Subversify’s 2012 Predictions

Using whatever means they had at their disposal, Subversify’s staff and guest writers took a peek inside their psychic selves to gaze into the future. Welcome to another great year of Subversify predictions and possible; well; satirical consequences.

Discover Clara Engel

Subversify Magazine’s editor Grainne Rhuad interviews Clara Engel, a woman with a talent for storytelling through song. This 28 year old who hails from Canada…

Stephen Harper: The Man who would be King

By A. B. Thomas The political, social and economic landscape of Earth is the wax that surrounds the wick of human existence.  That wick, for the better part of two centuries, has been burning hungrily with the excessively oxygen rich atmosphere of technological advancement.  The wick has gotten to the point where the wick has…

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