Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

By Grainne

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4 thoughts on “Shining A Light On SOPA/PIPA”
  1. “Back in 24, bitches….”

    Piracy is over-romanticizes; in truth it harms the creatives among us by impacting their income.

    Clearly, it needs to be dealt with – but this needs to happen on an international level. SOPA/PIPA isn’t the way.

    See you in 24.


  2. This whole “piracy” bullshit is just an excuse to strengthen the state’s control over communications by limiting what content can be seen or not – at first declaring that it’s being done to “protect the artist” (as though the state gives a flying fuck about art beyond using it as a propaganda tool…), but then it will allow for “mission creep” to set in (for example, blocking porn sites in the name of “protecting children” or deleting dissident webpages in the name of “preventing ‘terrorism'” and “public safety”) until the state has the power to black out any content it deems unfit for public consumption.

  3. It’s the nannies screaming again that we need more pillows in the romper room so no one gets hurt. They’re freakin’ smothering us with protection. Copyright your work if you want it protected. It might not stop someone from copying it to their site, but if you want to complain, you’ll have a legal leg to stand on; that is, if the courts really are so very concerned about the artists.

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