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 "The Crusaders" by Mark Bryan (1999). (
“The Crusaders” by Mark Bryan (1999). (

By: Ronald Thomas West

“Onward Christian Soldiers” is a popular hymn in the more conservative churches of 21st Century America:

“Onward Christian soldiers, marching as to war, with the cross of Jesus, going as before”

I recall this hymn from my childhood, it did not require any refreshing of my memory, I did not have to look up the lyrics. These are lyrics our Pentagon has taken to heart.

Here is example of this hymn’s inspiring hate in the most lethal military in today’s world:

“Michael Weinstein. You and the mfrr have nothing better to do than bully and fight the Christian soldiers who built this nation. From the wreckage of the Indian savages? And made it the only shining light of the world? Have you forgotten history? Our soldiers are made strong because of their faith in Jesus Christ and Christianity. When America’s soldiers are strong America is strong. I am such a soldier. Proud of my Savior and the USA. One among many in my unit who know you for what you truly are. A bunch of us at chapel watched some of the speeches you gave. On you tube. We all noticed how much you resemble the devil. Seriously you do. And you have the devils slippery powers of false persuasion too. You and the devil both hate Christ. You and the devil are the losers. You will both have hell as your home for all ages to come. Your life is totally a waste. Mr. Weinstein give it up and surrender to the Word of Christ. Our fighting forces fight with Jesus as our Lord and leader in all things. Deal with it. You try to mess with that and you totally deserve to suffer. Your fallen children’s deserve to suffer. Your fallen wife deserves to suffer. Your fallen parents deserve to suffer. All your fallen friends of the mfrr deserve to suffer too. And they will.”

What better evidence of crusaders than a meeting held in a United States military chapel instigating hate against the one man in America who’d taken a stand against the Christian extremist takeover of the United States military.

And then:

“My husband is a proud USMC sniper. We and our children and all the real marines in our unit are proud Christians. We all walk our life in the Lord’s Word. This means that it is our number one job to bring the lost to the Word and Grace of our Savior. By all the means necessary. If we fail to do so all who do not find Christ will burn in the darkness of hell. Mr. Mikey Wienstien has dedicated his earthly life to Satan. To trying to stop marines and soldiers and the American forces from bringing the fallen world to Christ. And most of the world is fallen. Christ is the one and only way. This makes Mikey the number one enemy of the Savior. Mikey on TV. Mikey on the radio. Mikey in the magazines and newspapers and Mikey all over the internet. Mikey won’t stop defying Christ and persecuting his followers in the service. But Mikey’s earthly life will end one day soon we pray. It is then he will pay. It’s then we will sing and smile. Our prayer circle on base is large and effective. Our prayer circle prayer is a dream of a world with no Mikey Wienstein in it. The dream we share is of Mikey in hell on fire and screaming. And screaming and screaming and screaming. As the flames bake him. For all eternity as our Lord has proclaimed. And no one can hear him. No one can help him. Watch Mikey scream in our dream. Here Mikey scream in our dream. Forever in hell with his friends the homos, the Muslims the communists, the leftists. And the gun haters and the abortion lovers. Christ makes all things new again. Christ answers the prayers of his faithful. And no one is more faithful to Christ than the USMC. Burn, burn Mikey burn. Hallelujah.

Notice that on top of the 1st hate mail directed at the Military Religious Freedom Foundation leader Michael Weinstein referring to “Indian savages”, the 2nd mail refers to that foundation’s work to protect (among others) the rights of Muslims.

In this context it is not a stretch at all to draw a comparison; the ordained minister Colonel Chivington’s massacre of the peaceful Cheyenne chief Black Kettle’s village at Sand Creek, Colorado and the torture and murder of thousands of Muslims in Iraq by James Steele at the direction of Rumsfeld & Cheney, under the supervision of General David Patraeus, as recently exposed in a lengthy documentary by the Guardian.

What is missing from the western democracies dialogue is American actions that inspire the terror aimed at us.

 We have our Iraq legacy of mass murders, torture, rape and humiliation by American military, and the perpetrators are not held accountable for the most part. We saw the occasional prosecution of a low level soldier or a few, but the generals associated with the systematic abuses, examples given Patraeus and McChrystal, effectively are immune, the proper term is impunity.

Whether Patraeus’ ‘dirty war’ death squad veterans, or McChrystal’s Camp Nama abuses, et cetera, the responsible parties have walked free.

 In Afghanistan, featuring the same players, there have been numerous crimes as well. There, American (CIA associated or coordinated) special operations forces have basically behaved as they pleased, with their special status independent of normal NATO command structures.

