Seward, Ak. Across the Bay

Seward is packed on the longest day of the year. Between salmon runs, the Sea Life Center, mountain climbing and glacier viewing, you’re lucky if you find a parking space for your bicycle. Hotels, motels, bed and breakfast services and camping grounds are full. Pedestrians spill out to the numerous walking trails, find their way…

Ghost Town Homecoming

It’s a fact that things seem bigger to you when you are younger. Perhaps an overstated and trite one, but a fact nonetheless. I think about this as I stand in front of the overgrown undeveloped property where the first home I remember once stood.

Have Jeep, Will Travel

Grainne Rhuad- A Camping Road Trip; The perfect way to test the mettle of a new vehicle not to mention the strange, sad, beautiful and exciting things that come with it.