The Hogs of Cold Harbor

The Hogs of Cold Harbor is a wonderful absurdist Civil War epic that boldly questions the status quo of patriotism and social dogmas. Telling the “obscene” story of how the Confederate States of America saw themselves as the heroes against Lincoln and Grant’s villainous Union (a perspective so alien to the mainstream no agent would probably touch it) the story skewers the plight of humanity, human beings forced to self-define their own “honor” in the midst of moral chaos.

Der Struwwelpeter-A Review

Grainne Rhuad: It was the in one of the most unexpected places that I was reminded of one of my childhood favorite books. I immediately ordered them up off the internet and waited with barely contained glee for them to arrive at my doorstep so I could dive in.

Review: Wolf At The Table

The book “A Wolf At The Table” is another slice of Burroughs childhood.It grabbed me by the throat and wouldn’t let go. It is a horror story unlike anything I have ever read by this author. There are indeed flashes of humor, but the underlying text can move one to tears.