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NativitySceneKarla Fetrow:

The couple did not look distinctively different than any other. They had entered the refugee camp with the travel dust still grimed into the creases of their skin and settling on their loose clothing. The town of Bethlehem sighed as it absorbed yet more occupants on its spreading outskirts. There was really no place for them to go. They were just two more among thousands who had fled from Israel to join the Palestinian community on the West Bank. Tourist season was in full swing and the hotels were full.

Still, they were hopeful. They had walked the ten kilometers from Jerusalem, carrying the most valuable of their meager possessions. A young boy had met with them just outside the city limits to guide them through the ragged hills, and away from peering eyes and uncomfortable questions. He was searching now, as they were searching, for the one who had promised to give them shelter.

He could work. His determined hands twisted as they tugged at his knapsack carrying the tools of his trade; a retractable tape measurer, a square, a chisel, a utility blade, screwdrivers and a level. At his waist, hung in a leather clip, dangled his hammer. He went door to door, knocking, confident at first. The confidence waned a little more with each shaking head and shrugged shoulders.

“I thought you had a contact here,” remarked the woman. It wasn’t criticism. It was weariness. Her hands spread over her swollen belly. She wasn’t quite due, but the stress that had built from their days of hiding and weeks of fear had taken its toll. The baby had already dropped, and there was a small, flat gap between her breasts and the protruding roll that sagged noticeably at her hips.

“We’ll find him,” promised her husband.

The hour was growing late. The sun was settling in a bright orange ball on the horizon, painting the path they had come by with thickening shadows. A few stragglers walked the pathway yet, the figures scarcely discernible from the blackening trees and tumbling eruptions of rocky hillside. They waited in the spot the boy had left them, in a small grassy lot breathing between the quickly erected settlement buildings.

The woman settled on the grass, her mind wandering, as minds often do after feeling the open wind and listening to the rumble of centuries stirring under the hard, white ground, to a journey taken centuries ago by a couple as humble as themselves, as bewildered by the political unrest rippling in undercurrents like a steadily streaming poison, as filled with wonder that they should be standing on a pivotal point in history.

She had traveled to Bethlehem, aware with each rocking movement of the donkey, that her child was moving into place, the child who had been promised as a guiding light for a war-torn world. The relative peace they had enjoyed the last few years was punctuated by discontent. King Herod was re-building the City of Jerusalem, which should be glorious, yet the costs of building fell heavily on the laborers, the farmers, modest merchants whose pockets were already slim. He ignored the advice of religious scholars in the construction of the temple, and replaced the priests with foreigners. He squandered great sums of money on lavish parties and entertaining royalty. He was a harsh king, sending out spies to discover dissenters and punishing them severely

It was the year of the Census, and they had been ordered to file within their original village, adding orderliness to the process, but difficulties for a young, pregnant woman journeying out of Nazareth. The inns were full and they stood at a threshold, their faith tested.

The boy returned as he had promised, just as the sun bounced the last of its amber light over the distant mountains. He grinned at their relieved anxiety. “Abdul Ghaful greets you,” he said, bowing his head politely to the man. He gathered boldness. “He says to inform you it is not safe in the settlements. If the soldiers come, they could take you, ostaaz.”

“I have done nothing wrong.”

“Oh, that is of no matter to them. No matter at all. You may be a part of the revolutionary force or you just be a man desiring peace, but altogether, you are suspicious. A man of peace, ostaaz, is the most suspicious of all, for he knows many kinds of people, people the soldiers may find valuable knowing. We must move you to the center of town. The Christians are there and the soldiers will not bother them.”

“I don’t have enough money to pay for lodging.”

“You will not have to pay. Your accommodations are very simple.”

He said no more, only led them through the narrow streets and past the tightly paced housing into the graceful center of the town. They felt awkward. Their clothing felt limp and drab compared to the bright, crisp colors flounced by the passing pedestrians. Their poverty made a statement, one that had not been noticeable within the tenement dwellings.

They passed glittering shops, brightly lit hotels, churches filled with pilgrims aching to feel the spirit of the Holy Night. The stars twinkled on, one after another, but in the far distance, a bomb exploded, etching a momentary flash before settling into quiet.

The peace had not come. What had been bright was now stained. What had been hopeful had fallen into despair. The land that had once vibrated with life now flowed with rivers of blood. In every direction sounded the terrible trumpets of war.

They reached a broad avenue where the houses stood far apart, barely visible yards tucked behind their walls and flourishing greenery. The boy stopped at a residence far larger and more immaculately kept than the couple would have expected to invite them for shelter. A man came out at the boy’s petition and glanced briefly at the couple, then beckoned at them to follow him around to the back.

The yard had gardens and stables. A barn occupied one corner. “I’m sorry I can’t give you a place to stay in the big house,” said the man. His accent was thick; either English or American; it was difficult to tell which. He was short, with a reddish brown beard and jovial eyes. “All the family has come to visit, plus we have a few guests from Germany. A party of twelve. You know how it is. It’s the Christmas season.”

Yes, they knew. It had been the same in Jerusalem. Each year, the streets flooded with Christians, behaving mostly as tourists do, but sometimes pausing to reflect and stare a little more gently at this strange race of people who revered the prophet as much as they did but had built a separate culture that included a messenger they had not understood. They had heard the song, but not the thunder that rumbled in behind it.

“We don’t need much. Only a place to rest our heads and shelter from the weather.”

“This much I can give you. It is a small room, in the barn. It was used by the grounds-keeper before he had enough money to rent an apartment. It has a cot. It will be warm and dry… and safe,” he added hesitantly. He looked fixedly at the thick leather belt hanging with a claw hammer and a few screw drivers pocketed like pencils. “You are a teacher, yet you bring carpentry tools?”

“Carpentry has been in the family for a number of years. I know how to build both cabinets and minds.”

“And both are honorable professions. We may be able to find employment in the town for you. You are with the University?”

“The University no longer has a place for me.”

“No, no. Of course not. How thoughtless of me. Abdul Ghaful will have your papers ready day after tomorrow. Was the journey difficult?”

“We left without notice, but I have heard word that my name has been added to a list of potential insurgents.”

“A man of science; a bio-chemist; is not the kind of man your enemies take lightly.”

“I teach farmers how to gain a better crop yield.”

“But you could teach so much more. No, my friend. Your protests will bring you nothing but sorrow. It’s not your fault. Trust does not come easily for some.”

They had strolled casually as they chatted until they had reached the barn. The Christian man unlatched the door and swung it wide. A few cattle lifted their heads sleepily, and a mother pig sniffed at the bottom slats of her pen, a row of tiny pink noses following her. They progressed to a room at the far end, carefully constructed and closed from the rest of the barn, but with large, bare windows staring out at the gathered livestock. Inside the room, another window opened up to the faultless fields, the orderly corrals and a finely graded and graveled running track for the prized horses. A round, wood burning stove, a cot and a wooden crib filled with hay completed the setting.

“If you get cold, old Lizzy still works,” said the man. “Just be careful to keep the grate closed. We don’t want to burn down the barn.”

“I will not burn down the barn,” replied the younger man gravely to the light-hearted tone.

After the strange host left, the fugitive dropped his formalities and knelt on the floor, and took the hands of his wife in his own. “I’m sorry,” he whispered. “I’m sorry for all you have had to go through. It has been a terrible time for you, I know, and the danger is not truly over.”

“The danger is never over,” she said, drawing her hands up to his face. “Allah has been good to us. He has miraculously closed the eyes of those who hunt us. He has guided us here and will guide us wherever we need to go. Praise be to Allah.”

And in the night, a bright star shone, but the town of Bethlehem slumbered unaware. The merchants counted their profits for the day, the servants bathed tiredly and readied themselves for the morning, the travelers slept in their beds, undisturbed by the sounds of drinking and festivities in the inn below them.

But the shepherds watching their flocks noticed, and stared with wonder. They drew close to where its radiance shone above a new born child lying in a manger.

The evening deepened around them and the woman lay in stillness. It shouldn’t be time, but the flight and the hours searching the streets had taken its toll. She felt a stirring; an awakening; deep inside her, and prepared for the first liberating movements.

It was strange, however. It wasn’t deep pain she felt, but tranquility. She floated, as though in a dream, scarcely aware of her surroundings.

From a distance, she heard a knock on the door. A woman wrapped in traditional dress stood before them, her face and hair covered. “It is time,” she said.

From her dream, she asked, “who sent you here?”

“I was awakened from my slumbers by a voice that told me I must hurry. I don’t know where it came from. It seemed to be all around me, but the urgency was so great, I came as quickly as possible.”

“You are a midwife?”


“Then Allah has sent an angel.”

A light shone in through the window, brighter even than the gaze of the moon. She failed to any longer wonder. It must be the dream, the fatigue or an intoxicating herb slipped into her tea. Her child was being born, and though born into a world of pain and sorrow, yet entered the world with great joy. All around her, she could hear music, and as the child was swaddled against the chill evening, she reached out for this son who was so gentle, he had not caused a single tear to come to her eyes.

The visitors came, one by one. First the boy, who had brought several of his street-hardened friends, pressing against the outside windows, their noses flattened, their cheeks spotted.

“Is it true your son will become a great leader?”

She laughed. “Who told you this?”

