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Palestinians & Native Americans: Where the Lost Tribes of Israel meet the Via Dolorosa

Jane Stillwater © 2013
Jane Stillwater © 2013

By: Jane Stillwater

How many times do you ever even think about Native Americans anymore?  When was the last time that you have ever even seen one?  Unless you live on the Pine Ridge reservation or near Chimney Rock or just saw the new Lone Ranger movie or watch reruns of “F-Troop,” I bet that they never even cross your mind.

You go to work, you watch TV and you do your shopping and laundry — yet hardly ever even think twice about the fact that, wherever you are in the United States right now, entire families of Native Americans at one time used to live on the very same land where you are standing at this exact moment.

And the same thing can easily be said about Palestinians and Israelis too.  Israelis hardly ever even think about Palestinians any more — except perhaps when they appear in movies attacking wagon trains or in occasional sit-coms like “Arab Labor”.

And yet Palestinian families at one time lived on every single inch of Israeli land.

“Sure, Jane.” you might say, “bad stuff sometimes happens — but to the victor always goes the spoils.”    Yes, I too understand the concept of Lebensraum  But that doesn’t mean that I have to brag about it or be in-your-face aggressive about applauding that it happened or even reveling in the slaughter — like some people do.

“We are the red men, down-among-the dead men…”  And apparently the Lost Tribes of Israel too.

PS:  Here’s a great new idea for a bumper sticker that should be displayed on every single vehicle in occupied Bethlehem: “JESUS WAS A PALESTINIAN!”  And He was.  And He too was brutally driven off his land.  And His family’s direct descendants are currently being brutally driven off their land too.

Yes, the Via Dolorosa — the Trail of Tears — is still alive and well in Palestine

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6 thoughts on “Palestinians & Native Americans: Where the Lost Tribes of Israel meet the Via Dolorosa”
  1. Anglo-Saxon white Irish and British are the new Native Americans, in case you didn’t know. The old Mongolian ones shoulda never crossed the Bering strait 40,000 years ago.

    What’s even crazier is how Turkic white Ashkenazim are the new Israel. The old brown Palestinian Semitic ones should have never followed Moses out of Egypt after all.

  2. It’s probably too much to expect for people to understand that we are all interconnected historically. There is no more “native” anything anywhere. Intermarriage, trade, concurring, rape and relocation have done the job it is supposed to. It’s our small minds that don’t “get it.”

  3. Respectfully, Grainne, you’re really not getting it. Let me illustrate with an analogy. Let’s say my buddies and I decide to get some guns, break into your neighbor’s home while they are all asleep, rape everyone in the house at gunpoint, steal all their stuff, kill them all, and sell their house.

    Now, in order to understand what is happening in Israel, think fighter jets, tanks and nuclear missiles instead of guns, and also not only does the police (i.e. US/NATO) not condemn your raping and looting, they support it 100%.

    Man has lived by a code of law since way before Christopher Columbus. And not just Jews, Christians and Muslims, but all of mankind (even the “savage” native americans, and the “barbarian” turks/huns/mongols) have upheld some form of law so as to maintain order. This order is the foundation of civilization.

    What the Christians have done to the Native Americans is aggravated assault and battery, murder, rape, grand larceny, arson, racial and religious discrimination, slander and defamation, wait a second…let’s just agree to call it every misdimeanour and felony offense recognized by US law ok? (See

    According to the Christians, the Indians had absolutely no rights. In the 2013th year of the reign of the Christ, the Palestinians have _no rights_ in Israel.

    Every Israeli that kills a Palestinian is a murderer and must be either executed or spend life in prison as the punishment prescribed by the law. Every Israeli living in the occupied territories is living in a house like the one that was hypothetically stolen from your neighbor.

    Get it now?

  4. When the Semitic Akkadians, coming from the west, first invaded the middle east (known as greater Israel by Zionism) they discovered a non-semitic-speaking folk living there already, namely the Sumerians. What happened next has been dubbed “Sumer-Akkad” by modern historians. It has been widely noted how these two racially and linguistically distinct peoples managed to coexist and prosper circa 2500BC. (See

    This, together with Cyrus’ invasion of Babylon perfectly demonstrates the other side of the coin to the Israeli invasion of Palestine and the Christian invasion of America, methinks.

  5. Ahem…

    Iraq holds the world’s second largest petroleum reserves, and its oil is the most easily exploitable kind on earth (it gushes out of the ground on its own, without pumps or anything) => The Iraqi people are dirt-poor and their lives are shit, their country is a mess, they have no industries, no good universities, no healthcare, nothing.

    Israel doesn’t have natural resources worth shit. It has no viable economy of its own except its notorious mercenaries and arms dealers. It receives tens of billions of dollars of free no-strings-attached money from US taxpayers every year. => Israeli Jews live according to a standard that is comparable to wealthy areas of the US, while Palestinian Muslims live what is quite possibly _the_ shittiest lives on earth today.

    There is a conspiracy against the Jews I tell ya. These people do absolutely nothing wrong, and they’ve never done anything wrong in the last thousand years, yet everyone hates them, they’ve been kicked out of 80 countries, they’ve been accused of every kind of anti-human activity including hundreds of cases of blood libel in countries all over the place. But it’s all a conspiracy. Rest assured, Jews aren’t in control of the media at all. And they certainly didn’t start _every_ banking establishment in the USA. I don’t care what wikipedia says. Wikipedia is out to get the Jews. Everyone is out to get them.

    The truth is, people (who are awake and don’t have their heads up their asses) blame all of society’s problems on the current global banking regime, but whenever anyone talks about big banks dominating human civilization, some shit-for-brains jackass comes along and shouts “ANTI-SEMITISM!!!” and turns the whole thing into a matter of racism. What I want to know is how is speaking against bankers and casino owners and the media-mafia racism?

    What I wanna know is, would people in the west hate Muslims today if the media (which is definitely NOT owned by Jews) didn’t constantly bombard them with anti-Muslim propaganda?

    Try as I might to stay apolitical, it just seems impossible. Every fuckin people on this earth are trying to live in peace, minding their own business, except those cocksucker Israelis and their bitches in the USA. Open your fuckin eyes goddamnit, it doesn’t take a psychic to see what’s happening. It’s your goddamn tax dollars that are paying for the existence of Israel. But remember, there is a conspiracy against the Jews to make them look bad, so better not say anything. SHHH!!!

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