Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

By: Maya

Hunger pangs strike the one in need,
A glance into the empty pantry is saddening,
Wonderment of how to’s are consistent,
Cringing thoughts of accumulated debt
Refusal to accept failing the family,
Or even losing the house.

Not just any home, a very special house,
A place to feed and shelter the family,
Whose idea of purchase made oblivious to debt,
Where job security kept payments consistent,
Nary a thought of a result so saddening,
To think of a time, there wasn’t a single need.

Others face obstacles far more saddening,
A lack of clean water, an urgent clinical need,
or even a roof over their head, let alone a house.
But, why brood over others? This victim is the family.
Where hearts thumped harmoniously, before the debt,
And the love was unquestionably consistent.

One cannot wrap broken wings around the family,
Whose feathers have fallen, like shingles from a house.
The sight of a hunched eagle; somber and saddening,

He has lost hope, a revitalization he’ll need,
Where sustenance shall be consistent,
A chance to overcome the trepidation of debt.

How can one manage to keep optimism consistent,
When at an inability to eliminate or alleviate debt?
Unfathomable blameworthiness anticipated from family,
As glares and scowls occur during discussions of house.
Once held in high esteem, now overlooked for need.
Pressured, incapable, incompetent, truly saddening.

Wary were he, cautious of credit card debt,
No finance fees; he was due date consistent.
Woe to the people who have the need,
To spend frivolously. It’s quite saddening,
when it becomes you, and your house.
Yet to imagine the worst, your own family.

One last can awaits the family; shelved in the house,
Its need to be opened and eaten is saddening,
Pointed finger consistent towards debt.

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One thought on “Risky Gamble”
  1. Beautiful poem, Maya, one that clearly illustrates the family that isn’t quite homeless, quite poverty stricken, but teeters on the edge as it tries to keep up with soaring cost of living prices and a shrinking job market.

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