“I don’t know. We just heard it somehow. When he is a leader, we will join his army.”

“I hope when he becomes old enough to be a leader, there will be no need of armies.”

“Because we have won?”

“Because we have finally discovered peace.”

The Christians from the big house came. They carried plates of food, smiled broadly and exclaimed excitedly over the infant cradled in his bed of straw. “He is our own little miracle,” they said. “How wonderful that he should be born during the advent of our Lord.”

Three learned men gathered in the Orient; three men who had peered into the skies to calculate the rotations of the planets and the stars and draw on the steady march of events to arrive at destiny. And they saw by these movements that something spectacular was about to happen. A child was to be born who would forever be remembered as a great leader among men. The heavens had given its sign. A star far brighter than all the others suddenly appeared in the sky and drew closer to Earth until it settled with one brilliant ray shooting down toward the distant horizon. The three men of science and religion hastily prepared to undertake a journey to study this phenomena.

As they drew closer to Jerusalem, they became joyful. The fixed beam of light was close. Even during the day, there was a faint, white glow, that deepened and brightened as the sun set. They eagerly held council with King Herod, sure that he had heard of this promised one. Although King Herod was cordial, he knew nothing about the young prince and encouraged them to let him know when they found him so that he too, might honor him.

However, anxiety began to trouble the three scholars that night, and they slipped away, suspicious of the king’s words, and entered the town of Bethlehem, where the light from the star was the most vigorous. When they found Mary and the child, they were filled with awe and knelt down, offering the finest gifts. To Joseph, they spoke privately, urging him to flee the country for the safety of the family as the king of Judea was unbalanced.

It had been nearly a week since the birth of the child. The husband had found work in the construction of one of the new hotels. The baby was growing strong and healthy despite their meager shelter. The earlier excitement over the child’s birth had faded and they were left in their anonymity.

The three gentlemen arrived late at night, as they were preparing for bed. They seemed out of place in their immaculate suits, and their distinctly Asian features, yet they bowed humbly and begged forgiveness for their intrusion.

They introduced themselves as three academicians from three schools of study; colleagues who had found themselves strangely united in a common endeavor. It had all begun with an anomaly found over Bethlehem. “Months ago,” said the first one, who worked in an observatory, “I identified a light source moving closer to Earth, but that had no known properties, nor seemed to have a rotational orbit. Impossible as this sounds, even more inexplicably, the electro-magnetic  spectrum was also unidentifiable, but  appeared to have a fixed point; Palestine. My mission was to study the phenomena up close to determine whether its properties were benevolent or malignant.”

“I was made aware of this phenomena in my own course of studies,” stated the second. “My major was in geology, with a specialization in glacial movement, polar ice history and magnetic pole shifting. I discovered some particles that had been previously unknown and to this day, has not been included in the table of elements as the properties broke down within a very short time after taking them to the lab, making the almost completely indiscernible. I could only conclude this is a new element. While corresponding with my colleague, I mentioned this puzzling occurrence and he replied he was also studying a phenomena that has no current scientific explanation.”

“My colleagues and I have known each other for many years,” explained the third, “as we all attended the same University and enjoyed taking side courses in philosophy and religion. My field of study was in stem cell research, but I was hired by a data-mining company tracing the human genome. Your name, and the name of your wife, came up for your remarkable family history. There are no records of inherited diseases on either side, no abnormal behavioral traits resulting in mental disease, no nerve-related disease or dementia.”

It was the philosophical discussions that drew us together,” added the first of the accomplished men, “but mathematics were our ultimate bond. We reasoned that absent a rejuvenating effect on society, a civilization eventually collapses into ruin. Absent natural forces, Earth itself could not long sustain life. As we each went into our specialized fields, we began to notice a rhythm between both the ages of human awareness and intellectual achievement and the earth’s own rejuvenating process. We mathematically calculated where and when the next evolutionary cycle would begin. We are here now in Bethlehem to witness the birth of a new era.”

They were all silent for a few minutes as they gazed at the infant who represented their hope for humanity. “The media fears you,” remarked one of the scientists soberly. “It claims you have discovered a new energy source through bio-chemical means, a weapon of mass destruction, and you will use it as a threat to any who stands in the way of your bid for global power.

There will be many people searching for you. Some will wish to buy or seize your scientific papers, believing you are responsible for this anomaly and that it can be used as a weapon. The Center for Stem Cell Research and Toxicology want samples of your blood and cells. If it is learned you have a child, you will probably never see him again if you are found by any of these foreign agents.”

They bowed their heads silently once more, while the strange radiance continued to peer into the tiny room. “We must leave now. Our report will state that a new element of undetermined origin has been found, but that it is unstable and produces no discernible effects on other chemical properties. There will be no mention of you or your family.

We urge you to flee. We bring you gifts to help ensure safe passage. We give you gold as a medium of exchange, far more stable and more difficult to trace than a bank account. We give you visas so you can change your identities. We bring you also frankincense and myrrh that your child may grow in his full awareness.”

In the early dawn, soldiers raided the refugee camp in the West Bank of Bethlehem. Eight fathers, along with their sons, were taken in for questioning concerning the new weapon they were developing. In the early dawn, dozens of homes were ransacked and families torn apart. In the stillness of Bethlehem, just before dawn, a young couple with their child, boarded a bus leading out of Bethlehem to an unspecified designation.


By karlsie

Some great perversity of nature decided to give me a tune completely out of keeping with the general symphony; possibly from the moment of conception. I learned to read and speak almost simultaneously. The blurred and muffled world I heard through my first five years of random nerve loss deafness suddenly came alive with the clarity of how those words sounded on paper. I had been liberated for communications. I decided there was nothing more wonderful than writing. It was easier to write than carefully modulate my speech for correct pronunciation, and it was easier to read than patiently follow the movements of people’s lips to learn what they were saying. It was during that dawning time period, while I slowly made the connection that there weren’t that many other people who heard the way I did, halfway between sound and music, half in deafness, that I began to understand that the tune I was following wasn’t quite the same as that of my classmates. I was just a little different. General education taught me not only was I just a little isolated from my classmates, my home was just a little isolated from the outside world. I was born in Alaska, making me part of one of the smallest, quietest minorities on earth. I decided I could live with this. What I couldn’t live with was discovering a few years later, in the opening up of the pipeline, which coincided with my first year of junior college, that there were entire communities of people; more than I could possibly imagine; living impossibly one on top of another in vast cities. It wasn’t even the magnitude of this vision that inspired me so much as the visitors who came from these populous regions and seemed to possess a knowledge so great and secretive I could never learn it in any book. I became at once, very conscious of how rural I was and how little I knew beyond the scope of my environment. I decided it was time to travel. The rest is history; or at least, the content of my stories. I traveled... often to college campuses, dropping in and out of school until one fine day by chance I’d fashioned a bachelor of arts degree in psychology. I’ve worked a couple of newspapers, had a few poems and stories tossed around in various small presses, never receiving a great deal of money, which I’m assured is the norm for a writer. I spent ten years in Mexico, watching the peso crash. There is some obscure reason why I did this, tightening up my belt and facing hunger, but I believe at the time I said it was for love. Here I am, back home, in my beloved Alaska. I’ve learned somewhat of a worldly viewpoint; at least I like to flatter myself that way. I’ve also learned my rural roots aren’t so bad after all. I work in a small, country store. Every day I greet the same group of local customers, but make no mistake. My store isn’t a scene out of Andy Griffith. The people who enter the establishment, which also includes showers, laundry and movie rentals, are miners, oil workers, truck drivers, construction engineers, dog sled racers and carpenters. Sometimes, on the liquor side, the conversations became adult only in vocabulary. It’s a good thing, on the opposite side of the store is a candy aisle filled with the most astonishing collection, it will keep a kid occupied with just wishing for hours. If you tell your kids they can have just one, you have an instant baby sitter; better than television; as they agonize over their choice while you catch up on the gossip with your neighbor. We also receive a lot of tourists, a lot of foreign visitors. They are usually amazed at this first sign of Alaskan rural life style beyond the insulating hub of the Anchorage bowl. Many of them like to hang around and chat. They gawk at our thieves wanted posters. They laugh at our jokes and camaraderie with our customers. I’ve learned another lesson while working there. You don’t have to go out and find the world. If you wait long enough, it comes to you.

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20 thoughts on “The Stillness of Bethlehem”
  1. Just got to this. I love it too. It really doesn’t matter what culture a wise child comes to. What matters is will we see?

  2. Thank you Mitch, and Grainne, too! Yes, I think culture has very little to do with wisdom and spiritual leadership could spring from any demographic or religion. I believe if a messiah was born today, there would be no media coverage. Leading governments would not be pleased at the possibility that someone “special” would unite people in a new concept of peace and prosperity for the masses. We would know only by direct contact or word of mouth.

    Bethlehem is at the confluence of three major religions and filled with political duress, much as it was two thousand years ago. War surrounds it. Communications are poor. Each day that goes by in which we do not try to find peaceful solutions, we lose a little more of our humanity. A great leader is needed, but that leader will only come from the depths of suffering, not from fanfare. Not from self-acclaimed prophets. Not from assertions that one religious choice is any better than another.

