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“Sitting on the Eve of Destruction: Is There a North Korea Nuclear Threat”
by Roy Erickson Jr.

As you may have noticed that the Grand Duchy of Fenwick is clamoring on the drums of war lately. Oh, pardon, that’s North Korea. Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference. The movement of troops and placement of missiles may suggest that there is more than a search for foreign aid on Kim’s agenda, and that could make the next few days interesting.

April 15 is the anniversary of the 1st Kim’s death and it would be an appropriate day for any North Korean incursion into South Korea as well as lobbing a fat boy or two toward us, should the Koreans decide to set the world on fire. It would be easy to dismiss the Grand Duchy’s threats of destroying the west coast except that Kim threw in one more city on his hit list, Austin, Texas. That is is interesting because it is a hub for our electrical grid and may give a hint of thoughts and delivery methods in store.

The idea that such a humble mouse among nations could be the catalyst for cataclysm is indeed ridiculous, until you consider how many people in any government in the world knew of a gentleman by the name of Archduke Ferdinand in the early 1900’s. A flashpoint for war has often had people looking up and asking “What?”

Now, in order to believe that North Korea could start a war, you would have to believe in the Bomb itself. In Edwin Corley’s book, “The Jesus Factor,’ he posits that the bomb does not and never has worked. Yes, he does explain Hiroshima and Nagasaki in believable terms that fit the known facts. The problem is that he, nor anyone else, deny that the atomic device works and works VERY well. The problem comes when the device is falling through the sky disrupts the fusion process. The balance of terror in the cold war among world leaders in the 60’s was based on the fact that they knew that their bombs did not work, but the did not know if the others worked or not.

Yes, there were atomic blasts in space in the 60’s, but they were in a situation of near stasis with no atmospheric interference on the reaction. That would not negate Corley’s premise, but it would present questions about what the Grand Duchy is up to, and when is Peter Sellers going to show up to explain the ulterior motives of the chest beating. Until then we will have to surmise what is going on.

Kim and the Koreans would gain from getting more aid from the world and since they have the bomb, it cannot be taken away from them. So, placement in the pantheon of nuclear powers will require a demonstration that Prometheus has, indeed, visited the northern part of the Korean peninsula. To do that, a live demonstration may be required. And that may be the downfall of world peace.

So how to do it becomes the question of how to do it. It is known that the Grand Duchy has tried to lob objects into orbit. The most effective thing that any nation can use an atomic weapon for is an EMP, an electro- magnetic pulse. A blast set off about 62 miles up into the atmosphere. If one was ignited over Austin, Texas it would not only turn the fleets of Volts into expensive door stops, it would render computers useless and probably erase data sticks and cause a cascade of the electric grid that could put much of the U.S. back into the 1830’s for period of time, perhaps a significant period of time.

The irony is the protection from this modern day economic apocalypse was created in 1836 by a gentleman named Faraday. He created what is known as a Faraday Cage. He did it to protect things from lightning strikes. It is, simply a metal cage around an item, such as a computer from an electro- magnetic pulse. Silver and other conductive metals can be used to defuse the pulse around the electronic pieces. And protect them. Now, a sunspot eruption, aimed properly, can cause even more disruption, as it did in 1858 and again in the 1950’s. That could be devastating in today’s world. And there is nothing that can be done to stop it.

But not all is lost. In this age of high tech frailty, there is an old style object that can overcome the effects of both nuclear weapons and ol’ Sol on our society. That giant of protection is a simple metal trash can. I would suggest not letting the electronic gear not touch the metal sides, but placing them into the can and closing the lid will assure you having all of your pictures and records and other items should the Grand Duchy go wacko and accidentally find out that it’s little egg is not a dud. Of course, the lack of electricity could impede the recovery of those items, but they would still be, however, available.

So, if you are reading this, it is entirely possible that the roaring of the Asian mouse has not born fruit and our dismissive attitude has been justified. Or it could be that you are in an area out side of the pulse. Either way, the sun is still out there and is waiting to eject a coronal mass toward us that would totally change the world so it would be best to prepare.

Wouldn’t it be ironic, if the savior of our modern electronic society was a metal trash can? Of course, some may think it appropriate. That being that much of our society deserves to be in the trash can anyway.

