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Cracking the Matrix: Our Military/Industrial Spy Services: Part Three

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by Ronald Thomas West

“Cracking the Matrix: Our Military/Industrial Spy Services”

Part Three

Cracking the Matrix: Part One

Cracking the Matrix: Part Two

 Updated 20 December 2011

WikiLeaks has released documents on the spyware utilized by several repressive regimes, most relevant to this essay, provided to Egypt in another case of much ado about nothing.

“The pieces of software created by surveillance companies are capable of hijacking personal computers and popular mobile phones, including those with Android, iOS, and Blackberry operating systems…”

This story had already been broken by Human Rights Watch in the immediate aftermath of the fall of Tripoli, the WikiLeaks ‘revelation’ is in fact no revelation at all. This points to professional counter-intelligence psychological operation and is meant to deflect attention or inquiry away from the real state actors, i.e. intelligence agencies and onto the tech developers. There are several intelligence methods available to co-opt/compromise any organization such as WikiLeaks [presuming it had not been an intelligence operation from the get-go] i.e. infiltration or placing an agent within the organization (spy), penetration or turning an employee (traitor), and false flag recruitment or duping the organization into working against its own interests (sale.) WikiLeaks would be quite easily susceptible to any of these because of the nature of the organization. Julian Assange could be recruited to ‘leak’ by anonymous sources that cannot possibly be accurately vetted when providing deliberately select documents intended to create false impression for the purpose of shifting responsibility away from organizations such as Directorate for External SecurityMI6, or CIA. In fact Assange has stated WikiLeaks does not care about sources, only authenticity of the ‘leaked’ documents.

Persons [or organizations] recruited to ‘leak’ are considered an ‘unwitting’ but very real agents of any operation run by intelligence. To determine which agency is responsible is as simple as looking for the agency/nation presented as least complicit in any documents released, by the sin of omission as in this new WikiLeaks case.

“Intelligence agencies, military forces and police authorities are able to silently, and on mass, and secretly intercept calls and take over computers without the help or knowledge of the telecommunication providers. Users’ physical location can be tracked if they are carrying a mobile phone, even if it is only on standby…”

..merely requires looking for the obvious missing from the information released by WikiLeaks: apple products and technology in the case of the Egyptian Spring together with the training provided by State Department via USAID front organizations for CIA. Herein are the hallmarks of a professionally engineered disinformation and the real news people need to understand is media manipulation, a major endeavor of the several Western intelligence agencies. What had been turned up already right here and is missing in the WikiLeaks/Washington Post collaboration is the fact of USA intelligence deliberately compromising the apple products savvy secular Egyptian Spring  activists to the Egyptian military intelligence. These advanced electronic spy systems were not delivered to Egypt’s generals without NATO and the USA’s intelligence agencies knowledge and/or permission.

The most risk in the effort to ‘feed’ WikiLeaks in a credible appearing way would be the employ of credible media. This new WikiLeaks based psy-ops endeavor had already been pre-empted a full week previous to the December release by this investigator, at Subversify Magazine on 24 November [original article follows], detailing how these operations are accomplished using ‘credible’ media and addressing the Egyptian Spring particularly. Mainstream media has been a focus of state ‘security apparatus’ infiltration for quite some time and the New York Times is but one example of many. That the Washington Post and other media outlets would have been the focus of intelligence infiltration, penetration and manipulation now in concert with WikiLeaks should come as no surprise:

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. Our invisible governors are, in many cases, unaware of the identity of their fellow members in the inner cabinet.” – Edward Bernays ‘Propaganda’

Edward Bernays applied science manipulating democracy detailed in his book ‘Propaganda’ [most famously, among other works] is behind the masters of public relations who prepare what is known in intelligence circles as “Psychological Operations.” Utilizing ‘fronts’, as well manipulating public opinion with engineered events to be reported on as ‘news’, society is governed as Bernays says.

On Wednesday, 16 November 2011, the New York Times [Global Edition] ran a story “A Moment of Truth for Occupy Groups” [I have the ‘paper’ copy in front of me as I write this] with the caption “As camp in New York is shut down, movement risks losing momentum.” With no mention AT ALL of the actual police actions with pepper spray, tear gas and baton beatings, what the story’s ‘life is a bouquet’ opening line says is:

“The encampment here that grew from a modest protest into an international movement built around a growing sense of economic injustice was briskly eradicated Tuesday in a well organized and non-violent sweep by hundreds of police officers…”

Compare this preceding with the facts as stated in The NATION [backed by poor quality and difficult to achieve video on the internet, one purpose of banning press from the 1 AM raid].