  3. From what I can tell about the situation in Palestine, if a special Messiah-child with glowing eyes were born in Gaza or among the Palestinians in general, or otherwise if a young person showed great wisdom and great leadership skills, or if someone simply attempted to unify the people, the Palestinians themselves would betray him and sell him out/hand him over to the Israelis. Just look at the history of the Native American resistance movements in Mexico and in Peru. Literally every one of their guerilla leaders was betrayed by their own people either out of jealousy or because of a promise of wealth by the Spaniards. They were all executed and made an example of. The Yaquis of Sonora are especially rich in these kinds of tales. Their whole history as a people/nation is a list of defeats and a story of their disintegration, just like the Palestinians.

    But yeah, great article karlsie. I read it the day you posted, just didn’t know what to say.

  4. A 108 year old Israeli Rabbi (now deceased) had claimed that the Messiah would appear shortly after the death of Ariel Sharon. He made this prophecy back in 2004. Ariel Sharon died today.

    Here’s an article about it:

    Apparently, other rabbis and qabbalists in Israel were in general agreement with this Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, who was a famous and well-liked religious figure in Israel.

    The Shia mystics on the other hand are claiming, and I’ve heard this firsthand, that the Zionist and Illuminati elite and high-priests are going to sacrifice 6 million Jews in Israel to some demon-god or other, in order to accomplish the final step in bringing about the order of Zion, aka the New World Order. Apparently, this mass-sacrifice of Jews has been part of their agenda all along, and it is why they made up the self-fulfilling prophecy of the Holocaust and the 6 million dead Jews in Germany, and why they spent so many billions of dollars relocating Jews from all over the world to Palestine, the Holy Land, the site of a very ancient sky-gate/temple/doorway-to-heaven, somehow associated with the the Masjid Al Aqsa in the Old City of Jerusalem, from where it is claimed the old gods of the middle-east entered our world thousands of years ago. Apparently, the Zionists believe that their God will actually be reborn or reanimated through the blood of 6 million dead Jews. The Shias consider the Zionist Messiah to be “Al-Masih Ad-Dajjal” aka the Antichrist, the Deceiver, the one who will rise from Zion/Jerusalem.

    The Zionists and the Shias both know that the Iranians will be the ones holding the sacrificial knife in this scenario, some kind of symbolism having to do with the fact that Cyrus of Anshan (an Iranian) was the one who saved the Jews and their religion and culture from their hopeless captivity and cultural disintegration in Babylon. The Shias believe that in order for the Mahdi (the Guide, the true savior) to rise to power, the Dajjal must appear first, and Gog and Magog must be released. These two pre-requisite steps are believed to bring about a long night, plunging human civilization into a darkness and chaos. It is believed that The Mahdi, as a psychological archetype, can only rise once in the whole history of mankind’s existence, and that this mythological figure can only come forth out of utter chaos, darkness and devastation. My assumption is that over 7 billion people suddenly finding themselves without oil, gas, electricity, running water, transportation, food, heat, etc. is the ultimate chaos which the ancients had forseen thousands of years ago, the chaos from which the Messiah will rise.

    Compared to these apocalyptic visions, which BTW are available to anyone who can “see”, the situation in Palestine right now is almost paradise. The suffering that the Palestinians are experiencing is nothing next to what some imagine to be coming.

  5. Psycho Pete, the treacherous atmosphere was a major reason I felt Bethlehem made a suitable location for a parallel. Without the danger of exposure, there is no true motivation for flight. I am sure a lot of the Mid Eastern countries would work for the purposes, but I felt that Bethlehem, as politically poised as it was 2,000 years ago, would be the perfect place for the touch of irony. The tourists gather to witness the birth place of their savior, and never notice that the settlements on the outskirts are a battleground.

    Your information makes me wonder just how far humankind has really spiritually progressed. It doesn’t look like there has been much difference from when the priesthood chose human sacrifices to throw in the volcano, or splay upon an alter. Assuming the existence of god(s) or a creator, would it really be possible to manipulate them so as to fulfill human interpretations of prophecies? A prophecy is like a dream, often abstract, replete with symbols and confusing in meaning. The prophet and the dreamer may see an entirely different meaning in the vision than the person who reads the written words.

    I believe that when we call upon a higher power, we cannot control the actions, should that power appear. Why should a being more powerful than ourselves, more intelligent, impervious to death, grant us our wishes simply because we’ve put in a petition?

    I’ve mentioned in the past that I place a loose definition on the word, “god”. I see spirits in everything, particularly the forces of nature; winds, earthquakes, volcanoes, the earth itself, all inter-connected, yet separate in terms of their own intelligence and personalities. I am willing to concede these earthly spirits are minor deities in comparison to a creator. I also rationalize if they are minor, there may be an entire pyramid of deities with continuing escalating powers. This would not really be in conflict with major religions as they all seem to accept angels, demons and a force of evil.

    Which leads me to another contention. It seems that though Scriptures advocate the worship of one god, there are actually two that receive homage. One is the benevolent, kindly, loving god we are urged to thank and praise, the other is angry, vengeful and war like. When summoning gods, I would be very careful which one I chose. In other words, piling up human sacrifices might trigger the events needed to bring a true savior, but we cannot manipulate higher powers. Should they appear, they would decide on their own course of actions and the manner in which humankind will finally live in peace.

    In “Black Elk Speaks”, the author elaborates for some time on what he calls the “electric man”. He felt that when the circle (of believers) was completed, harnessed electricity would simply cease to exist. Considering how much we know about electricity, I don’t think it’s a simple case of mind over matter, which the words seem to imply, but a vision of how our present energy consumption will fail to support us in the future. I can see a power grid breakdown as our distribution leans more and more toward computerized services, or a general inability to adequately fill the energy demand. We are at a threshold because the contaminations from war, the industrial pollution, the burgeoning human population can no longer be fully supported by earth. We probably won’t change so it’s very likely we’ll plummet ourselves into darkness and chaos.

  6. I’m quoting here a paragraph from “” — one of those academic works where you have to read 100 pages just to get a single coherent idea, because the author is so afraid of being judged and mocked and peer-reviewed that he makes sure not to make a single conclusive statement in the whole work, instead constantly quoting and citing the works of others so as to draw the venom of the rabid academic community away from himself, and thus ensuring that no one can discredit his work because essentially he is putting forth absolutely no new ideas of his own. (This is the basic atmosphere of the academic world today, where everyone is extremely timid and conservative and new ideas are treated like blasphemy.)

    Anyway, here’s the quote: (Pasztory 1983:58)

    “The gods themselves were not immortal, and remained within this cycle of death and rebirth. The processes of living and dying were frequently reduced to the metaphor of eating. When humans were eating maize they were actually eating the flesh of the maize god Centeotl; this had to be restored to the god in the form of human sacrifices – the blood into
    which the maize had been transformed. The dead, whether people or gods, were eaten by the earth, imagined as a great monster. One of the most powerful images of Aztec art is the open jaw of the earth monster ready to devour its victims.”

    There’s a few points of interest here, since we’re talking about human sacrifice. The first is that in all the works of anthropology surrounding the hunter-gatherer communities of the Amazon basin, there is no mention of human sacrifice. Whereas the city-state civilizations of the Moche, Huari and Incas who lived in Peru before the arrival of the Spaniards did in fact sacrifice people all the time. It is interesting to note that the Amazonians, although they do cultivate medicinal and edible plants in small gardens, they don’t practice ‘farming’ and ‘agriculture’ in the technical sense of the word. They have no maize, and hence no maize god like Centeotl to whom they would offer sacrifice. The civilized people of the Americas, the three mentioned above, in addition to the numerous Mesoamerican city-states, all were dependent on maize as a staple, just like the people of ancient Europe and the Middleeast were entirely dependent on wheat. Now, I put forth the idea about the origins of wheat in Mitchell’s thread from the other week. The idea was basically just a recounting of what the ancient Mesopotamians themselves believed, that wheat was given to mankind by the gods. The actual, physical, concrete, living breathing superhuman beings who lived on top of the Ziggurats and whom all people could see, and whom all people were terrified of in ancient Iraq. Today, our esteemed academics believe that sacrificing people to invisible non-existent gods, whom they make sure to emphasize are non-existent, was just our ancestors’ superstition and primitive mumbo-jumbo, and on the other hand, if someone (like the Native Americans at the time of the Conquest) claim to actually see and interact with these gods (like the Mazatec priestesses still do; they invoke Tlaloc in their mushroom ceremonies, for example) then those people are just crazy and hallucinating. So, there is no road open to serious inquiry regarding the origin of the beliefs and ideas regarding the gods, even though the gods of the Mesoamericans were simply much too complex and sophisticated in character to have been simple delusions. (The four most powerful gods were Tezcatlipoca, Huitzilopochtli, Tlaloc, and Quetzalcoatl; look them up. Each of them had a cult surrounding them, and for example, in the city of Teotihuacan, there is no trace of people having ever had a king or a ruler, instead the people were gathered there because of the gods and their cults. This is a fact that every archeologist who has ever done field work in Teotihuacan has noted, namely, that there is no trace of even a single king or ruler. Whereas everywhere else in Mesoamerica the kings erected stelae and stone-carvings telling of their deeds, in addition to building enormous tombs for themselves where their sarcophagi and bodies were later discovered. No such things have ever been discovered in Teotihuacan, not a single royal burial, nor a single inscription depicting a king, instead there are countless depictions of generic-people without names or distinct facial features, engaged in cult activities and worship.)

