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By Jane Stillwater

Richard M. Nixon is the only president in U.S. history to lose a war retroactively!

America lost its war with Vietnam back in 1973 — on President Nixon’s watch.  But who would have thought that, approximately 35 years later, Nixon again would be losing us yet another war — the war with China.

Back in 1973, America was still a major manufacturing nation, we still had a huge tax base and when you turned stuff over in the store before you bought it, it still read “Made in America” on the back.

Now when you turn stuff over in the store, it is all reads “Made in China”.

America’s public and private debt to China appears to be un-estimatible — due to secrecy, unavailability of records, tax evasion, offshore banking hidey-holes, bribes and kickbacks.  However, you could probably get a general idea of how much we owe China if you just add enough zeroes to practically any number you chose.  I myself figure it this way:  If America owes 8.68 trillion dollars in debt in total, then it’s probably safe to say that a whole bunch of that debt — if you subtract the part that has fluttered its way over to Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine — has somehow managed to find its way over to China.

Nixon, when you opened up China’s vast markets to the West back in 1972, I presume that you were hoping to exploit them to the advantage of American-based global corporations.  However, what actually happened was that you somehow managed to fire the first shot in an economic war with China that was far larger and more serious than even the Vietnam war — and possibly even World War II.  And, if you look at all the bloody casualties in America’s debit column today, it becomes immediately clear that Nixon’s economic war on China has definitely been LOST.

Nixon in China.  How ironic is that?  The guy managed to lose what may prove to be the biggest war America has ever fought — and to lose it 15 years after he died!  Good going there, Dick.  I think you just set a record.

But if America was to attempt to turn this war around, come from behind at the tail-end of the last quarter and actually try to win it, we would have to pay off all of our debts to China.  And to do that, we would have to stop importing goods from abroad and manufacture almost everything here.

In addition, every man, woman and child in America would, for approximately the next ten years, have to save every spare penny and live at the same economic level as a Cantonese peasant did during China’s Cultural Revolution.  And yet how are these same Cantonese peasants living today?  They are driving cars, eating at KFC and shopping the malls — thanks to Nixon.

But what, you might ask, do all of these economic disasters have to do with Jesus?  That’s easy.  I keep getting e-mails from Teabaggers telling me that if we all just turn to Jesus, all of our problems will be over.  Not.

But then I got to thinking — perhaps those Teabaggers might be right!

If every man, woman and child in America began living like Jesus for the next ten years, then perhaps we could win that war with China after all.  If all of us Americans all started to give up high-fashion and just wear sheets for clothes, started living in mangers, stables and Upper Rooms, started living on matzos and hummus and olives and fish, using no electricity and riding around on donkeys instead of SUVs, then, by golly, I think we could actually do it!  We could actually win back all that ground that we lost after China won Nixon’s war.

But that ain’t gonna happen.

China owns America now.  And the Teabaggers’ Jesus — the one who demands that we offer absolute fealty to WalMart and the Pentagon, the Party of No and a security state — ain’t never gonna save us from that fact.


Here’s an interesting comment on this essay from Gerald Pierce (more food for thought):

Jane, you are largely right here, and some of the time definitely wrong.  And I can’t prove my theories either, but for what it is worth, my current thoughts:  Opening trade with China had at least two components:  First corporate America, which looked at a market of several billion people — and second, some kind of hidden buy-off that kept the Chinese from kicking our butts at a time when we were vulnerable (and still dumb enough to believe our own “domino theory”).

Opening up China was a bribe but even the people who set it up did not have a clear idea of what they were doing.  And behind all of this we had Henry Kissinger who was about half as smart as he thought he was.  And the Chinese know that the dollar bills they are accepting are worthless.  They don’t care.  Those dollars have allowed them to establish economic relationships with counties that own raw materials.

China’s economic relationship with the West has allowed them to get their hands on the technology that they always lacked.  Our corporate “masters” think that by tying this technology to patents and other forms of “intellectual property” they can continue to receive income from stuff we are no longer capable of making ourselves.  But that will last until the Japanese and Indians develop a new set of standards and sell the blueprints to the Chinese.  And then that patent protection will last until the Chinese decide that it is in their interest to engage in a twenty to fifty year court battle.