“the military-style incursion into Liberty shortly after 1 am on November 15 came with a brutality and premeditation that literally took the Occupiers’ breath away. Given just minutes to vacate, protesters who peacefully resisted—as well as those who were just slow to act—were pepper-sprayed, beaten with billy clubs, shoved, cuffed and tear-gassed. In the end, around 200 were arrested, including City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez, who was bloodied by a strike to the head. Along with sleeping bags and tents, the Occupation’s intellectual tools—laptops, posters and the 5,000 books in the People’s Library—were thrown into dumpsters and carted away…”

By Thursday, 17 November 2011, the Wednesday New York Times story has vanished from the internet. When you use the NYT search tool, what should be reference to the story is a  Wednesday [Global Edition] pdf link which had been changed to Thursday’s front page. The Internet reader is not even so much as allowed to view the existence of the Wednesday story. The subsequent Occupy story in the Thursday ‘paper’ edition has been relegated to page 5, mostly having to do with suggestions the ‘occupy movement’ is set to run out of steam, it’s over, a ‘time to move on’ sort of academic debate, and there is no mention of the police action AT ALL.

The Wednesday front page story’s photo had shown a single, un-spayed, un-bloodied protestor in no acute physical distress being arrested in DAYLIGHT (not at the 1 AM park raid) with no other protestor in sight, only police boots. The image is practically benign in relation to the facts of beatings, pepper spray and protestors gassed and essentially backs the falsified message in Wednesday’s storyline: in effect, this is a wimp movement with no teeth and the police are importuned angels vilified by events beyond their control. After-all, the police have a job to do, no one will be coming to the aid of any one protestor, and the police are beyond reproach, because there is no overt brutality. Both print and photo journalism have just told you so. On Friday, pushed into page 7 [Global Edition] there is a passing mention of police using nightsticks at a different event, a ‘credibility recovery’ but you know what has been said about ‘first impressions.’ By Saturday, 19 November 2011, the [Global Edition] story is still pushed back to page 7, there is passing mention of Thursday’s ‘thousands’ [not the tens of thousands in attendance] in New York with the note of 175 arrests, no mention at all of police aggression and the dry observation “demonstrators elsewhere in the country were largely peaceful…”

What just happened? A psy-op.

Now, what our lovely ‘liberal’ New York Times has just accomplished is a professionally engineered psychological operation whose employ lie with some of the nastiest mentalities known to man [more on that a bit farther on.] The net result of this one quick operation (among the many operations generated in the New York Times) is to prepare every loyal reader of the ‘paper’ version (includes the President of the United States) who might otherwise be sympathetic ‘liberals’, to reject violence [generated by the police actions] and sets up blame to be pinned firmly on the protestors in future confrontations: when protestors, having been radicalized by police action, might resort in turn to violence. Meanwhile, opportunity is taken to portray the movement as weaker that it actually is, to discourage people who might be influenced to join according to ‘herd instinct’ as denigrated by Bernays.

The simple logic implanted in the many older liberal and loyal readers who do not typically resort to internet, or those many who have no time [due to schedules] who trust the Times, should be turned off to the protestors when events might REALLY spiral out of control. This is engineered pre-emptive sapping of public support for the OWS movement, professionally and deliberately targeting an identifiable demographic.

Recalling Bernays’ stating:

“We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of…”

And pointing out Edward Bernays was a very much MAINSTREAM personality interacting with/influencing the corporate world for well over 50 years, and was NOT some paranoid conspiracy theorist, let’s look at the primary LATERAL influences brought to bear on reporting from the New York Times, a paper busted for false reporting on the Iraq war within the immediate preceding past several years.

A few of the Times controlling influences [Board members]:

Thomas Middelhoff Bertelsmann AG which has media holdings in, and can influence opinion in, 63 countries around the world

Janet Robinson > Carnegie Corporation where Robinson sits with 1% players, including Morgan Stanley and Rothschild

William Kennard > Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies > United States Chamber of Commerce, which is the USA’s NUMBER ONE 1% policy entity

Doreen Tobin > JP Morgan a 1% player

James Kilts > MetLife a 1% player

Brenda Barnes > Chicago Council on Global Affairs [formerly Chicago Council on Foreign Relations] > National Democratic Institute which is a USA Department of State funded [USAID] front for intelligence agencies and multi-national corporate board room ‘market security’


Now, I had pointed out in Cracking the Matrix: part two:

Fifty years after the fact, several eye witness describe the shooting down of Dag Hammarskjöld’s plane in the Congo and the evidence squarely points to intelligence agencies taking their instructions from corporate board rooms concerned with mineral deposits and American/British mining conglomerates interests in profits over peace.