    The Aztec belief regarding Centeotl (the maize god) can be taken as a basic simplistic pattern of how the Mesoamerican (and South American) civilizations (not uncivilized savages) understood human sacrifice. Our only sources of information regarding human sacrifice come from the Americas prior to the Conquest, because in the Old World the elite tried to make it seem like human sacrifice was abolished millenia ago. To the Aztecs, the concept of “executing” convicts and felons was meaningless. They only knew that for example, Tlaloc needed to drink fresh blood in order to make it rain, and so they brought their “convicts” and “criminals” and “prisoners of war” to him for that purpose. They knew that Huitzilopochtli needed to eat people’s hearts in order to maintain his strength and longevity, in order to lead the Aztecs to victory in war, which he did all the time (the Aztecs conquered all their neighbors through military might in a very short span of time, and they attributed all this to the bird-headed (eagle) war god who was always at the front of their armies.) They also knew that Tezcatlipoca needed to eat people alive and whole, bones, boots and all, otherwise he would turn against them and start randomly picking them off, like he used to do in prehistory. So, Tezcatlipoca had to be kept satisfied and appeased at all times lest he go berserk. People were sacrificed to these gods and others by the millions over the years, and not just by the Aztecs, but by the early totally unknown people of Teotihuacan and even the Olmecs and the Maya, separated by vast aeons of time and space, the shape of Quetzalcoatl’s serpent head and Tlaloc’s goggle-eyed head-dress appears again and again all over Mexico and Central America.

    We sacrifice people to the gods all the time. In fact, Iran and the USA are the world’s leading non-military sacrificers, they have the highest number of executions per year. We believe these executions are justified, whereas this is just BS. There is never any justification for imprisoning a man like a rat and taking his life without letting him defend himself. Then there’s all the Huitzilopochtli-style military-sacrifices which are raging across the Mideast today from Syria and Iraq to Afghanistan to Gaza. These are also completely unjustified. The people dying in these countries every day are mostly unarmed civilians, and many of them are children and women. The Americans keep claiming that they kill the women and children by accident, but I tell you, it’s no accident. The US Military is a creature of the War God, every single American soldier and military officer is unknowingly a worshipper of Mars/Ares/Huitzilopochtli, whereas the ancient Roman military people knowingly worshipped him, as in they knew that Mars demanded that people be slain in war every year and the Romans were responsible for providing this tribute to the Great God. Forget everything you know about Christianity and Islam and the worship of one God. No Christian or Muslim has _ever_ seen this elusive Jehova/Allah, and they have no idea what they’re talking about. They don’t even have a clue as to the origin of their religions. The Jews, the Hebrews, the real Isrealites (not the fake white Jews of today) are a completely different story though. The Old Testament is filled with stories about how the Israelites (the ancestors of modern Palestinians) fought battles with gods, giants and demons who lived in the Mideast prior to 1000BC. It is filled with stories about the Nephilim, the Anakim, the Rephaim, the Emim, the Zanzummin and Gibborim. There’s even the tale of how when the Israelites arrived in Canaan, Moses sent a party of scouts to survey the area beyond some hills, where the scouts saw giants who lived in a city with cyclopean walls reminiscent of those found in South America. (like this one here:

    Anyway, long story short, the people today are the most ignorant, materialistic, blind bunch of morons to have ever walked this earth. They kill, but they know not why they kill. They destroy, but they don’t know for whom they destroy. And a bunch of fake Jews with their liberal/hollywood agenda are destroying the last vestiges of religious-spiritual credibility in favor of gay rights and alcohol abuse. We think gay rights are more important than what’s happening in the Mideast today. I tell you, we all deserve to be sacrificed by the elite so their New World Order can be brought forth, ’cause we’re dumb enough to let it happen.

  7. ^^^ That book was: “”

    Dunno why the whole title didn’t come through.

  8. Pete, the history of Mayan sacrifices is an interesting one. In terms of their religious beliefs, to be sacrificed was actually a favor. They believed that when you died, there were thirteen levels of existence you had to pass through in order to reach paradise. The lower levels were so difficult, so filled with nightmarish demons and torture, many souls never made it to the higher levels. The only ones who could prevent entering the hellish levels first were women who had died in childbirth, those who had died in war, suicides and human sacrifices.

    Choosing human sacrifices was a very serious business, conducted only after careful research of astronomical maps and other records, as a sacrifice was also a messenger to the gods. Nobody was exempt from the possibility of sacrifice, no matter what their station in life or social status.

    The practice discontinued well before they had actually become a dominant civilization. They were never a true war-like people. They grew by absorbing other tribes and integrating them into their network. Each city state was autonomous, sent representatives of their own choosing for policy making decisions and decided their own affairs.

    There is a lot of misconception that the Mayans vanished like the Olmec, or that they had been conquered. This isn’t really true. Currently, Mayans make up one of the largest indigenous tribes in the Americas. At some point, they decided that living in cities was a sin, and they became farmers instead. When the Spanish arrived, the Mayans were still here, but going quietly about their own business. The greatest atrocity committed against them was that they had a written language, which the Spaniards interpreted as witchcraft. Nearly all their written work was destroyed except a few books that were sent to Europe. Those few books now molder in museums while linguistics scholars attempt to decipher them, but so much was lost that not even the Mayans are able to translate them completely. In fact, from my observations while I was in Mexico, very little regard is given to the Mayan accounts of their history, with “expert” anthropologists relating their own opinions.

  9. Here’s an interesting tidbit about the Maya, since you’re interested, karlsie.

    Academics today believe that in the year 378 AD, a figure named Siyaj K’ak (Born in Fire) arrived in the Maya heartland of Peten, in Guatemala, accompanied by a small company of warriors. It is believed that Siyaj K’ak was a warlord, a military general, sent to the Maya heartland at the behest of a Teotihuacan high-priest whose name is unknown, but whose name-glyph has been called “Spearthrower Owl”. Siyaj K’ak and his small band of elite warriors conquered Tikal, Copan, Palenque, Uaxactun, and Kaminaljuyu. All major Maya city-states and population centers. They installed the sons and direct descendents of Spearthrower Owl on the thrones of all these cities, and during this period Teotihuacan architecture and pottery was quite prevalent in the region. It is unknown for how long the Teotihuacan influence lasted in the Maya region, but it is generally agreed today that the majority of Maya cities (with the notable exception of Chichen Itza) were abandoned prior to 900AD, and the causes of this abandonment are unknown.

    When the Spaniards arrived in Central America, the great Maya urban centers of antiquity had already been lost and overgrown by the tropical rainforests. The city of Copan, for example, was discovered by John Lloyd Stephens in the 1800s. It was the first lost city of the Maya to be discovered if I’m not mistaken. And it was the first time Europeans realized that a sophisticated high civilization had existed in Mesoamerica. (The Spaniards had been absolutely revolted by the Aztec human sacrifices, where for example, one Spanish chronicler noted the removal of the hearts of 80,000 people in a single ceremony, and another priest noted that the Aztecs sacrificed as many as 250,000 people in a single year, including babies and women. So, the Europeans had considered the Aztecs mere savages.)

    The thing about the Maya is, first of all, that there are only ~1,000 Itza Maya left. And while the Quiche Maya number at a little over a million, it is generally accepted that none of them can read ancient Maya hieroglyphs today, and the vast majority of these Quiches don’t even know their own history, as in, they don’t know that their ancestors had erected enormous stone pyramids and massive monuments. The truth is, all that is known today about the Maya is based on the stelae and monuments and inscriptions in their ancient cities, nevermind the illiterate indians who were forcefully acculturated by the Spaniards. There are however a couple of books written by early Maya shamans that detail their myths, religion and cosmology. One of these is the Popol Vuh (you wanna get the one with the translation and commentary by Allen J. Christenson) and another is the book of Chilan Balam aka Jaguar Shaman.

    Anyway, I don’t know where you are getting this idea that the Maya abandoned their cities to go back to a life of farming, because for one thing, at the time of the Conquest, the majority of ancient Maya sites had already been abandoned for centuries, and the inhabitants of the region were non-the-wiser regarding the original people who had lived there. As an analogy, consider that when the Spaniards discovered Ollantaytambo, Sacsaywaman, Tiahuanaco, etc. in South America, they asked the Incas who had built them, and the Incas responded that their own civilization had been in existence for barely a few centuries, and that the cyclopean buildings which the Spaniards were referring to had been built in a different age when the earth was populated by giants, namely, the Viracochas. They told the Spaniards that no man could possibly quarry, carve and move the blocks of stone used in these ancient constructions, some of them weighing as much as 400 tons. I believe there is an actual record of some Inca priests laughing when the Spaniards asked them “Did your people build these?” They were like “How stupid are you? How could “people” have built these?” But the Spaniards thought the Incas were pulling their legs, so they attributed all those buildings to them anyway. Today, academics know that the Incas probably didn’t build any of the cyclopean stone constructions in South America, but they date them to a thousand years or so ago, regardless. This is the same basic pattern that was followed in Mexico and Central America, where the people claimed that Cholula was built by a giant who escaped a flood, the Spaniards attributed it to primitive Zapotecs, where the natives claimed that Teotihuacan was built by the gods themselves before mankind even existed, the Spaniards dated it too 100BC based on some pottery and bones they found at the site, and attributed it to early Mexican farmers. It’s kinda like finding a Gucci handbag in Japan, and claiming that the Japanese are Italians.