Mix this up with mercenaries (CIA hires called “counter-terrorism pursuit teams”) and you get what we’ve seen; school boys bound and executed, families murdered including pregnant women with bullets cut out of their bodies to cover the tracks of their special operations killers, and the most recent event where a CIA officer running a paramilitary team was killed (the real story behind this next linked article’s spin) and the result was an act of spite in violation of the rules of war; an air strike called in that killed ten kids and a couple of women sheltering with them. These are not isolated incidents but representative of that war, with multiple cases, year in and year out.


Extreme Christian fundamentalism overtaking our officer corps and security apparatus, the radical right “Officers Christian Fellowship” and such stellar Cretans as Pentagon darling William Boykin, a poster child example; as well fundamentalist generals Patraeus and McChrystal with CIA associated special operations background, examples given.

When Muslims are not really considered human beings, the rules of war are not taken seriously consequently and with this infection spreading, it should be no surprise a dozen civilians, kids and women, who’d fled to the roof of a building Taliban had taken refuge in, in a firefight, do not stand in the way of a bomb dropped on that building consequently. This (or similar actions) have happened time and time again.

It could have been young men from any ethnic background having to do with consequently radicalized Islam inspired to strike back in Boston. 

Until this is a part of a new and international dialogue, and there is a consequent accountability, terror aimed at Americans particularly, and western democracies generally, will only rise.

German Interior Minister Han Peter Friedrich has stated:

“In Boston all indications are pointing to a dangerous phenomenon, which is causing us growing concern. Instead of large organizations, we will now be attacked by lone wolves and small groups who radicalize themselves. That is very unsettling”

This statement had been made in a context of video surveillance aimed at prevention of attacks, which is a band-aid fix in a case of a patient with cancer. I can personally assure you all, the German authorities have known about the egregious hate crimes against Islam as a whole by NATO associated American military, for quite some years, transited through American military bases situated on sovereign German territory; Ram stein, to name but one facility.

The Germans have also known for quite some time, Obama’s ‘look forward, not back’ policy of shielding international criminals has as much as anything to do with the top American leadership compromised and corrupt to the core.

FBI Director Robert Mueller had been central to covering up the terrorism money laundering BCCI scandal, Attorney General Eric Holder had been at the center of arranging concealing the identities of American corporate personalities who provided cash and machine guns to the right-wing Colombian AUC death squads who went on to murder approximately 4,000 people, and Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts was not only appointed by Bush but is a personal friend of the lawyer who was Dick Cheney’s vice presidential general counsel when Cheney was engaged in his international crime spree.

The Germans also know justice will not be forthcoming from the USA, particularly now that Obama himself is compromised by deeds committed under advisement of his ‘counter-terrorism’ advisor (and now CIA Director) John Brennan.

I hate to think Germany is shirking its historic responsibility to confront these behaviors in NATO, despite the fact Germany has a law:

The Völkerstrafgesetzbuch or VStGB (“international criminal code”) is the German law that regulates the crimes against public international law. It was created to bring the German criminal law into accordance with the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. It was announced on 26 June 2002 and became law 30 June 2002. It covers the following offenses:

None of these are subject to a statute of limitations.

This law has NOT been applied by Germany, for reasons that must be construed as rank political cowardice. This is a primary reason this complaint to the International Criminal Court may be found to have standing. Germany should be obliged to apply this law or to be found complicit in these crimes.




8 March 2013

Dear Madame or Sir, of the International Criminal Court

I thought you might find my story interesting. The USA came after me initially using the FISA law, employed as cover to snuff me for anti-corruption work. This was initiated under Bush and carried on under Obama. It didn’t stack up and I reversed the circumstance while on the run in Europe, but now it’s like a Mexican stand-off.

I regret to inform you the Bush era crimes did not cease with the Obama administration, but have rather been shell gamed. My own case in point, for your information.

I am a fugitive anti-corruption investigator with a serious problem. Over the past 5+ years I had allowed myself, in informal arrangement set up via 3rd party, to be used as live bait to document an international murder ring connected to intelligence agencies, for both German and Spanish (and then German again) authorities. The problem is, despite the fact the authorities should long since have ample evidence to issue arrest warrants, pursue extraditions and prosecutions, and they sit on their hands. Probably this has to do with the explosive nature of my case and I will hazard a guess of political interference and/or inertia.

That I am a real person and have delved deeply into past intermingled corporate/government corruption, is easily confirmed via Mueller Law of Austin, Texas, USA.