In the ensuing years, in Africa, corrupt dictators and fake democracies have bent over backwards to please those mining conglomerates. As the actions of multi-national corporations are necessarily concerned with geo-politics and go where the action [money] is, it cannot come as a surprise that, with the folding of the Soviet Union, these non-living legal entities sitting on mountains of cash, would move on and push into Central Asia, where Azerbaijan is a poster child for hosting a who’s who of criminal personalities as evidenced in the composition of the United States-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce.

Going to my stating above “fake democracies have bent over backwards to please” and noting corporate interests that can assassinate a Secretary General of the United Nations and get away with it for fifty years, I will further note USAID is a major player in the Bernays version of democracy spoon fed to nations around the world on behalf of corporate boards, not only the USA. And that spoon fed democracy includes doing the intelligence agencies dirty work when it come to laundering money for purposes of ‘plausible denial’ when dumping large amounts of arms into any hands that will keep profit lines healthy. If a UN Secretary General is expendable, most certainly so is Dianna Fossy, when it comes to morphing her posthumously into a foundation employed as a cover for USAID laundering money trafficking arms to guerillas while preserving the profit line. All this is accomplished by employing cells:

“As a professional he would have been subjected to such cellurization and compartmentalization each time he became involved in any real ‘deep’ operation that he would not have known the whole story anyhow. This compartmentalization is very real. I have worked on projects with many CIA men so unaware of the entire operation that they had no realization and awareness of the roles of other CIA men working on the same project…” –Colonel J Fletcher Prouty, former Department of Defense liaison to the CIA for ‘special operations’

Nearly all intelligence activity is organized laterally when coordinated with corporate boards, with built in redundancy, including psy-ops cells employing the method of Bernays:

“We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of…”

“Our minds are molded” in many ways, in ways it would never occur to a ‘normal’ American citizen. And when it comes to intelligence agencies molding our minds per a specific agenda, by comparison what the New York Times has recently accomplished with the 99% ‘propaganda’, seems benign, but the purpose is not:

“Bernays’ most extreme political propaganda activities were said to be conducted on behalf of the multinational corporation United Fruit Company(today’s Chiquita Brands International) and the U.S. government to facilitate the successful overthrow (see Operation PBSUCCESS) of the democratically elected president of GuatemalaJacobo Arbenz Guzman. Bernays’ propaganda (documented in the BBC documentary, The Century of the Self), branding Arbenz as communist, was published in major U.S. media…” –Wikipedia [see Cracking the Matrix: part two or linked separate analysis unwinding this particular crime to the top board room players here]

The USA’s Department of State has, via USAID, been fronting for intelligence agencies around the world, including Egypt, for years. One of several USAID fronts is ‘Freedom House’, which had provided ‘social networks’ training for ‘democracy activists.’ Other fronts providing training are the ‘International Republican Institute’ and the ‘International Democratic Institute.’ A Bernays method of covering the agenda/motive of these fronts is to package black as white and to label slavery as freedom.

In Fact what had happened since the ‘Egyptian Spring’ is, the expendable USA puppet by proxy, Mubarak, has been removed and the paid professional marionettes whose personal fortunes are dependent on CIA associated MAPs [military assistance programs, the billions in arms sales propping up American defense industry corporate profit lines] also known as ‘the generals’, have been handed the Egyptian Spring leadership to be incarcerated in CIA rendition to torture darling Omar Sulieman’s jails.

What the corporate board friendly intelligence propaganda cells has now sold the American public via the New York Times [Global Edition, Saturday-Sunday, November 19-20, 2011] with Bernays method [bald-faced lies to the public] of covering the agenda/motive of these fronts packaging black as white and slavery as freedom is, when the “Egyptian liberals’ who were responsible for the massive initial ‘Spring’ protests are missing in action [with the conspicuous exception of the April 6 movement] at new protests, it is because, according to the Times, they “mostly stayed home.” Rather, how about 12,000 or so of the core leadership are in Egyptian jails, courtesy of lateral structure of the siamese twins CIA/United States Department of State via USAID fronts Freedom House, International Republican Institute and International Democratic Institute having provided the training in social networking primarily with apple products. This training in turn, is shared widely in the secular freedom movement, all the while USA intelligence agencies knowing Omar Sulieman has all the sophisticated electronic spying equipment he needs, to pinpoint the identities and locations of the most effective organizers and ‘disappear’ them. That there will be fake investigations into how repressive regimes come into this technology, should come as no surprise, Bernays has long since established the system’s effectiveness. With the core secular activist organizers out of the way, the Muslim Brotherhood has stepped into fill the void, their networking is via the mosque, not apple. Whether the Brotherhood’s leadership sees the grassroots secular organizers and leadership having been ‘disappeared’ as convenient, or as a wrong that must be righted, will say a lot about the future of Egypt.