    Anyway, to anyone who has studied the matter in depth, the abandonment of ancient Maya urban centers is perhaps one of the biggest mysteries of archeology and anthropology today. This, coupled together with the fact that Teotihuacan was also abandoned and buried at the time of the Conquest, begs some serious questions regarding what had happened in these places. The Feathered Serpent Pyramid in Teotihuacan, for example, had been deliberately half-buried and covered in dirt. The Atlantean statues of Tula, Hidalgo had been brought down from the top of the pyramid and buried in a deep pit adjacent to it. And the famous El Castillo and Chichen Itza looked like this circa 1860 — At the time of the Conquest, many of these ancient pyramid-sites, were not only abandoned centuries ago (maybe even millenia) but they were considered haunted and evil, and according to the records, the indians in those days simply refused to even set foot in them. This is completely understandable IMO. A place where millions of people were executed/sacrificed to feed demons can’t be anything but evil and haunted.

    And also, regarding Siyaj K’ak and the academic date of 378 AD, I’m inclined to doubt this very much. Siyaj K’ak, it seems, took over all the key Maya sites through sorcery and with the help of a host of demons. He shed very little blood, he had no big army with him, he simply showed up one day and as the legend goes, he turned day into night and apparently, Chak Tok Ich’aak I (Jaguar Paw I) the ruler of Tikal was struck by lightning on the same day as Siyaj K’ak’s arrival. All this sounds like pre-1000BC Old Testament style stories, where powerful wizards and sorcerers ruled the earth through magic and mind-control. Siyaj K’ak’s name is inscribed on stelae all over Central America, and the mere fact that a single warrior could take over half a dozen cities and subdue and replace their kings within a period of a few years points to the kind of thing one expects from the old days. Certainly nothing like this has happened anywhere since the time of Christ. So, if this date, which is based on the Maya Long Count calendar, is wrong, then all the dates that archeologists have converted from the Long Count to the European calendar are also wrong, which means that it’s very likely that the old Central American cities were abandoned not at 900AD, but perhaps more along the lines of 900BC, which would put their origins at least a couple thousand years before this, making them essentially the same age as ancient Egyptian and Babylonian cities. For some reason though, even suggesting this in an academic work is tantamount to career-suicide, which leads me to believe that the elitist academic world is actually *trying* to keep people ignorant and misinformed.

    Considering that the media is doing the exact same thing, I’m not at all surprised.

  10. A mass sacrifice was witnessed by the Spanish chronicler Diego de
    Duran. In this instance the victims were so numerous that when the
    streams of blood running down the temple steps “reached bottom and
    cooled they formed fat clots, enough to terrify anyone.” Quote from “Reign of Blood and Splendour”

    This is exactly what is happening in the Mideast today. The number of dead is so large, and the amount of blood spilled in terms of gallons is so huge, that it would terrify any western person who has never seen true violence except in movies and on TV. I would like to remind again that the hundreds of thousands of people who died in Syria in this recent CIA/Mossad/Al-Qaeda war were mostly civilians, whose deaths could have served absolutely no purpose. I mean, if you wanna take over a country, you have to kill its warriors/military-soldiers. Or if you wanna take over a government through a coup, you have to kill the high-ranking officials. The only time when you kill civilians for no reason is when you’re sacrificing people, and the problem with blood sacrifice, as anyone who has delved into this matter knows, is that even if you start with a single drop of blood, you’re going to need more and more “base substance” as you go along. This is why the Aztecs were sacrificing a quarter of a million people every year by the 1500s, whereas surely they had only been sacrificing a few dozen in the 1200s when their civilization began. There’s just no way to achieve consistent results unless the quantity of offering-material is increased exponentially on every iteration. This is why occultists today prefer to go the sex magick route, because it’s impossible for the average guy to kill so many people. But it’s not impossible for the elite who have standing armies numbering in the thousands.

    Also, you don’t destroy and blow up a country’s hospitals and universities and their water supply when you want to take over the country. This type of wanton destruction is the domain of Beelzebub, who prefers disease, poverty, fire and destruction to blood-sacrifice. The needless destruction in Africa today, together with Iraq and Syria and Afghanistan bears the stamp of Beelzebub, without a doubt.

    But hey, only crazy people believe in gods and demons. Sane people kill and blow up other countries for no reason at all.

  11. Pete, I am going to tell you how my perceptions are a little out of kilter with the academic society that has stolen three (or by some counts, four) of the Mayan codex books and squirreled them away in Europe. They are based primarily on what Mayans, Aztecs and Zapotecans had told me concerning their history. Their stories are all in agreement.

    According to all three tribes, the Zapotecans were the first to set foot in Central America. They are earth’s guardians. They reject most modern implements, saying they have seen it all before and will be around when modern civilization once more collapses. They are an extremely acute people, astounding in their wisdom and respected by even the most aggressive tribes.

    One of my closest friends was a Mayan who had studied at the University of Mexico in Mexico City and spent a lot of time studying one of the remaining codex, which she referred to as the “Book of the Mayan”, which is very similar in its rendition of ancient history to the Book of the Hopi. According to her, Mayan history dates back thousands of years and actually begins in some islands in the Caribbean that are now covered by water. She said her people were extremely advanced at the time, able to fly around the world and create weapons of mass destruction. Because they wielded such great power, many became evil. They plotted war against other countries and eventually caused a world wide calamity by “opening the ice gate”. I had always assumed this meant they had penetrated into the arctic region, creating damages, but a friend recently pointed out this could mean they could have caused a disaster in the Antarctic region.

    At any rate, some of the Mayans perceived the disaster in the making and migrated to the mainland before the islands fell. This would explain why the oldest pyramids were the more superior ones. Many of the Mayans that escaped however, carried the same mindset and began once again building cities. As you know, from your own studies, the Mayans had a written language. Historians became disturbed that they were about to make the same mistakes they had made in the past and urged the people to turn away from building great cities and living in them. Eventually they did, and found a more peaceful, agreeable existence by establishing rural communities.

    This passage, which is in agreement with the Book of the Hopis, has been interpreted throughout North American indigenous tribe as meaning it was a sin to live in cities. Many tribes believe that it is necessary to migrate in a circular fashion, completing the dharma wheel for healing and the well-being of the earth. This is why when the first Europeans landed, most tribes were agricultural and migratory.

    My Aztec friend was also very scholarly, with a degree in the liberal arts. He agreed with the Mayan accounts, stating the Aztecs were very aggressive and war-like. They dominated all tribes that came under their rule, including the Mayans. They imitated Mayan culture, building pyramids and adopting their knowledge of astronomy, medicine and technology. They also, very enthusiastically, incorporated human sacrifice, although their reasons were different. They sought to appease the gods, as you have described. If not for the European diseases the Spanish brought with them, most likely they would not have been conquered as smallpox and measles decimated millions of indigenous people.

    Here are a few interesting facts concerning the physical characteristics of these three tribes. The Aztecs have a natural war-like appearance. They have tall, slanted foreheads, high-bridged noses and cheek bones, strong chins and jaws, and muscular bodies. While most of them are now friendly, there are some areas of Oaxaca and Veracruz that are dangerous to go into without a guide because they are controlled by bands of cut-throats and thieves.

    While al North American tribes are matriarchal in their structure, the Zapotecans are the most extreme. These tall, handsome people are true Amazons, with the women controlling the politics, business and family life. Nobody protests. In fact, these women are practically worshipped and called “las velas”; the candles. They look very similar to drawings of the early Hawaiians.

    The Mayans have soft, round faces, small noses and graceful bodies. They are a very pretty people. I laughed when I introduced my Mayan friend to the Zapotecan women as their opinion was that the Mayans did not take very good care of their women as she was small and dainty. The truth is, from my observations, all Mayans are small.

    Here is another contradiction of ancient history that anthropologists refuse to accept. The Zapotecans declare they have always been on the North American Continent, that, in fact, Tehuacan, Puebla is the cradle of Native American civilization. The Inuit state that yes, they crossed into the Americas via an ice age land bridge, but that the Native Americans were from “somewhere else”. DNA testing has confirmed that the Navajo and the Athabascans, Alaska’s largest indigenous group, are the same tribe. The Navajo have the Book of the Hopi. The Athabascan, the Navajo and the Zapotecans all have similar physical characteristics.

    Is this a cautionary tale? Possibly. There are many who believe in the circular repetition of history. They believe we, as a human population, have achieved great heights in the past and committed a fatal error that brought us back to square one. Perhaps the corporate manifest is committing the same mistakes as the ancient Mayans and the demons they unleash through their blood sacrifice will turn on them and cause their downfall.

  12. Speaking of the circular repetition of history, you know all the ancient Mesoamericans believed in a philosophy of cyclical time, as opposed to our view of linear time. In a strange and incomprehensible way, I think what the Mayas and the Toltecs before them meant by cyclical time essentially implied that we who currently live in the year 2013 AD are actually residents of the primitive past. And like, the further we go, the more primitive we become, until at last we reach a sort of climax of simplicity. I imagine it’s somehow like a person who starts walking straight across the earth, until eventually he reaches the place where he started from, you know? So, in a technical sense, this person is actually making negative progress, until he finally reaches the zero-point on the axis, as in the place where he started from.