Or they may simply buy up the “patent holders” using our own worthless dollar bills.

We fragmented the manufacturing process among a dozen or so Asian countries under the assumption that we would still be the one country that knew how it all fitted together.  Then we turned around and outsourced the science and engineering and set up a situation where we are now the one country that doesn’t know how it all fits together.

The last information I have on China indicates that the Cantonese peasants are still peasants.  Despite their economic impact, only about 10 percent of the Chinese people get to ride around in SUVs.  The rest of them are trying to figure out how they are going to survive their old age with only one child to support them.  The barefoot doctors are long gone, and much of Chinese medical care consists of Chi-Gung and Falun-Gung — the same medical care they had two thousand years ago.

And Jesus and Confucius aren’t going to save them either.

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25 thoughts on “Guess what? Jesus ain’t gonna save us”
  1. Jane:

    While I’ve no love for Jesus or most of his damnable followers, I think we should step back and (maybe) think about not pinning the ascent of China and the collapse of the American economy and Empire on him.

    You can look back at most – if not all – of the wars, small conflicts, persecutions, etc. for the past 2,000 years and make a compelling reason for every nation on earth ganging-up and turning the Middle East, bag and baggage, into iridescent slag – as well as banning every organized religion outright – but I’m thinking that religion wasn’t the cause for this calamity, either.

    And, while I’m at it. I can’t blame Richard Millhouse Nixon for the disaster, either. When he went to Beijing, most of the cars in town met him at the airport – they were all owned by the Party, and all carried Party dignitaries. While now, nearly everyone who can get a loan can get a car, we can’t blame Nixon for the fact that they’ve got the money to do that, and we don’t.


    It wasn’t Jesus – or any of the sky-god religions from the Middle East – or Richard Nixon – which caused us to become a failed-state-in-the-making.

    We have to look at ourselves for that one. We’re the ones who debased our own currency; told everyone that we could have tax cuts AND an expanding economy through the ‘magic’ of borrowing the difference.

    We have to look in the mirror.


  2. I can care less about “winning” some economic clash wih China – this nation people call the United States (a union that’s not even voluntary, BTW…) is headed towards becoming a fascist police state within the next decade or so unless it is destroyed. I intend to be one of this rotting country’s destroyers…

  3. Wow, it seems some people are really angry about China and America, and how did Jesus get slammed in here too? Is there any peace and love out there? Why would anyone want to destroy America?

    The USA is the most giving country in the world. When disaster strikes, who is there, like in Haiti? Is it China with a wopping 3 million, or America with multiple millions, maybe even billions of dollars in help in aid, equipment, tents, food, medicine—not to mention little Israel who sends in people and high tech MRI, and other equipment.

    Who helped Thailand a couple of years back with the most aid, the USA.

    Who gives the most private gifts to help countries that are suffering from draught, poverty, famine, etc., the USA.

    Organizations like World Vision, one of those terrible groups that believe in Jesus, takes their private donations from other terrible people who believe in Jesus and give food, clothing and shelter to people who need it all over the world.

    The real amazing thing is that China, a country that forces its people to work in terrible conditions , locked in for 10 – 15 hours a day to the point that many are committing suicide, don’t believe in any God but the State, then use a twisted version of capitlaism with totalitarian rule to maintain their rule over the people.

    Meanwhile, we help support their system by buying their products because the price is cheap, or are we really paying a very high price that affects the long term safety and stability of the world?

    Why not support American companies that produce quality products in a country that may not be perfect in every aspect, but sure look miles ahead of the alternatives?

    Thanks for listening, and really have a happy and healthy and encouraging year in 2011. All the best to those of you who agree or disagree with my ravings.

  4. Barry:

    Organizations like World Vision, one of those terrible groups that believe in Jesus, takes their private donations from other terrible people who believe in Jesus and give food, clothing and shelter to people who need it all over the world.

    While I have to give you props for blind courage here, you probably picked one of the worst organizations by-way-of-example. (Go read here and here, and see why).

    The article wasn’t about world relief in any case – most of which, if you do any research at all, comes from humanist charities (turns out the Christians are far too busy building megachurches here and paying fat bastards like Rick Warren seven-figure salaries to keep them in Krispy-Kreme and cheeseburgers, or chasing the strawman-arguments of gay marriage, birth control, abortion, and their ‘rights’).