Julian Assange has personally taken credit for unleashing the information leading to the events known as the Arab Spring. That Assange is a self-aggrandizing liar, is attested to by his former partner at WikiLeaks, Daniel Domsheit-Berg.

I have rejected Assange as authentic, for quite a long time. There are too many holes in his story, he has given absolutely dangerous advice to people who might wish to leak, such as using the WikiLeaks P.O. Box to mail documents to [postmark, fingerprints, DNA] and his public claims relating to the actual secrets leaked, simply do not hold up. One year ago, conspiracy clown extraordinaire Alex Jones [follow the money, Bernays’ man Alex Jones is paid off by corporate boards] made a big deal of the leaked cable showing the USA put pressure on Spain to shut down the several renditions investigations. I was living in Spain the year before that, and same information had been all over the Spanish newspapers. Subsequent to this, in an interview with Amy Goodman, Assange makes a big deal of the cable pointing to the USA/CIA policy of keeping Haiti an imprisoned sweat shop for corporate boards in the garments industry, again this is no news at all, had been known for years already, and the cables are rife with such examples. Show me one that does real damage to the CIA, just SHOW ME. The State Department and CIA are so tightly intermingled there is no way people would have used what they believed to be a secure system and not have done damage to CIA operations with un-culled cables.

Julian Assange has been identified as a USA intelligence asset employed in cyber operations in the 1990s by Wayne Madsen, quoting an ‘un-named’ source. Un-named sources are a possible two edged sword, the good investigator does NOT give up his reliable sources without their permission [it is a rule I practice]  AND a good investigator does NOT trust a controversial [Madsen] investigator’s un-named source without first documenting corroborating evidence backing the other investigator’s claim. Julian Assange himself provided the corroborating evidence in the interview with Goodman, bragging his stay at the home of Miss Egypt. You do NOT stay as the guest of Egypt’s most symbolic multi-national corporate prostitute, in a location sandwiched into and crawling with British and American intelligence and security, except as the multi-national corporate intelligence and security’s invited guest. Miss Egypt’s lateral profile [with oil company personalities invested along the way, if you study her associations carefully]:

Miss Egypt > Pantene > Proctor and Gamble > FOX NEWS

When crimes by corporate board directors and their agents employing Bernays’ propaganda, in concert with intelligence agencies, are on a magnitude constituting crimes against humanity, one in turn must employ ‘propaganda’ to cover one’s tracks. This is achieved with pys-ops in media like the New York Times with ‘cover stories.’ Concurrent to this in the modern age of internet, co-opting the institutions of  justice in ‘democracy’ becomes necessary because information has now become a two edged sword where trained persons capable of ‘unwinding’ lies is able to publish. Just now, a person such as myself is able to ‘sling the stones back’ at the criminal personalities. I am grateful my ‘career’ in intelligence was just peripheral enough to grasp method, and realize without becoming ensnared in the pervasive lies, how perverted the career agent’s mind must become when immersed over long term. In this case of perversions of reality, in a world where the CIA has gone so far as deliberately employing carefully and deliberately ‘crafted’ mentally ill persons as agents.

Project MKULTRA, now days a Bernays propaganda discredited CIA boogeyman of conspiracy theorists, is every bit as historically factual as Bernays himself:

“The Deputy Director of the CIA revealed that over thirty universities and institutions were involved in an “extensive testing and experimentation” program which included covert drug tests on unwitting citizens “at all social levels, high and low, native Americans and foreign.” Several of these tests involved the administration of LSD to “unwitting subjects in social situations.” At least one death, that of Dr. Olson, resulted from these activities. The Agency itself acknowledged that these tests made little scientific sense. The agents doing the monitoring were not qualified scientific observers…” -Wikipedia

Recalling the employ of ‘cells’ in intelligence community that is deliberately defused with redundant ‘lateral’ structures, it is interesting to note the above description is a close match for professionals with university ties in the Anne Hamilton-Byrne cult in Australia:

“During the late 1960s and the 1970s, Newhaven Hospital in Kew was a private psychiatric hospital owned and managed by Marion Villimek, a Santiniketan member; many of its staff and attending psychiatrists were also members…”

“Many patients at Newhaven were treated with the hallucinogenic drug LSD. The hospital was used to recruit potential new members from among the patients, and also to administer LSD to members under the direction of the Santiniketan psychiatrists Dr John Mackay and Dr Howard Whitaker…”

Both MKULTRA and the Hamilton-Byrne cult employed not only LSD but also sexual abuse and other means of torture on children. The CIA MKULTRA project and Hamilton-Byrne both tracing their roots to NAZI medicine and behavioral science studies. Julian Assange spent a minimum of 3 years as a child, immersed in the Hamilton-Byrne cult.