Ronald West


11 March 2013

Dear Mr. West,

Thank you for your message. Please note that the International Criminal Court has a very limited jurisdiction. The Court may only address the crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes as defined by Articles 6 to 8 of the Rome Statute that have occurred after 2002, and can only exercise jurisdiction in the countries that have ratified it. For more information on the Court’s jurisdiction and the full text of the Rome Statute, please refer to page 2 of the attached document and our website, We encourage you to carefully review this information.

If, after your careful review, you believe this is the correct place for your case and would like to submit a claim to the Court, then please follow the directions for how to do so on page 1 of the attached document.

Kind regards,

OTP Information Desk

International Criminal Court


11 March 2103

Dear adjudicators of the International Criminal Court

Thank you for your response and invitation to review the requirements of the Rome Statute and submit a claim if relevant.

I believe the ICC has jurisdiction in my cause for the following reasons;

1)    The effort to silence my work (multiple attempts at assassination of myself) can be tied to politicians, military officers and intelligence personnel covering up crimes against humanity

2)    These attempts and my work have occurred in nations party to the Rome Statute (Germany, Spain) and pursued since 2002 (October 2007-November 2012, perhaps ongoing to present)

3)    Germany and Spain are or have been in joint NATO military endeavor with the alleged perpetrators, as well Germany provides logistical support to alleged criminal parties in the overall or greater endeavor by provision of facilities hosted on sovereign German soil, and as well has taken no proactive, reasonable or responsible action to confront the alleged crimes they must be aware of on account of monitoring (but taking no action to rectify) my case

4)    My work has or might have identified, (un)covered or documented organized, deliberate, multiple extra-judicial murders by security forces under the supervision of, or liaised with NATO commanders well aware of and/or systematically promoting alleged murders, in Afghanistan particularly, as well crimes on German and Spanish soil in attempted silencing of myself and stopping my open source analysis of crimes against humanity.

5)    Alleged multiple extra-judicial murders are covert but demonstrable, deliberate policy of parties embedded in instruments of state, largely but not limited to, military and intelligence agencies in joint endeavor with NATO members Germany and Spain

My complaint names Germany, host of American military and NATO facilities, as a compliant, complicit party to crimes against humanity, German Interior Minister Dr. Hans-Peter Friedrich as accountable for allowing myself to be pursued for purpose of silencing an investigator, Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle for engaging policy promoting the material support on German sovereign territory of persons, agencies and states (Germany, NATO, USA) for purposes of multiple extra-judicial murders, and Angela Merkel as responsible, supervisory authority.

The magistrates and investigators and any unknown to myself pertinent authorities of Spain familiar with my case are named as material witnesses to attempted silencing (attempted murder) of this investigator, and any shared intelligence by/with Germany germane to alleged attempts on my life and are further alleged for purposes of frustrating justice relevant to this complaint.

Evidence referred to the court is the work of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (an American 501(c)3 non-profit corporation) documenting the American military are become widely infected with anti-Islam criminal officers devoted to the extra-judicial killings of Muslims as a ‘Christian Dominion’ religious duty and this institutional infection is controlling the Pentagon and military special operations in Afghanistan particularly, compromising NATO and is furthermore endeavor Germany is providing material and logistical support to, with joint NATO operations and hosting involved American military facilities on sovereign German soil.

In the event the immediate preceding is adequately disclaimed by Germany in association with NATO, on account of American military special operations command in Afghanistan having been held separately and away from NATO command structures (a ‘denial’ construct), then preceding paragraph is amended to reflect solely the German hosting complicit American military persons and facilities supporting/promoting extra-judicial killings of Muslims for extreme ideological purpose, outside the constraints of the rules of engagement in war as determined in international law.

Further evidence referred to the court is the work of Jeff Sharlet: “C Street: The Fundamentalist Threat to American Democracy”, documenting extreme ‘Christian Dominion’ organization having penetrated every institution of the United States government, the USA military inclusive, backing evidence developed by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, documenting ideological criminal motivation and associated criminals supported materially by Germany in association with the American military, NATO and the military endeavor in Afghanistan.

Named specifically as example of alleged numerous ideological/religious criminally motivated acts for which the parties named to this complaint provide material support to is, the so-called “Narang Night Raid” or the attack on a household in the village of Ghazi Khan, Afghanistan, in the early morning hours of December 27, 2009.

A second named example is the so-called “Wech Baghtu” or “wedding party” air strike, referring to the killing of 37 civilians, mostly women and children, by an air strike on November 3, 2008.

