Merry Bushness

By Keith Hupp

Well here it is again. The silly season full of all those feelings we have kept dormant these last 10 months or so for the sake of fighting terrorists and keeping the world free. So while we take a break from maneuvering for world domination and concentrate on the warm home, hearth and family that this time of year inspires, the cold hard realization that this is BUSH world cannot be escaped. Wars are raging around the world some as close as Mexico , while George is seen serenely smiling malevolently, mouthing the slogan “stay the course”.

As Nero played while Rome burned, George smiles and waves to all us wage slaves telling us “the economy is strong, keep the faith”. At the same time,  thousands of jobs disappear weekly. Legacy financial institution’s are folding and begging for help from the fed while you and I have had bankruptcy protection scaled back at the behest of the same institutions that are now pleading for bailout. Wall Street’s bad business practices have created a worldwide catastrophe, yet Teflon George seems to think all that has come to pass has little to do with him.

Somehow it seems a little too convenient, that fuel prices have fallen in this the month before our national elections. Enron whores have fucked us raw, with little more than a shrug and  a straight face, claiming free market supply and demand have determined the gouging that we all have had handed to us on a greased platter. (Have you ever stopped to consider the billions that Enron stood to extort under the Bushworld Plan, had they not gotten caught up in troubles just prior to 9-11). Hi Ho.

While the gist of this rant appears to be just more gratuitous Bush bashing; and I suppose that at its heart it is; but I did have a point.  The holidays are upon us now, and it’s time to bring the kids home for Christmas, Kwanza or Chanukah, whatever blessed time it is for you. We are faced with the overpriced, unduly harassed, underserved, privilege of long waits for over booked flights and missed connections that our de-regulated (DE-REGULATION is good for the consumer) air carriers have created for us.

Which means, all is as it should be is this the era of gotcha capitalism. Miss your flight?  Need to re-book? No problem, just pay all applicable fees and penalties and you can be on your way with an undetermined wait as all flights are overbooked. Have a nice day.

Or my personal bitch.  Last Christmas, my son,   man that works hard as a diver in the Gulf of Mexico had bought two round trip tickets for his sweetie and himself  on CONTENTIAL airlines to come home to Alaska for Christmas. But as life is known to do, he got a swift kick in the balls.  Upon coming home to Louisiana from a month of  working offshore; just a week before his planned trip home to Alaska for the holidays; he discovered his girlfriend screwing another guy in his bed.

Needless to say he kicked the faithless bitch out. The really sad part is, after getting fucked over by Sally Rotten Crotch, CONTINENTAL airlines refused to refund the ticket or credit him.  Just too fuckin bad kid.  The ticket is in her name and she can use it as she pleases.  Thank you. Come again. Is that screwed up or what?

As this silly season drew near, the wife and I began looking at airfares for bringing home the other youngsters.  We were still trying to digest what the cost of flying a kid home has risen to, when we both came to an agreement. We would just a soon send the $1,200.00 to the kids to use as they see fit as opposed to giving it to ANY airline; particularly CONTENTIAL. So, while we may not get to see the kids this year for Christmas, I can sleep at night all snug in my bed with visions of sugar plum fairies dancing in my head, knowing that once and for all this should be the last Christmas we will have to suffer under the blight of George W. Bush. AMEN!

Until Next time

Keith Hupp