    And about the gods and demons, and where you said “… but we cannot manipulate higher powers. Should they appear, they would decide on their own course of actions and the manner in which humankind will finally live in peace.” , I don’t think people are the ones manipulating and coercing demons through blood-sacrifice and what-not, rather, I believe that from the very beginning of history, it has actually been the gods who have been manipulating people into killing eachother. Just look at the history of religion. I think it would be easier to simply declare that all the different kinds of aberrant behaviors that human beings exhibit, which are lacking in all other organisms on earth, are the result of the influence of the gods/demons. Now, whether these demons are just psychological mechanisms that exert influence on the human mind, or if they are actual entities that live in the collective psyche, or alternatively, if they are actual physical beings who live in the same physical world as rocks and birds and trees but are made of dark matter and dark energy or vibrate at a different rate than our molecules vibrate, is all irrelevant and totally impertinent. What matters is to know that _something_, some force, *is* responsible for people being so tremendously fucked up, otherwise we wouldn’t be living in a society that uses and abuses people, where millions are sick and starving, where the public in what are supposed to be advanced societies are the least educated and least enlightened in the world, while a small number of elite (0.02% of the human population) hold all the world’s wealth and resources hostage and in this way manipulate the human herd into forced labor.

    I’ve said this many times before, the fact that people in North America and Western Europe enjoy a standard of life that is slightly above average is a ploy. It’s a trick. It’s meant to keep the population in the west quiet and submissive. The truth is, if the world’s resources were divided up equally among all people, the average American’s lifestyle would seem like total crap, and the average Middleeastern person’s lifestyle would seem like an abomination. Nevermind the Africans and Native Americans. If the current capitalist banking regime were abolished, and the whole concept of “profit” were removed from the equation, we would all be able to enjoy life to the fullest. Our art would stop being propaganda. Our academia would stop being a bunch of elitist lies. People wouldn’t need to be brainwashed by the media anymore. There would be no reason for the US Military to roam across the globe leaving a path of death and destruction in its wake. Hell, there would be no need for a US Military (or any other military) at all.

    Thousands of years ago, the gods made a pact with a certain group of people. They promised those people all the earthly power and wealth in the world, in exchange for shaping human society according to designs put forth by the gods. Think Faust, or selling your soul to the devil. There is no other explanation that even comes close to making sense of the shitty conditions of the world today and all through history.

    All I’m saying is: Why shouldn’t things be good? Why shouldn’t they be perfect and excellent? Why shouldn’t the earth be a paradise of peace and plenty for all? Why are people so incredibly fucked up?

  13. And I understand that the whole Jewish/Zionist issue has already been repeated ad nauseum, and I’m coming off as some kind of irrational Jew-hating Anti-Semite Nazi, but if I can get this point across to just a single person then…

    The point is this: a supernatural entity named Yahweh features as the primal source of existence in the cosmologies of three religions, namely Judaism, Christianity and Islam. (Although, the God of Islam is called Allah, all Islamic scholars unanimously agree that the God of Islam is one and the same as the God of Israel, the same God who guided the Israelites through the desert and led them to Canaan circa 1500BC.)

    So, instead of rationalizing whether the Old Testament and Quran are “true” or “false” and as such missing the whole point, let’s instead review what is known and suspend judgement. (Our esteemed Academics have already deemed all religions to be absolute lies and bullshit, so there is no point in following that line of thought.) Anyway, here’s what we know: we’ve got a guy named Yahweh who set up three religions through his angel-messengers (like Gabriel, etc.) and also through direct contact and intervention in human affairs, as repeated time and time again in the Torah, Injil, and the Quran. Yahweh’s three religions ended up literally dominating the whole world after ~4000 years, or just 200 generations (if we take 20 years per generation.) Yahweh told the Muslims and the Christians that the profession of usury (aka the profession of lending money in exchange for interest, aka the modern concept of banking, capitalism, etc.) was strictly forbidden. This point is of utmost importance: Jesus actually beat the shit out of the usurers and kicked them out of the temple in Jerusalem. He told them that if they ever came back he’d kill them all. And Muhamad declared usury so dirty and anti-human that anyone engaging in the profession in Muslim lands for 1400 years was treated like excrement, like the lowest scum of humanity. As such, Muslims and Christians shied away from this profession for over a thousand years. But, and here comes the good part, Yahweh never forbade the Jews from money-lending. Yahweh never told the Jews that materialism and greed are bad. Yahweh told the Jews practically nothing about the concepts of Heaven and Hell which all Muslims and Christians know. Yahweh actually encouraged the Jews to lend money to foreigners and charge them hefty interest. (Lookup “Usury” on wikipedia, and see for yourself where the Old Testament *encourages* the occupation.)

    So, this cocksucking piece of shit Yahweh, his Christians number around 2 billion today, and his Muslims also number around 2 billion. And there are a little over ten million of his Jews. Of these ten million, an incredibly small number were able to dominate the whole business of printing money before the year 1800 AD. They hold the monopoly on the concept of money. Money is their intellectual property, and if someone (like Iran’s Central Bank) chooses to print money without their authorization and permission, well, we’re all aware what’s happening with Iran right now.

    So, I ask, is it a coincidence that God’s chosen people dominate 4 billion Christians and Muslims today? Is this a joke? Seriously, could such a thing have happened coincidentally? What if Yahweh is totally real, and he *planned* all of this 4000 years ago. What if the super-elite today are actually in contact with him just like Moses was? Why is it anti-semitic to say to the bank “go fuck yourselves and shove your debt up your asses” like the Nationalist Socialist party in Germany did in the 1930s?

    I truly wish that some other religious group dominated the global banking industry today, so I could speak about the subject without constantly worrying about being labelled an anti-semite. I wish Muslims or Christians were the big bank owners, then I could talk about it to my heart’s content. But Goddammit they aren’t!

  14. Just thought I’d jot down some more random thoughts I’ve come across before I move on and forget all about them.

    ^^These stone carvings, excavated from Iraq and currently housed in the Louvre, depict Gilgamesh, a king of Uruk who ruled possibly some time around 3000-2000BC. Many legendary acts that defy all sense of reason and rationality have been attributed to this man. You can read all about them in the Epic of Gilgamesh, one of the earliest literary works of mankind. I have in my possession a couple of pictures of stone carvings which show Gilgamesh wrestling a lion, and a bull. These particular pics are scans from a book written in the the early 1900s, and I haven’t been able to locate them anywhere online. But the pictures represent a very well-built muscular man with what appears to be long and flowing _white_ hair and a long white beard. The scholars who have studied the portraits are unanimous in their conclusion that they represent racial features that are quite distinct from all the other known ancient depictions of Mesopotamian people. It’s very difficult for me to explain why, but there is something very off about the cheekbones, eyes, nose and forehead of Gilgamesh, as he is shown in the carvings. And it’s not that the ancient Iraqi stone-carvers couldn’t portray people accurately, but rather, it appears to me that they actually went out of their way to make sure to emphasize the very odd-looking face of Gilgamesh. I can’t really explain it, except to say that it strikes me as more closely resembling a Neanderthal man than an anatomically modern human being. (I can post the pics on facebook if it interests anyone.)

    Anyway, among the acts attributed to Gilgamesh is his sailing to a far-away island to meet Utnapishtim (aka Shamashnapishtim.) The reason specified for this long and arduous trip is stated as such: Shamashnapishtim (whose name probably means The One who resides with Shamash; Shamash being the name of the ancient Sumerian Sun God.) is identified as a man who, together with his wife, escaped a deluge which drowned the majority of the human race in prehistory. Shamashnapishtim was granted immortality by the gods, and Gilgamesh who had been stricken with leprosy as a result of his defying the seduction attempts of the goddess Ishtar, went to seek out the secret to prolonging and saving his life. The story relates how Shamashnapishtim, aka Noah, was able to cure Gilgamesh, in addition to giving him a plant which is referred to as the tree of life and that was supposed to grant the king immortality, and that the king meant to bring back to Uruk with him to propagate, but was stolen from him by a serpent on his return journey.