A third named example is the so-called “Khataba raid” an incident which five civilians, including two pregnant women and a teenage girl, were killed by U.S. forces on February 12, 2010.

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation should be able to attest it is the Pentagon, the American officer corps, the United States Air Force, and the United States special operations forces particularly, where you will find the highest concentration of ideologically/religiously motivated criminal leadership, and specific to this, there have been reports of American soldiers seeking counseling in Afghanistan have been advised all will be well if they only would ‘be saved’ and ‘kill Muslims for Christ’, all materially and logistically supported by Germany.

Tangential, but relevant nonetheless to the preceding, is evidence which should be in the hands of German or Spanish authorities:

1)    One probable poison glass pellet captured intact by my knit cap, turned in via 3rd party, (name-edited-out), I was to be informed if the stated item were harmless only, no notification was forthcoming (2008.)

2)    One set of documents inclusive of a report to the United States Department of Agriculture Inspector General dated 1991 exposing a criminal ring working the inside of government counterfeiting environmental impact statements for CHEVRON corporation. The relevance of this documentation is the clearly damning levels of information I am capable of developing and motivation to silence this investigator now moved on to investigating related criminal apparatus engaged in ideological/religious extra-judicial murders. This documentation had been sent in via the same 3rd party in the paragraph preceding (2009.) Incidental to this, two young attorneys, John Yoo and Jay Bybee, had been writing legal opinions on behalf of the 1991 criminal acts and it was after Condoleezza Rice went from CHEVRON board director to the Bush II administration, I began to experience problems eventually leading to my present circumstance.

3)    Persons positively identified in efforts to permanently silence this investigator include then active CIA officer Sabrina DeSousa at Weisbaden, Germany (2008), and former CIA chief of station (private contractor) Gary  Berntsen at Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain (2010.) This is information that should have been developed further by both German and Spanish authorities and should be requested.

Again, thank you for this opportunity to submit a complaint relating to crimes against humanity.

Ronald West


18 March 2013

Office of the Prosecutor, The Hague

Dear Mr. West

The Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court acknowledges receipt of your documents/letter. This communication has been duly entered in the Communications Register of the Office. We will give consideration to this communication, as appropriate, in accordance with the provisions of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. As soon as a decision is reached, we will inform you, in writing, and provide you with reasons for this decision.

Yours sincerely, M.P. Dillon

Head of Information & Evidence Unit, Office of The Prosecutor


The Office of the Prosecutor

The Hague, Friday, 26 April 2013

Dear Mr. West

On behalf of the Prosecutor, I thank you for your communication received 3/11/2013, as well as any subsequent related information.

As you may know, the International Criminal Court (“the ICC” or “the Court”) is governed by the Rome Statute, which entrusts the Court with a very specific and carefully defined jurisdiction and mandate. A fundamental feature of the Rome Statute is that the Court may only exercise jurisdiction over persons for the most serious crimes of concern to the international community as a whole, namely genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes, as defined in the Rome Statute (Articles 6 to 8). The Court may only exercise jurisdiction over crimes committed on or after 1 July 2002 (Article 11). In addition, the Court may only exercise jurisdiction over crimes committed on the territory of a State that has accepted the jurisdiction of the Court or by a national of such a State (Article 12), or where the Security Council refers the situation to the Court (Article 13).

The Office of the Prosecutor has examined your communication and has determined that more detailed information would be required in order to proceed with an analysis of whether the allegations could fall within the jurisdiction of the Court. The Prosecutor has determined that, in the absence of such information, there is not a basis at this time to proceed with further analysis. We welcome you to submit additional information to enable us to conduct a further analysis. The information you have submitted will be maintained in our archives and the decision not to proceed may be reconsidered if new facts or evidence provide a reasonable basis to believe that a crime within the jurisdiction of the Court has been committed.

I am grateful for your interest in the ICC. If you would like to learn more about the work of the ICC, I invite you to visit our website at

Yours sincerely, M.P. Dillon

Office of The Prosecutor


26 April 2013

To: Hans Christian Stroebel, MP, German Parliament

Dear Mr. Stroebel

The International Criminal Court has asked for more information concerning the case I have submitted against Germany, previous information linked here:

If Germany will prosecute using Völkerstrafgesetzbuch, I will refrain from filing an amended complaint against Germany and providing additional information to the ICC including indisputable crimes in Iraq with this (and other) additional information


Ronald Thomas West


To find out more about Ronald Thomas West go HERE 

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