nation whose greatest statement is “One Nation under God”.

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