Ten Years of Operation Endless War

Bill The Butcher-Today, Operation Endless War, though ten years old, is far from over. It will continue until the Empire implodes and consumes itself. We’ll still probably see it going on in some form, ten years from now, somewhere in the world. It will not end tomorrow.

While the Lion Sleeps

You’ve got to love Alaskan politics. Their direction changes as quickly as the weather. Ted Stevens has been acquitted of the corruption/ bribery charges filed against him, and once more the faithful, who had been faithless in the first dog eat dog frenzy of character assassination…

Shame on Oil!

I sit here and I wonder why I was surprised or taken aback by the commercial I heard this morning. I guess it was the audacity of it…that any company or group of companies would have the nerve in these times when everyone with a conscience is vowing to do their part to lessen the suffering that the economic situation has brought about.

Alberta: Tonto to the Oil Companies Lone Ranger

The sun shines down upon a family romp rambunctiously as they enjoy an afternoon picnic in the park; the family dog is barking and jumping as he chases a ball one of the children throws for her.

Suddenly she stops in mid-stride, her fur stands along her back as her only moment ago lolling tongue rolls back into her mouth as she begins to growl towards the west. The family stops their playing, moving close to their beloved pet. They look toward the west and see a bank of rolling ominous black clouds quickly moving their way…