The Earth Show

Renee Y. Brown- “Here it is, folks! Just as you remember it, with all the laughter, all the tears… all the glory and all the gory… all the sex and all the slaughter… all the love and all the loathing… this is the show you can’t miss, the one you can’t ignore because you were all in it! “

Subversify’s 2012 Predictions

Using whatever means they had at their disposal, Subversify’s staff and guest writers took a peek inside their psychic selves to gaze into the future. Welcome to another great year of Subversify predictions and possible; well; satirical consequences.

Lux Perpetua, Part III

by W.D. Noble Rome. Jamieson almost felt disoriented. The thought that, across the Mediterranean and up the Italian peninsula was a city which was responsible for all of this. He took a moment to look up, and look over the palace. Brightly-painted reliefs covered the area above the lintels; the statues were painted in life-colors…

The Night I Found Jesus

By: A.B. Thomas
I realized that because of my stupidity and blindness in the realms of actual child-rearing I could possibly screw these children up for the rest of their lives. I did what any man facing no possible chance of parole does; I started coming up with an escape plan.