Decadent Nation “So There Will Be No Doubt”


Decadent Nation

“So There Will Be No Doubt”

Wait a minute…which “decadent nation” are we talking about here?  No, we’re not talking about the decadent U.S. of A, we’re talking about the new 21st century, socio-political band Decadent Nation!


“This is the music of the 21st Century and Decadent Nation is bringing back the big sounds of seventies rock and revolutionary beat, along with a New Age progressiveness and messages for our current times.”

This is the official music video for Independence Day by Decadent Nation shot by Boxcar Films.

The first single from DN’s upcoming album “So There Will Be No Doubt” which will be out on Sept 10th, 2010! DN also wants to send a huge THANK YOU again to Boxcar Films ( for the amazing video and all of their hard work!






Read the Interview with Decadent Nation!



    Ha ha, Grainne. They remind me of classic rock being carried into its next phase. They definitely have the beat that make your feet want to dance and your spirits fly. I wonder if they’d like to perform in Alaska?

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