    I’m not one who wants to ‘destroy America’. I’ve lived here for the balance of almost fifty-seven years, and I’d like to continue. However, we’ve done a damn good job of destroying ourselves, by electing a successive group of pandering morons who’ve sold us on eating the hogswill which passes for both domestic and foreign policy.

    I’m sorry to have to be the one to break this to you – but there’s no Santa Claus; no Easter Bunny – and no Jesus, either. None of the aforementioned children’s fictions and ancient myths are going to save us.

    We’re pretty much on our own.



  5. China outsmarted us. Whether or not Jesus existed has very little bearing on the fact of the matter. China has outsourced us, and has at its disposal, a large number of the world’s resources. With the remainder of our economy draining into foreign investments instead of increasing its domestic strength, America will soon be the country asking for charity.

  6. W.D,
    Actually,I was addressing a lot of comments at once here, and not directly your comments.

    I’m interested in seeing our country, businesses and consumers turn back to manufacturing here in the USA and purchasing mainly products made in the USA, and imposing some restaints and tariffs on China and other countries.

    We have gone after cheap labor and cheap goods to the detriment of our own economy. Borrowing from China was just a hugh mistake. So, I do agree with you that many in our country have brought us to this point, and we do have to work at getting ourselves out of this mess.

    I know there are plenty of hypocrites out there that use religion, but World Vision and others do help a lot of people. So, I wouldn’t be too quick to condemn them.

    My question to you is what got you so mad at God and anyone who expresses a belief in God?




    After Jesus Death and Resurrection he told his 12 disiples that the Good news of his death and Resurrection

    MUST Spread to every corner of the earth.. it sounded impossible but Jesus as Son of God and God is always right!

    Then the soon end of the World will come..we are getting there!

    The last closed places Russia, Iran,Iraq,China are all finally hearing and seeing the power of God and Loving the Christ

    Jesus is return Lord …King of the Jews and King of all. Call out to him now before it is too late

  8. Mike,
    There are plenty of problems in the West, but China is still a communist country where freedom does not reign. I agree that many are turning to Jesus in China, but not because they have religious freedom or any other freedom. They have to meet secretly, and Bibles have been smuggled in for years. There’s the State run Church there also which isn’t exactly what you or anyone would want to happen in the West.

    You lost me on China has a Christian economy. It seems more like they have a socialist/communist country with a totalitarian government that sells it’s products through capitalist systems to prop itself up—not to mention that profits in the form of taxes help to build up their huge military—and for what purpose?

    My concern is that we hurt ourselves in America by having our products made over there and elsewhere, and we put our own people out of work, plus the treatment of employees/workers in China an elsewhere.

    I realize I’m on Subersify’s web site, and there’s a wide range of views here, and I understand the anger at a lot of things that are done in the USA and the West that I don’t agee with either. In reality, these things, in many cases,are no comparison to what is done and has been done in places like China, Cuba, Russia, Viet Nam and elsewhere.

    The problem with anger, no matter how justified, is that it makes it difficult for us to think clearly.

    Have a Happy New Year,


  9. Barry, i agreed with most of your presentment, but i do have squabbles with one statement. “In reality, these things, in many cases,are no comparison to what is done and has been done in places like China, Cuba, Russia, Viet Nam and elsewhere.” In reality, most Americans don’t have a clue as to how other places are governed, how open the people are or the extent of their freedom. Those who travel generally have pre-conceived notions as to what to expect and place their reservations with hotels and within colonies known to cater to their American life styles.

    America is actually one of the most suppressed countries. The suppression is cunning and subtle. It cumbers itself with so many rules and regulations, we are all breaking the law in one form or another. Our justice mechanism is weighed down with bureaucratic paperwork that never sees the light of real judgment. Cases are decided by how much money you have and how good your insurance company is at providing you protection. To think that somehow we are better just because we fine each other out of our assets and means of livelihood instead of brutalizing our way through is a cop-out. It’s no different than a drunkard deciding he’s a better person than a junkie simply because his particular addiction is legal. We can do better. We can be better, but only when we acknowledge there are alternatives to our system of governing.