And regardless of this factual history in Assange’s background, whether one might wish to disregard it altogether, it DOES happen there is the occasional agent’s mission, and sometimes the agent himself must be terminated for having so stressed a mentality the ‘lie’ can no longer be maintained, the ‘lie’ has become altogether too ‘real’ or in effect a mental illness compromising their cover and mission, or that is to say when the lie is become the agents reality:

“The man who has lived and experienced this unnatural existence becomes even more a victim of its unreality. He becomes enmeshed beyond all control upon the horns of a cruel dilemma. On the one hand, his whole working life has been dedicated to the cause of secrecy and to its protection by means of cover stories (lies). In this pursuit he has given of himself time after time to pledges, briefings, oaths, and deep personal conviction regarding the significance of that work. Even if he would talk and write, his life has been so interwoven into the fabric of the real and the unreal, the actual and the cover story, that he would be least likely to present the absolutely correct data…” Colonel L Fletcher Prouty, former Department of Defense liaison to the CIA for ‘special operations’

Congratulations Julian Assange, whether you end in a Swedish jail, whether you were framed or not for rape, you are out of the game. Because your lies and reality have become so inter-mixed, you cannot be trusted by your handlers. That and because you are expendable.


What will you do? Admit a truth you could not possibly ascertain for yourself? Bye-bye Dude (and good riddance)!


Since I’d written the original article, Bradley Manning’s defense attorney has unearthed a report by government concluding little to no damage had been done to national security by the WikiLeaks ‘cables’ release, no surprise to me at all. Manning is simply a pawn and a dupe who’d been provided opportunity to leak by sociopaths who’d hoped with crossed fingers that someone would take the bait. What has the WikiLeaks operation accomplished? Without a doubt the necessary propaganda platform justifying cracking down on whistle-blowers, and strengthening state secrecy laws at the price of civil liberties and real press freedoms. Where does WikiLeaks champion Daniel Ellsberg fit into this? In my estimation, Pentagon liaison to the CIA for special operations, Colonel L Fletcher Prouty, was correct back in 1971 when he had pointed to the so-called ‘Pentagon Papers’ as a psychological operation intended to shift responsibility for the stupendous Vietnam policy failures, away from the CIA and on to the military. One could say in a very real sense, Ellsberg is, witting or unwitting, Assange’s earlier intelligence operative incarnation.


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24 thoughts on “Cracking the Matrix: Our Military/Industrial Spy Services: Part Three”
  1. This article makes for a nice history lesson and all, but it still continues to ignore the *heart* of the problem – but then again, maybe that’s exactly what the author intends to do: perhaps he has delusions that the cancer called centralized power can be “reformed” somehow (imagine if you doctor tried to “reform” cancer instead of killing it – survival rates would drop to zero), or perhaps he’s an agent of power that intends to lead dissidents down ineffectual paths of resistance by leaving a trail with just enough hard facts to convince them he one of their own (yes Ron, that “provacatuer” accusation works both ways pal…).

    In either event, this piece is rather informative – it provides us with no means to kill the beast, but it will be a nice addition to any alternative history books that might be written by those not connected to power…

  2. This was a very interesting piece, Ron. I’ll admit I had never really thought of Julian Assange as a stooge. And while I’m not totally convinced by the facts that you present, I do acknowledge that there is something about Assange that is not being revealed to us.

    I recall discussing that subject with Grainne a while back. For such an “ordinary man” he seems to have some huge connections, and a motivation that is not fairly easy to determine. I think it is entirely possible that WikiLeaks is an illusion of some sort, and perhaps psychological warfare that we haven’t figured out yet.

    Your ending left me a bit confused. If you think Julian Assange is a plant, then what has he done wrong to personally incur your disapproval, and the wrath of the government that put him there?

    Or is your basic point that Julian is just hyping himself up to be something he’s not, and perhaps going beyond what the government has instructed him to do?