    In the year 1947 (if I’m not mistaken) a bunch of scrolls were discovered in some caves in Qumran, Palestine. The scrolls were kept secret for decades, until finally they were revealed to the public in a very damaged and fragmentary form, dubbed “The Dead Sea Scrolls.” One of the documents among them was a “Book of Giants” which was essentially a further elucidation and recounting of the story of the giants referred to in the Book of Genesis and the Book of Enoch. From the bits and pieces of this book of giants, it was deduced that not all of the ancient Giants, the sons of Nephil, were drowned in the deluge as the canonical texts declared. For example, one Ohya (believed to be one and the same as Og of Bashan mentioned in the Old Testament) survived the flood, together with his brother Ahya, and also one Mahawai son of Baraq-el (one of the original fallen angels.) Apparently, Mahawai was a dragon-like creature whose bones are probably in some museum collection today labelled as a dinosaur. It seems the Persian prophet Mani had taken a special interest in the Book of Enoch and the Book of Giants, and he had published an Iranicized/Aryanized version of the tale in which Ohya and Ahya were renamed Sam and Nariman respectively, and the leader of the fallen angels (Semjaza, according to the Book of Enoch) was renamed/repronounced Shmyzd (pronounced Shmeez’d.) Here is the bits and pieces of the Manichean document together with a commentary: and here’s a translation of the Manichean version and the Qumran version:

    In the Old Testament, King Og of Bashan is labelled as one of the “Rephaim,” that is, one of the lineages of the giants descended from the Nephilim. Apparently, Og was 14 feet tall. The famous figure, Goliath of Gath, was presumably a descendent of the Anakim, another lineage of giants. And what the Book of Giants seems to indicate is that Gilgamesh of Uruk was another of the post-diluvial giants, apparently standing 16 feet tall. From the bits and pieces of ancient literature, one can easily surmise that when the Israelites arrived in Canaan, it was not uncommon to find powerful giant men, who were exceptionally intelligent and cunning, and very physically well-built, ruling over kingdoms whose subjects were all ordinary sized men. At least, this much is sure about Og and Goliath. Apparently, there had been a previous age long before the time of the Israelites when all of Canaan and the Mideast were populated by giants who ruled over mankind. It seems in those days the number of giants was quite substantial, and contrary to modern ideas, these giants weren’t dullwitted or stupid in the least, rather, they were extremely smart and also quite industrious too, so much so that men were their nitwit slaves. It seems that not all of these pre-diluvial giants were malevolent, and that some of them were actually quite benevolent; they were the protectors of the earth, the bringers of law and order to the animalistic mankind. The legends from South America seem to indicate that these giants built all the ancient cyclopean buildings on earth, and that they possessed a degree of civilization and advancement comparable to what we have today, if not far exceeding it. (If an advanced civilization existed on earth before 4000BC, the only thing left of them today would be their stone building; not glass, not metal, not complex instruments; just their larger-than-life stoneworks, megaliths, pyramids, etc.)

    Anyway, the stories regarding Gilgamesh all seem to indicate that he was the son of a god, like Hercules or Perseus, or Jesus. All things considered, either our ancient ancestors had a very strange and vivid imagination, or, the Earth’s history is vastly different than what we rationally assume it must have been like.

    BTW, that depiction of Gilgamesh at the beginning of this post shows him strangling a lion, not a house-cat. I believe that image was carved with the sole purpose of representing Gilgameshes size by deliberately comparing him with a lion.

  15. Pete, you say several things that I find intriguing. The first is that you believe it’s the gods who manipulate people into performing human sacrifices, and not the other way around. I am often at a loss to explain unprovoked atrocities, yet certainly if we accept the idea of gods, we accept they are more intelligent and more cunning. We have free will… yet even among our selves, stronger, more cunning minds can manipulate the thoughts and actions of others. Then who is to say that even among those who deny a higher power, there are whispers entering their thoughts, shrouding their sense of good judgment and even telling them belief is false, solely for the sake of tempting them to corrupt, defile and harm others for their own gratification? People of good faith and moral behavior state they listen to their conscience, and exactly where does this conscience come from? Sometimes it seems an outside influence because it comes unbidden, and often causes us to do things that bring no personal gain to ourselves, and even pain, discomfort and self-sacrifice. If conscience can be so powerful, then why wouldn’t there be whispering voices that can stifle and overcome conscience?

    Then there is this conjecture that Yehweh favors a particular people (the chosen people), causing suffering and hardships to the followers of later prophets following the same god. What if it’s not the same god? As I said before, there seems to be an angry and vengeful god, and then there is a benevolent one. Let’s take another look at that nomadic tribe. They certainly did disagree with materialism when their possessions consisted of little more than some livestock and a few trinkets. They despised the hanging gardens of Nebachadnezzer, the advanced technology of Egypt, the graceful art Greece, yet now the Zionists are in control and would build great monuments to themselves. What god are they truly following? Monotheism was their invention, but the testaments never said there were no other gods, only that “thou shalt have no other gods before me”. The commandments set forth by their prophet, Moses, have all been broken, which is to say there is a separate god being followed and not the one who gave instructions.

    I’m just throwing that out there as this was the first thought that occurred to me when you explained your bitterness toward the banks. There are others of great power and wealth beside the Zionists, but obviously they too, reject the god of the commandments.

    I do find your discourse on the giants extremely interesting as I have never been able to shake the strange parallels between ancient Mesopotamia and the ancient Americas. I’ve heard of the legends concerning giants in both Mesopotamia and in the Americas. I’ve seen the giant statues carved by the Olmecs. There are many who believe the Olmecs were also giants. Nobody knows where they came from or what happened to them; they simply disappeared; but their statues are very striking. Their attention to detail was meticulous and the heads very life-like in appearance; so life-like as to be comparable to the works of the early Greeks. What is more striking is that the features are not typical Native American at all. They are, in every respect, from the tight, curly hair to the broad noses and full lips, very African in their appearance. I’ve spent hours contemplating these marvelous heads and wondering how it could be that this utter perfection in artistry, carved four thousand years ago, could possibly depict a race that was not supposed to have been here during that time period.

    I agree that a civilization existing four thousand years ago would not have wires, cables, metal constructs, etc. It’s exactly what I thought about when I was at Cholula. Cholula is one of my favorite places. There are actually 365 pyramids, all of them covered except one, which the people refuse to uncover completely as there is a chapel at the top, the same as the other 364. (They are Catholic now and will not have their religion defiled.) When a fifteenth century monk passed through, and saw these pyramids, which had long ago been covered by earth and grass, he said it was a holy area and that on each mound should be placed a church.

    Cholula emits an extremely powerful force, very difficult to explain. The pyramids are surrounded by a ring of volcanoes that seem to create a spiral for as far as the eye can see. Unlike the Egyptian pyramids, these pyramids are not made of stone, but of mortar. The Mayans knew how to mix mortar several thousand years ago. This didn’t shock me for some reason, only filled my curiosity. What did send a jolt up my spine was this: Before the mortar had set completely, like people have done since time memorial; some could not resist drawing in a little graffiti. Although there were no words that I could read, the letters were structured very much like the cuneiform letters of today.

    This brings me to another curiosity. Although their words have different meanings, the Zapoteca language sounds very much like English. This is not my imagination. The Zapotecans themselves pointed this out to me, explaining that this was why it was very easy for them to learn English.

  16. “There are others of great power and wealth beside the Zionists, but obviously they too, reject the god of the commandments.”

    I might be wrong about this, because I have absolutely no hard evidence to go on except pure intuition (or delusion? lol) but, while I agree that there are certainly many rich and powerful people today who are not Zionists, I tend to think that pretty much everywhere in the world today, the practice of printing money is dominated by Zionists. I don’t believe there is any non-Jewish organization who prints money on earth today anywhere except Iran, and possibly North Korea and a few other less advanced nations, but certainly no first-rate developed countries. So, no matter how rich you are and how big your corporate shareholdings might be, you are playing _their_ game.

    You mention that the Israelites didn’t like Babylon and Egypt, and that’s only natural since they were slaves in those countries. And again, I think it needs to be pointed out that the Israelites who were captive in Egypt and Babylon were the ancestors of modern Palestinians, and not the ancestors of the modern Israeli Ashkenazi Jews. You should definitely read Arthur Koestler’s “The Thirteenth Tribe” — you won’t be sorry, I guarantee it. There is such a wealth of historic knowledge regarding the Russians and Vikings, the Byzantines, the Muslim Caliphate, the Slavs, the Khazars and other Turks, the Magyars, etc. etc. and how they all interacted from the 7th to the 13th centuries that the first couple of times I read it I found it totally incomprehensible how someone could be so knowledgeable and so spectacularly aware of historical details. The book quotes the works of innumerable medieval European and Muslim scholars and historians, and ends up painting such a vivid picture of things as to leave you completely breathless. You can download the ebook off of emule.

    And regarding Yahweh, the story as I see it is quite esoteric and abstract. It goes something like this: Millions of years ago, in a time before the first words had been uttered on earth, before the first thoughts had been articulated, a species of intelligent beings resembling giant black shadows appeared. At that time there was no earth yet as we perceive it today, for the earth as we perceive it exists only when viewed from our particular perspective. It is unknown, perhaps even unknowable, what things were like in those days, for the appearance of “things” is entirely dependent on who/what is seeing them. And so let’s say that at that time there wasn’t yet any human eye to look at anything, nor any human mind to arrange that sensory data into an image to see. Everything was without form, fluid, eternal and unchanged, yet forever in motion. At that time there wasn’t yet any “time” either, neither was there “space” — both concepts/percepts derived from human existence and experience. In those days everything was here and now; all time and space was located in a single point the size of a pinhead.

    And thus it was when Yahweh and the Elohim (plural of El, meaning lord; derived from Akkadian ilu=sky/heaven) arrived. I must stress again, that there is no way to know what these beings “saw” when they came here, because they had no eyes or ears or any other physical sensory equipment. They came from the world of dreams, the spirit world, they were perhaps currents of vibrating energy as we understand the term today; they were the dreamer and the dream itself. It is unknown what these beings discovered on earth at that time, whether there were already organisms (flowing fields and cycles of organic matter) living here, or not. Perhaps they created the first simple organisms, or perhaps they found complex organisms already in existence; no one can know, for all these ideas are derived from human experience, from the human mind, and so the whole question is irrelevant and meaningless.