    You mention Vietnam. What did Vietnam do after it finally kicked the US out of its country? It went back to farming! Apparently, this was the choice that made the people happy. Did you know that Cuba has an open door policy with the other Latin American countries? Mexicans and Central Americans vacation in Cuba and return saying it was an agreeable visit. What do we really know about Russia? We know that when they incorporated the capitalist system in the name of democracy, their economy crashed. We know that the present upheavals in their government has much to do with an active communist party that still feel many of the communist principles are what will stabilize their country.

    While on the subject of Russia, i was just a little surprised to hear someone say it is not a Christian country. The first conflicts the US had with it were over religion; Roman Catholicism and Russian Orthodox, with the religious seat in Constantinople. Unless a declaration has been made in recent years that Russian Orthodox is not Christian, there are still plenty of people in Russia who are Christian.

    Spreading the word of Christianity is just another feel-good tactic. The word has been spread. I doubt there is a country in the world that does not know about this alternative to their religious preferences. It’s then up to the individual to choose Christianity or not. Forced religion, regardless of the name or shape it takes, is only a fraud; a hypocrisy.

  10. And that’s another thing. By sending Chinese goods to America that were made by workers getting paid next to nothing and working 15 hours a day, corporatists were able to break the back of America’s unions.

    I personally think that Jesus had fabulous ideas such as peace and love your neighbor and respect the poor — but none of them appear to be in use these days, sadly.

  11. Karlsie,
    I guess if you look at Russia, China, Cuba and Viet Nam, people are trying to get out. Millions of people have come here from these countries because we are free and there is opportunity. There aren’t millions of people wanting to get out of the USA and go to any of these countries because it’s better there, right?

    As far as Russia, I know a lot of Russians who have fled there, and they see this country heading in a direction like they left, but millions have come here from Russia. They don’t want a socialist or communist country to live in. As far as Constantinople, it in Turkey, and is now Istanbul. The open Christianity in Russia is controlled by the State, like the Russian Orthodox Church. There is some realative change in Russia, but it seems to be swinging back to the direction of the old guard.

    Look at the history of Russia (Stalin murdered 30 million people), Mao in China (60 to 70 million people murdered), Viet Nam after the US left, the North which took over the country, communists, murdered 1,000,000 people! Cuba (under Castro, who came to free them from Batista the dictator, and he killed off the opposition along with Che Guevera, many many people were murdered)people have fled in little boats to get to the United States.

    We owe much to China in terms of loans, and we give them almost free reign to sell whatever in this country, and it would seem, to buy up land and open up companies here. Of course, we have allowed Russia to bring in Luke Oil, and other countries to buy up land, buildings, etc. We are selling out our country to the highest bidder and to those who pay the least to their workers so we can get cheaper goods.

    We need some big changes.

    All the best,


  12. “My question to you is what got you so mad at God and anyone who expresses a belief in God?”

    Barry, I’m not ‘mad at god’ – I can’t feel anger (or anything else, really) at something which doesn’t exist.

    My point was (is) that, if anything, while we can blame religion for many of the world’s ills, the China/America problem is squarely on our shoulders, and can’t be blamed on the actions of someone’s Imaginary Friend.

    “CHINA IS THE FASTEST GROWING CHRISTIAN NATION AND THE FASTEST GROWING CHRISTIAN ECONOMY: God is blessing them and NOT the ARROGANT WEST…After Jesus (sic) Death and Resurrection he told his 12 disiples (sic) that the Good news of his death and Resurrection MUST Spread to every corner of the earth…it sounded impossible but Jesus as Son of God and God is always right! Jesus is return (sic) Lord…King of the Jews and King of all. Call out to him now before it is too late”

    Mike, you are a semiliterate moron. The incoherent rant with which you just ‘entertained’ us is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

    “I guess if you look at Russia, China, Cuba and Viet Nam, people are trying to get out. Millions of people have come here from these countries because we are free and there is opportunity. There aren’t millions of people wanting to get out of the USA and go to any of these countries because it’s better there, right?”

    Barry, here’s some news – plenty of people are leaving the U.S., every year, because of the insanity which passes for domestic and foreign policy here. There are plenty of other countries which are a better deal than this place – that the ones you named aren’t among them doesn’t make the situation any different here, either.

