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Dr. Phal in Transcendental Republicanism

By neonorth Jul 24, 2009

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3 thoughts on “Dr. Phal in Transcendental Republicanism”
  1. Hee hee. The dividing lines between Democrats and Republicans has worn so thin, there’s really no true separation. The news is, Palin plans to devote her time to championing both Democrats and Republicans who share her vision. No explanation here as to what her vision might be, although she opened the door for large scale mining operations before she left office. Back to the same ole same ole. Alaska will receive a pittance for exploiting her resources, and be left with pollution and diminishing wildlife.

  2. Her vision seems to be to make a career out of wearing outdated flashy suit-dresses with big ass pockets that she can stash stuff in as she is leaving the room.

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