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5 thoughts on “Sitting on the Eve of Destruction: Is There a North Korea Nuclear Threat”
  1. Was it Russia or China that called the bomb a paper tiger? I can’t remember who, but the premise was, the bomb couldn’t be used because it couldn’t be controlled. Not only that, nobody can just drop one. Once it starts, there’s retaliation. Then there are the anti-missiles, and anti-anti missiles, piling so high into the atmosphere, we have Star Wars on our hands. Our deadliest enemy is our own fear and paranoia.

  2. Seemingly, there exists today a global multi-national organized effort to dethrone american capitalist-colonialist-imperialism; whether hiding behind the facade of communism, islamic fundamentalism, or straight-up old school radical terrorism, the animating force and the motive is the same. The point, I believe, is to rid the world of american capitalist banking, as a step towards eliminating the devastatingly corrupting influence of money over people’s fragile, impressionable minds.

    I’m sure there are certain extremist perspectives behind this effort who are calling for a total nuclear (or otherwise) annihilation of human society as it stands today. Their thinking, I would assume, is that a disease-riddled rotting corpse should be burned in order to avoid the spreading of its infection. Of course there must also exist the opposing point of view among these people, which states that no matter how diseased our society and its 7 billion inhabitants might be, there is always a chance for a cure.

    The people in the second group, I believe, dream of seven billion sane and healthy people living on the earth in peace, working towards the advancement of all mankind. The american world-domination movement, fearing a disastrous loss of everything they’ve built over centuries, understandably have absolutely nothing to gain from the mass-death of their global cancerous brain-dead human-goat flock. So, these two ideologies are supposedly trying to work things out at this time.

    North korea is a nobody. There is no “north korean threat” (except for the south korean and japanese industrial colonies.) They’re just another chickenshit puppet working towards someone else’s agenda, not unlike Israel. But the threat of a worldwide massacre of humanity is more realistic today than it has been at any other time in history.

    Personally, IMHO, if there is to be peace and prosperity on this planet, and if there is to be hope for the future of mankind, “people” as they exist today must become extinct. So, I’m voting for the nuclear extermination team; it’s a quick, painless end.

    “Peace…No Peace.” (The captured alien from Independence Day)

  3. The main problem with nuclear extermination is that it’s pretty indiscriminate about who it kills; humans, animals, plant life. I think if I was going to apply myself to that philosophy, I would look for a solution that only exterminates humans. Even if we are unable to justify our own existence, it doesn’t mean we have to pull all forms of earthly life into a mass suicide pact.

  4. Karlsie, do some quick research and find out how many species of lifeforms have disappeared from the earth since 10,000BC. And how many new species have appeared since then? We’re living in an era of catastrophic worldwide extinction, just FYI.

    What you’re implying is that it’s fine for us to slowly drive other creatures to extinction by destroying their habitats and starving/poisoning them, while keeping ourselves in a state of scientifically-induced denial and ignorance, but it’s not OK to want to mass-murder all of humanity?

    My promise to you, we will destroy all life on this planet before the end of the century, with or without nuclear weapons. That’s why we were put here in the first place IMO, to rape and fuck all.

    Think about the guy who goes on a killing rampage in an elementary school. He is the symbol of modern man: a homicidal egotist who cares about nothing but the gratification of his immediate needs.

    Sometimes I feel like all people are looking at the world through Prozac-glasses. There is _nothing_ good in the world of man; and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.

  5. @ sh,

    While I don’t have much love of “civilization” nor the constant exploitation it feeds upon, Karlsie is right – a thermonuclear war wouldn’t be just the end of what you call “the world of men” but of the world of pretty much all other lifeforms on the planet: I don’t see world dominated by the cockroach as a significant improvement over what exists now.

    By all means, let “civilization” fall – but don’t think that the great suicide pact is the only way to achieve this: a more realistic (and far less suicidal) way of this coming into fruition would be the onset of Peak Oil combined with numerous global armed conflicts with the U.S./NATO empire and company (including one on its own homesoil) that breaks nation-states back down into tribes and clans – essentially returning us to where our species was during the Bronze Age in terms of social climate.

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