    Karla’s right – the ‘good news’ has been spread with the ham-handed efficiency of my grandpa’s manure-spreader. There isn’t a nation on earth which doesn’t know about the Dashboard Jeebus.

    That they know doesn’t make their lot any better. As Jane pointed out in the beginning – Jesus ain’t gonna bail you out.

    We’re on our own, folks.

    As Bill Maher said at the end of ‘Religulous’ – Grow up, or die.


  13. W.D. (Ig)Noble > Not angry at God? Live in denial much? Mr. Noble. It is a really, really, big universe. There are lots of things out there yet to be discovered. We still are finding whole new life forms on earth! But you sir, are 100% certain that God does not exist? I guess, Mr. Noble, you are omniscient and omnipresent. You know everything and you are every place at all times. That’s how you “know” God doesn’t exist I guess. I guess, Mr. Noble, that makes YOU God. Well then, it is a pleasure to meet you ; ) As far as throwing Christian faith into your boiling pot of rant… hate to break this to you but a lot of evangelicals like me do not think Jesus IS going to save us. Nope. Many of us happen to believe that this world is in a state of increasing decline and things will get much, much, worse before they ever get better. Someone once said, “America is great because she is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, she will cease to be great.” That’s the biggest problem with our country.

  14. [Quote=Barry]Wow, it seems some people are really angry about China and America, and how did Jesus get slammed in here too?[/quote]

    Well, why wouldn’t a typical working class American be angry at the U.S. government (which has essentially sold them into slavery to big business) and nations like China (that have huge labor pools that they will sell to big business for next to nothing – which promotes outsourcing)? This economy is headed towards the shitter thanks to states like the U.S. and China! And religion does nothing but keep people hopeful that some external power is looking out for them – that some force will swoop in and rescue them from their afflictions: such fantasies keep them from rising up against their oppressors.

    [Quote=Barry]Is there any peace and love out there?[/quote]

    Not at the moment – there will be plenty of time for those once the beast called state is slain.

    [Quote=Barry]Why would anyone want to destroy America? [/quote]

    You’re joking, right?

    If you really believe that the U.S. is some “becon of light on a hill” or some other such nonsense, I suggest that you look at its history – examine how it has used its own citizens as unwitting test subjects for government weapons research programs, dismantled all checks and balances on corporate power in exchange for “campaign contributions” (read: bribes) and sacrificed its young people in foreign, imperialistic wars of aggression for control of other nation’s resources.

    This entity called state makes me sick – I will happily be the one that drives a dagger into its chest and stop its heart.

  15. “W.D. (Ig)Noble > Not angry at God? Live in denial much?”

    The typical, yet juvenile response – and one I’ve come to expect from your kind – you cannot rebut the comment, so you attack the author.


  16. It never ceases to amaze me that as soon as anyone’s Super Best Friends like Jesus get mentioned all reason leaves the room.

    I don’t think someone has to be “mad” at God to have the opinion that Jesus has nothing to do with America’s perpetual quest for slavery and the willingness to sell our souls for cheaply manufactured goods.

    I am gobsmacked at the comment made by @BarrySimon. It seems to me like you are living in the past. All the countries mentioned have been open to the west for years and have been allowing missionaries of all sorts into them to teach about Super Best Friend Jesus. I haven’t seen an irregular influx of people “fleeing” these nations since the 80’s. This isn’t Moscow on the Hudson here. In fact the economies are probably better that ours at this point. And, as Putin pointed out recently Americans are bloody hypocrites when it comes to freedom finger-pointing.

    I wasn’t going to comment on this article because honestly I cannot see a connection between our bad buisiness and humanitarian practices in China (not to mention India, Thailand etc.)and Jesus. In my opinion Jesus has no place in this discussion. Of course he’s not going to save us from our lousy trade agreements (assuming he exists) He probably has better things to do, and he’s not a bloody buisinessman anyway. Jesus’ message was about spirituality and charity, two things that this article has nothing to do with.

  17. Barry, you claim China is a Communist nation?

    That one sentence alone tells me of your ability to think. As for the rest of your claims about the US being the world’s most giving country, how does it really feel to live in your cloud-cuckoo zone, Barry? Really?

    I’m sick of religious charities, myself. They never give with one hand without wanting to take with the other.

    As for China, at least they aren’t a rabid expansionist Empire hell-bent on World Conquest.

