Thu. May 30th, 2024

By: Amnesia Grok

I’m sitting here on a Saturday afternoon & I’m reading about the end.

As in THE END.

As in predictions of the final curtain, visions of destruction. Trumpets & seals & cups & oodles of 7’s. Th-th-the-that’s all f-f-folks!

The earth, it will end in fire & in water & it will end in asteroids & in Mexicans.

Generation after generation, all riled up about an end that never knocked. Layer upon layer of dusty eschatologies, disproven by default.

Paul was all riled up & his eyes were struck blind & his hair was on fire.

& he said if you weren’t already married then don’t even bother getting married now!

There’s no time!

Tell everyone before it’s too late!

There was a real sense of urgency about it.

How many bad dates have to come & go before there’s just a collective yawn?

What if things just go on & on & on &…

Way past the point where there is any point to be had?

& everything gets older & worse & the sky less blue & the grass isn’t hardly green at all no more? & the Lincoln Memorial cracks & the paint on the barn fades & no one bothers to write new songs or to clean the animals’ cages?

On & on, without even the vague hope of a fiery end or some new Hitler to capture our attention for a minute or two?

That guy out there howling in the street? You know, the one with the sandwich board that reads //The End is Near\\?

He could turn out to have been an optimist!

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12 thoughts on “December 21, 2010”
  1. Plenty of people desire an end (a desire I think is healthy when surrounded by social disease, BTW), but few are the ones who prepare for such an end to all that we know and fewer still that actively engage in bringing such a thing about – most prefer to just sit around and wait for some messiah figure (be it a supernatural entity or politician) to come turn things around for them.

    Sitting around hoping and praying won’t set this sick forest of a world ablaze and let nature finally take its course – and those not prepared for the proverbial fire will be consumed by it, not rescued by some benevolent deity…

  2. Azazel,

    I don’t think the world is sick. The world is beautiful and wonderful.

    It’s just people that are sick.

    IMO, The world isn’t defined by what people do.


  3. @ sh,

    When I said that the world was sick, I wasn’t refering to the planet itself or the natural processes at work in it – I’m refering to the artificial forces (particularly those of state, corporate and organized religion) that consider themselves the masters of the planet: they think of themselves as “the world” (and most people believe it), thus they believe they have free reign to treat the planet and those who reside on it (both human and non-human lifeforms alike) in any manner they deem fit – the result of which is non-stop exploitation of people, animals and the planet’s natural resources for the gain of these incorporeal entities.

    And that is, to my way of thinking, sick as it is ultimately life-denying…

  4. Yeah, but what do we care?

    I accept the world for what it is, with awe. And I struggle to live my life to the fullest.

    I really don’t have time to worry about things that I can’t change. My life is too short.


  5. @ sh,

    “I really don’t have time to worry about things that I can’t change. My life is too short.”

    And what makes you believe that such things are beyond your ability to change? Sure, individually there isn’t much you can do about it (and certainly not within the confines of the “law”) – but what about forming affinities of other individuals who share your core values? What about pooling your resources together and carving out your own little chuck of terra firma and protecting it from those powers that would seek to exploit it to their own ends?

    And what if such an idea caught in within a significant segment of the population? The end result could very well be that end of the present order – and you (or people like you – or me or other people I know) can be the ones to create the first sparks in this dying forest: sparks that can develop into a purging blaze…

  6. Azazel,

    Pretty much everyone I know thinks I’m criminally insane.

    I, on the other hand, think that everyone else is certifiably out of their minds.

    And to be honest, I really don’t want to be burned to the stake while a crowd of idiots chant “burn the heretic!”


  7. Hmm… I see your dilema sh – I guess I was fortunate to have contact with people who shared a value system comprable to my own (primarily Prouhdon/Stirnir-influenced Anarchists/Mutualists) to form a small community with.

    Here’s hoping you find at least a few people who don’t think you’re out to lunch…

  8. That’s really nice, Azazel. Thank you, and happy holidays. 🙂

    ..I’m so embarrassed for hijacking this poor fellow’s thread.


  9. You’re too kind, Grainne. You’re going to spoil me..

    You know, I think it’s inconceivable and baffling that so few people frequent this site.

    If it were up to me, reading subversify regularly would be a mandatory religious rite for every literate man and woman on earth. 😛

    A place you go to find your flaws.

    And maybe this is why there are so few participants here; we hate finding our flaws. But who knows.

    Seriously though, do people think we’re insane or just incomprehensible?

    And a happy holidays to you, Grainne. Don’t you just love how everything feels so different this time of year?


  10. I think as a society we have no ideals of perfection.

    We are taught that man is weak by nature, which is true. We are also taught that perfection is unattainable, which is also true.

    So we are unwittingly led to give free reign to our flaws, believing it is useless to strive for perfection.

    I think perfection is the only worthy aspiration we have.


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