    In any case, these beings managed to set up a system of farming on earth, whereby organisms would live and acquire experience and awareness, which they would relinquish at the moment of death, in order that it be consumed by the shadows. For awareness and life experience is their food. Everything ran smoothly for aeons. For millions of years organisms came and went and their life-essence was absorbed by the dark gods. Then it seems at a certain point something happened. A group of these gods, for whatever reason, decided to interfere in the process. They descended bodily to the earth, in corporeal form, and according to the legends, they fed certain chemical substances to some apes, causing major changes in the brain function of those apes. (Some legends state that the apes ate the hallucinogenic chemicals first, by accident, and this resulted in the arrival of the gods as a secondary reaction.)

    Either way, those early primates ate the mind-altering plants, and they saw strange visions of otherworldly spirit-creatures. The first works of art appeared. The first shamans and magicians. The first words were spoken. The first thoughts were thought. No one knows how or where the first thoughts came from, but whatever their source, they came. They popped into the heads of our early ancestors. For millions of years our primate ancestors lived side by side with the new psychic entities in their heads. And those entities guided them to conquer and best all the natural forces and other creatures on earth. They taught them magic and wonders. They taught them how to manipulate and victimize plants, animals and other humans.

    The new younger generation of gods, who we know as the fallen angels aka Satan, created a much more elaborate and sophisticated system of energy-farming, essentially bypassing the previous system. Whereas Yahweh and the others would have to wait for organisms to die in order to absorb their meagre life-force and relatively simple life-experiences, the new gods could absord the magnificent and complex mental energy of humans in real-time, rendering people weak, senile and worn-out by the time of their death, essentially stealing the food right out of Yahweh’s mouth.

    At some point Yahweh decided to send emissaries to the earth (Gabriel, Michael, Uriel, etc.) telling people to live according to certain codes. Codes that were meant to ensure that the Satan group wouldn’t be able to take peoples’ lifeforce and vitality in life, so Yahweh could take it in death. All in all, there is no such thing as “good” or “benevolent” gods looking out for the interests of mankind. There is simply two groups engaged in a battle for access and total domination of the massive cosmic energy source which is the human race.

    The true interest of mankind is to transcend his idea of “self” and his idea of a world of objects. Our true interest is to realize what we are: we are _potentially_ eternal sources of energy. We can expand our being, our perception, until it fuses with the infinite. We can escape the earth and the prison of the gods forever, flowing eternally with the universes’ fields of energy. And there is only a single religious cult on earth which aspires to this goal; the cult of the Plumed Serpent, Quetzalcoatl, whose origins stretch back into the darkness of prehistoric Mesoamerica.

  17. So, if you wanna know what I think happened to the hundreds of thousands (millions) of Maya men and women who all seemingly abandoned their vast and beautiful cities at the peak of their civilization, I would say that under the guidance of the priests of Kukulkan, they all vanished from the face of the earth, leaving behind their empty cities from Chichen Itza to Tikal, from Palenque to Copan. From Chiapas to Yucatan, to Guatemala, the people all simply left this world.

    And if you were to ask me why I think the Feathered Serpent Pyramid at Teotihuacan ( was deliberately covered with dirt and buried, and later hidden from view behind the Adosada, I would tell you that according to legend/history it was the work of the shaman-warriors of the cult of Tezcatlipoca, who did not appreciate the cult of the Plumed Serpent one bit. Teotihuacan is believed to be the original cult center of Quetzalcoatl, from where the doctrine originated and spread south. In later times, the cult center was at Tula in the state of Hidalgo, and after Tula was sacked and burned, it moved to Chichen Itza.

  18. If you go around shouting “FUCK CHRISTIANS!! FUCK JESUS!! DEATH TO CHRISTIANITY!!” in the streets of any big western city, nobody will give a fuck, and the media certainly won’t make a big deal out of it. If you scream “FUCK MUSLIMS!! DEATH TO ALL SANDNIGGER ARAB RAGHEAD SHITEATER PEDOPHILE MUSLIMS WHO WORSHIP A PEDOPHILE PROPHET!!” while burning a Quran, nobody will give a rat’s ass, and nobody will accuse you of hate crimes. They’ll just think “Well, he’s got a point there.” And the media won’t give a shit either. You might even get nominated for a nobel peace prize, the way I see it.

    Now, if you have the nerve to say “Hey! Read Wikipedia’s page on the history of investment banking in the USA and you’ll see that all of them big banks were established by Jews.” you’ll be burned at the stake by the media. Everyone will condemn you as a racist and an anti-semite and a liar and a hate-monger. And you’ll be compared to Hitler and Himmler.

    I swear I try to stay away from all this bullshit about politics and economics, I’m like “who gives a damn who has power? we’re all gonna die and all of our wealth and riches ain’t gonna mean shit. who cares if the Ashkenazis are ethnically cleansing the race of Israelites? everyone’s gonna die eventually anyway. etc. etc.” But then I open facebook and there in big bold letters is facebook suggesting that I like a page about supporting the IDF, with 4000 comments saying “I love Israel” and “Israelis are my favorite people in the world” and “We’ll all die before we give up our promised land” and “The Palestinians don’t belong in Israel, they should all be kicked out.” etc. etc.

    The way I see it, the Israelis and their wealthy bank owners in the west are actively trying to cause strife between Muslims and the western Christian world. On the one hand, every self-respecting Muslim is gonna hate Israel, and they’re gonna hate the USA and Europe for supporting Israel when clearly the Israelis are the oppressors and the Palestinians the oppressed. And on the other hand, I’m noticing an increase in Islamophobia and anti-Muslim sentiment coming from the west practically every day. Even though Muslims have done nothing to any western person, and they _aren’t_ doing anything now, nor do they plan to do anything in the future (I mean, ffs, look at all the shootings in the US, they are all committed by non-Muslims. So, where does this stereotype of the Muslim terrorist even come from? How many terrorists and suicide bombers have ever come out of Iran or Iraq or Syria? How many have come from Saudi Arabia on the other hand? Saudi Arabia is the US and Israel’s ally. The Mossad and the CIA are the ones training/brainwashing the Saudis to get them to blow themselves up. I mean, it wasn’t the Iranians or the Afghans who were conducting Project MKULTRA and other brainwashing and mindcontrol programs, ffs.) Anyway, there is absolutely no reason why any western person should dislike Muslims, except pure racism and true authentic anti-SEMITISM (as Arabs are a genuinely Semitic people).

    I see movements springing up in France and the Netherlands advocating “Against the Islamization of France” etc. I see the religious rights of Muslims being restricted in more and more European countries. I see Europeans thinking to themselves “these people should not be allowed to force their women to wear head-scarves” as if Muslim women have no free will. I never see Europeans thinking “Our women should not be forcefully sexualized at the age of 13” or “Our women shouldn’t be forced to wear make up and sexy/revealing clothes” because to a white man, that is completely normal, it’s completely normal that a woman should be a sex object, and the women themselves will defend their rights to be sex objects.

    But the point is, you don’t see Muslims telling Europeans “You fucking retards, you’re so morally corrupt you should all die and go to hell already!” No. Muslims say “You’re entitled to your opinions, no matter how fucked up and degrading they might be” and “You’re allowed to live however you want.” But according to the thoughts and sentiments coming from the west, Muslims aren’t allowed the freedom to choose for themselves. Muslim countries need to be invaded, and western-friendly dictators and politicians need to be placed in positions of power so they will not oppose the western (Jewish) liberal agenda to corrupt and destroy the innocence of third world rural Muslim areas. Yes. Materialism, greed, promiscuity, etc. etc. are values according to the Jewish media. Religion and otherworldly affairs are for crackpots. Money is all that matters. They say to Muslim women “It’s OK to prostitute yourself for money. Nobody is allowed to tell you otherwise!”

    Well, It’s NOT OK. (Mitchell Warren) It’s NOT OK to be a crack/heroin/alcohol/pot/etc. addict. It’s not OK to be a prostitute. It’s NOT OK to be a greedy motherfucker who cares only about profit. Everything that the liberal media says is “good” is actually “bad.” The media says Israel is good. What does that make Israel? And then there’s Katy Perry performing illuminati Satanic rituals on TV, subliminally affecting the minds and souls of millions of people. Just take some acid or mushrooms or smoke some DMT and watch her grammy performance (or any of her music videos) and you’ll see for yourself what is really happening in them.

    All in all, it’s hopeless. There is no way that anything “right” or “good” is ever going to happen on earth. Especially not when Facebook actually suggests to people “Hey! Love Israel!!” and Hollywood tells them “Hey! smoking and drinking is cool!! being smart and sober and educated is lame.”

  19. I mean, if you’ve watch Boardwalk Empire, the whole series is just a bunch of people smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol and having sex with prostitutes, and making it seem like drinking and smoking and fucking whores are the absolutely best things on the planet. And seriously, the first season of the show was good, but the second and third season just blow. There’s absolutely nothing there except advertisement for tobacco, alcohol, and sex, and a fierce effort to make Christianity look really foolish and dumb, while making money and power seem extremely nice and good.

  20. Ronaldo obtenu le premier tir au dimanche de Paques gloire, et il l’a pris à lui avec une première historique pour lui – un effort de cinq buts.

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