  18. [Quote=Bill]As for China, at least they aren’t a rabid expansionist Empire hell-bent on World Conquest.[/quote]

    Well, not yet anyway – the thing about rising superpowers is that they eventually hit a point where they just want to flex their military muscles as much as they can. And with the U.S. on the down-turn that may happen soon…

  19. Christopher, the thing about China is that whatever their desires, the fact remains that militarily, it’s still a relatively weak nation that’s just about able to defend itself. The Chinese can’t even depend on being able to defeat Taiwan at anything like an economical cost in a war. They have an army still dependent more on manpower than technology. They have an air force which is still transitioning to the level of modern combat and which still has to import jet engines from Russia for its indigenously developed fighters. Their navy lacks an aircraft carrier, is unable to project blue-water force capabilities, and is basically dependent on a (highly capable) submarine force and (unproven) anti-ship missiles to protect the coastline. Their amphibious capabilities aren’t overwhelming, and are still dependent on upgraded light Russian armour of the Cold War era.

    China could of course spend its way to world military leadership…if it abandoned its single-minded pursuit of economic development. But why would it want to? It already, without firing a shot, is achieving its aim of becoming the economic ruler of the world. The Chinese aren’t historically expansionist, and have always looked on the outside world with suspicion and contempt (remember that phrase “The Middle Kingdom”?). They don’t speak English, and have never been particularly successful as colonialists.

    But let’s assume China did decide to spend its way to world power. It would have to spend many years building up its military capacity to achieve that role. It doesn’t have allies to bolster its military either, like the USSR and US during the Cold War; it would have to do it all alone, militarily build its way up from the ranks of the subaltern nations. Any alliance of medium-power countries could get together and stop its military build-up in its tracks. The Chinese know that.

    No. A military threat China isn’t, and won’t be.

    Of course, that’s precisely why the Sinophobes are so vocal about China. If it were an actual military threat, they’d shut right up. Fighting on equal terms isn’t something the Empires of the world like to do, is it?

  20. 1. While China hadn’t been historically expansionist, neither were powers like Persia or Macedon until they got the resources to do so – what history tells us is that any state power that gets the resources to expand will do so eventually.

    2. The Chinese military is still largely dependant on manpower, but for how long? Another decade? Two perhaps? Keep in mind that the only reason they don’t modernize faster is because they don’t want war with the U.S. – but now that the U.S. empire is declining they can pick up speed.

    3. You say that the Chinese don’t have allies – tell me, how does one define the term “ally” anyway? With the level of economic influence China can project over other nations today, I find it quite conceivable that it could pull a few economic strings on other nations in the next decade or two which would “persuade” them to allow China to construct military bases on their soil.

    Disclaimer: I’m not pro-U.S. power, or any other state power – in fact, I *hate* state entities regardless of what they call themselves! I merely seek to identify threats (i.e. powerful states) wherever they exist so that sovereign individuals can plan accordingly to resist them.

  21. The only “ally” China could call one, North Korea, has long since outlived its usefulness and is now a millstone around China’s neck. Again, just why would the Chinese want a major war? Why would they want to rule the world militarily? They’re very successfully buying economic loyalty, which is infinitely more binding and lasting than military loyalty. Chinese businessmen are welcome, Chinese factories are welcome, regardless of who is in power in any of the nations whose loyalties the Chinese have bought. Chinese troops would be emphatically unwelcome.

    Then, as I said, China has always tended to negotiate its ways out of boundary disputes. After the Civil War, it has only fought three shooting wars: the first, in Korea, was simply in order to maintain a buffer state against the US and its allies. China wouldn’t ever have got involved if the US hadn’t crossed the 38th Parallel. The second, that of India in 1962, was provoked by Indian refusal to negotiate and unilateral Indian pushing of the border (which China already didn’t recognise) northwards. The third, the 1979 invasion of Vietnam, was partly in response to Vietnamese involvement in Cambodia and partly because of Vietnam’s mistreatment of its Chinese minority, not to mention the dispute over the Spratly islands.

    You’ll notice that all these wars led to a negotiated settlement or a unilateral Chinese withdrawal, even when (1962) the Chinese were militarily completely victorious and there was nothing the enemy could have done to stop them from settling on their terms.

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