  3. @Mitchell .. I dislike Assange (for the same reasons I dislike Azazel) because he feeds on narcissism and chaos, a form of insidious hate. These are so many things wrong with WikiLeaks I could not possibly cover them all in an essay of this length. But the bottom line is, WikiLeaks has been used to strengthen the police state, particularly with proposed laws justifying the legal lynching of whistleblowers and associated propaganda having the same dampening effect on an open society. More than this, where I state “I have personally rejected Assange as authentic .. ” it is linked to this:

    “It would appear to me a world fascist movement is making its play on Assange released chaos, based on impunity. We do not see a single figure that counts in front of the International Criminal Court, no speaking of arrests by the democratic leaders and of course the message is impunity’s ‘we do as we wish’ and there is no accountability- ever.

    “What I comprehend in the simplest terms is, with Obama having completing a $60 billion contract for weapons sales to the Saudis, money talks, human rights walk. Meanwhile the entire world is aware women are literal property in that nation, worse than Egypt by far. Impunity. The people selling the weapons profit from the chaos in the name of ’security’, and make BIG $$ with keeping it all in flux and chaos

    “Another element is the foreign aid. Some people think foreign aid should be suspended until the USA economy turns around because we can’t afford it. But the way the system is rigged, it actually cannot work like that. Most foreign aid is military, i.e. subsidized weapons sales. Suspend foreign aid and the economy actually suffers through job losses and investor confidence shaken with stock devaluation. Our system is, in a real sense, satanic. That the entire thing could be restructured on green business and humanitarian aid such as education, sustainable living and teaching national self sufficiency is inconceivable if only because CHEVRON board of directors has provided National Security Advisors to both Bush [Condoleezza Rice] and Obama [General James Jones] example given

    “WikiLeaks is paradox. I expect their motive is at the least intelligence agency manipulated, their purpose is chaos. In the paradox, just or socially conscious people must side with the forces unleashed. And there is a HUGE hole in the WikiLeaks story:

    “The epidemic rape of American woman soldiers would be in the leaked Iraq field reports, no doubt. As a former sergeant of operations, I am familiar with field reporting. It stretches credibility to assume all the incidents were not reported or somehow covered up, particularly this is impossible when the death of the victim attends the rape- and the evidence for the reports having been culled is overwhelming. There is the question unresolved, however, did wikileaks cull the reports or did whoever leak cull them of the rape references? Either way it points to wikileaks as an information outlet with an agenda other than unbiased and unedited reporting.

    “My impression is, wikileaks is a criminal intelligence operation meant to create chaos. Who profits? Neo-con corporate boards that proliferate weapons sales worldwide, police state apparatus with renewed instability justifying greater ’security’ expenditures via deliberately engineered social disorder and attending fear-mongering, all overlapping at “C Street” whose personalities are as insane as Hitler’s inner circle ever was-
    The element of paradox is, is ethical people will have to side with the unleashed chaos as it is all based on generations of an ugly state repression and this will manifest and identify people with natural leadership skills on the side of social justice and certainly they are being identified and will be eliminated at first opportunity- it is all being studied at the intelligence agencies, personalities, tactics, everything.

  4. @Mitchell [again, I forgot this element:

    When I write: “And regardless of this factual history in Assange’s background, whether one might wish to disregard it altogether, it DOES happen there is the occasional agent’s mission, and sometimes the agent himself must be terminated for having so stressed a mentality the ‘lie’ can no longer be maintained, the ‘lie’ has become altogether too ‘real’ or in effect a mental illness compromising their cover and mission, or that is to say when the lie is become the agents reality”

    When we speak of ‘government’ we are speaking of an abstract entity. When certain people spiral out of control, the intelligence operative particularly, steps are taken to remove them, there is no ‘government wrath’ per se, it is a cold, calculated decision. Assange has both, become to big and made too many mistakes, the biggest mistake is letting his role go to his head. Time to retire him along the lines of: Colonel Prouty stating:

    “The man who has lived and experienced this unnatural existence becomes even more a victim of its unreality”

    It is likely Assange’s role in WikiLeaks is accomplished, this particular psy-op has run its course and it is time to ‘retire’ him. His personality, and the ‘cover story’ or unreality has become his reality does not lend itself easily to Assange simply gracefully going away ( like Azazel 😉

  5. Wow – so you really believe that I’m an agent that believes his own cover story now, yes? The only reason you have to suspect me of anything is the fact that I reject the call of the reformist in favor of revolution due to the fact that I recognize the beast for what it really is behind the flag (i.e. a monopoly on force – a power that *no one* has any business controlling).

    Yet you freely admit to being a former agent of this entity – so what makes us think we can trust you? How do we know that you no longer have any loyalties to the state? How do we know that you aren’t just casting doubt on people like Assange (and to an extent myself) in an attempt to dissuade people from preparing themselves for a conflict with the police state (essentially leaving its power unchallenged by the common man)? Is there any way that *anyone* can prove beyond the shadow of all conceivable doubt that he/she isn’t working towards another agenda? The answer is no.

    And what’s this talk of Wikileaks “strengthening the police state” here? The police state always had the ability to silence dissent (and has done so for many years – at least since the Cold War), all they need is a means of managing public perceptions as they do it: if it wasn’t Assange they would have selected some one else to use as justification for for their new “laws” that they were going to make anyway – if you have as much experience with the “intelligence” business as you claim to then you would know this.

  6. lol Well I’m not getting in the middle of this fight.

    I will just say that experience (and some education) has taught me that organized government is a giant mess of illusions and we are being manipulated with every action taken. Whatever we experience, and whatever emotion we feel at present, I do believe has been planned for considerable time.

    I am reminded of a short film I saw from the 1950s which basically predicted the rise of e-commerce and the future of Internet dealings. I also believe the government knew about September 11th, which after I discovered the facts, left me in awe of the way the government is capable of playing the masses. (Though of course, I should have known this ever since The Cold War)

    Thanks for all your research Ron.

    I’m not sure what I believe, but I am inclined to be suspicious of WikiLeaks for the simple fact that it is STILL present and has not been shut down. It is benefiting someone, I believe, I don’t think it’s an entirely altruistic creation.

    What I know for sure though, is nothing.

    I know that Bilderberg exists and I know that VIPs have been experimenting mentally and physically on human beings for the last 200 years. So I am inclined to believe we have no idea just how fucked up the government is.

  7. @Mitchell

    Reality is a fluid thing, even when you can put together concrete facts, because the fact is, someone else can assemble those concrete facts differently. I hope people will give attention to the fact of the New York Times (and understand this is true of many media) manipulating our perceptions, not only WikiLeaks aspect of the article, because herein lie proof positive of the ability to propose (and create) reality for quite a lot of people. In the paradox of things, when people better understand how this is accomplished, they are better empowered to resist the phenomena of media manipulation and shaping their thinking.

    @Azazel: I read your first sentence and moved on, there can be great power in knowing when not to care 🙂

  8. @ Mitchell,

    While I don’t believe Wikileaks to be “altruistic” (then again, is there really such a thing a altruism?), but I’m more inclined to accept information posted at a Wiki-clone site than anything coming out of the mainstream press (which is quite hostile to alternative media and *very* cozy with the political class and corporate money – which goes against all of its espoused principles).

    I have my own suspicions about what’s going on behind closed doors and by no means believe Assange to be some kind of angel, but I find the idea that he’s an agent of government a little dificult to believe (although, as I said earlier, there’s no way to know for certain one way or another).

    @ Ron,

    You cared enough to reply (despite your claims to not care), which means you probably read more than what you claim – which leads me to believe that you’re either trying to back away from your previous accusations or else I struck a nerve…

  9. Az, I’m not suggesting that Wiki is making up stories. But, that it is a form of organized chaos, like Ron suggests. When I say it benefits someone, I mean there is a conspiracy somewhere that the mainstream is not seeing.

    My basic point was, the government(s) knows what’s going to happen in advance. And they have the full power to destroy WikiLeaks. But it’s still standing. Who is benefiting from it? It’s a very simple question that no one has the answer to.

    I find it hard to believe that it’s just a simple website dedicated to showing the truth. I believe if Subversify suddenly started posting classified information, we would be shut down immediately (and or killed off one by one). Someone up there is keeping WL accessible tot he public.

    As far as I know WL is not making any profit. And some of Ron’s facts were very convincing, regarding Assange’s lifestyle and privileges.

    Is Assange a monster that the government created, like Bin Laden? Or is he just a plant like Lee Harvey Oswald?

    There’s no way to know for certain one way or another. But Ron’s article did make me reevaluate my WikiLeaks stance. Perhaps I bought into the notion that it was a “hero” website, just from an emotional perspective. Truth is, we don’t really know…

  10. @ Mitchell,

    I concur that Assange is in some way connected to power – the question is what the nature of this connection is and I find the rogue agent angle more than a bit lacking (my own sources tell me that rebellious intelligence agents tend to be “disappeared” – yet the U.S. is moving against Assange in the open…).

    If you want my own two-cents worth, I think Assange is a blackmailer – that he might have dirt on certain officials and he’s using it as leverage to keep the agents of the state at bay (if not force compliance to an extent): my own hypothesis is that he published the classified information he has as a means of informing the state that he has the ability to dish the dirt – hoping that the state would try to buy his silence. However, I think his plan backfired when the Swedes brought bogus “rape” allegations against him and now he’s just trying to keep his head above water via the Wiki-clones and the stash of classified information he has not yet released (effectively rendering the situation a stand-off).

    But like I said, it’s my own two-cents and I can’t really prove any of this…

  11. I am considering a different scenario,one in which perhaps Wikileaks set out to shine a light on unreported crimes of this and that. I think they for the most part believe this absolutely.

    However a government operative would be set with the task of-how do we best spin this to our advantage. That’s were the chaos comes in.

    I agree with Ron’s statement that:

    “WikiLeaks has been used to strengthen the police state, particularly with proposed laws justifying the legal lynching of whistleblowers and associated propaganda having the same dampening effect on an open society.”

    I am not of the belief that those participating did anything with those intentions. I don’t think Assange is a big enough or good enough player to be playing both sides. He is seemingly full of himself and probably is guilty of some of the accusations against him. Would his resume make me invite him to housesit? No. But his alleged crimes do not preclude his investment in reporting what he is given.

    I am howevef suspect of all of his “friends” and resources. That does make it difficult to take him at his word.

    For now I am drawn on his culpability in working with agencies of chaos, but absoultely and obviously it seems the powers that be have made excellent use of this opportunity to tighten the screws on freedoms of all sorts.

  12. @Grainne The fact is, Mitchell has it right: ‘we just don’t know’ the hard facts with certainty. But there have been so many unasked questions, it would be irresponsible not to examine the materials which are available and try to make sense of WikiLeaks. And I do believe there is a solid case has been made we should not accept mainstream media presentation of the so called ‘facts’

    Just now, Assange has been under house arrest at an estate in England owned by a former British Army Officer. I have no problem with that, but then you look a bit farther and their is what appears to be a new source of unpleasant aroma. The former military officer is described in ‘The Guardian’ as a right-wing Libertarian. OK, so that is not necessarily damning, except for this fact this guy founded a press club and journalism foundation but has never raised questions concerning WikiLeaks it would be natural, or better said, RESPONSIBLE journalism, particularly coming from a military officer turned journalist. These are questions any journalist worth their salt should ask, but particularly military officer turned journalist:

    1) What has WikiLeaks done insofar as implementing safeguards against being penetrated and co-opted by intelligence agencies?

    2) How has WikiLeaks vetted information received to safeguard against selectively leaked documents used to create a false impression or even to undermine one faction in government by another faction in government?

    Knowing WikiLeaks is supported by the Chaos Computer Club which has early history with espionage, only should add to the urgency of these questions. I don’t know of any party that has seriously and competently raised these issues and confronted WikiLeaks in such a way as to determine serious answers. And the most obvious party to raise these questions, and has not [to my knowledge] is the army officer turned journalist baby sitting Assange for over a full year.

    Just another something does not add up-

  13. Yes Ronald but where were they ALL when there was a huge HUGE chance to STOP ALL THIS on the first anniversary of 9/11. In NY, on Wall Street and DC no less. B4 the holocaust like festivities of the Iraq war in particular. Most of these wonderful current-day 99 percenters were lock stock and barrel part of the 1 percent – nary a peep to support those who gave their all to fight this back then. So it goes. And now, it is way way WAY too late. Have a happy holocaust. Well deserved!

  14. Astute observation Anna. Thanks to Edward Bernays, the Americans have become the ‘it’s all about me’ culture .. but of course this is an easy excuse and no substitute for ethics. But maybe the article is not so much about the 99% as much as it is about how easily the Americans are led to nearly anything, maybe even to slaughter as though they had a ring in their nose ..

  15. Is it fair to say that because a man had an unfortunate child hood that he has mental health problems or is a agent of some siniser plot. How many emergency service workers dedicated their lives to work after suffering physical and emotional trauma.

    Perhaps Mr Assange seeks to help others at his level of particapation.
    How many others not directly involved have sought to make money and promote themselves on the back of Mr Assanges coat tails. These people usually take no risk and are parasites.

    Mr Assanges neighbours were also mine if he spent time with ‘The Family’ and anne hamilton byrne. As I was taken away from my mother by this cult.
    While there are reams of information on the internet about Julian Assange and anne hamilton byrne little has been done to bring them to accountabiliy. Sadly this is a failure of state and federal governments who buried it away it to conserve the careers of influential people.

  16. Ronald West you are exactly on target. I see too many supposedly expose’ articles of half truths, accusations without authentication. It is to cast doubt on legitimate efforts to get rid of the past corrupt and despot leaders. You Ronald, are doing an exceptional job debunking spewing garbage that is being cast as fact. Garbage in and garbage and false conclusions out. Facts in truth out. Simple formula.

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