How To Grow A Garden-Part:4

For a long time Randon just watched the boy from the corner of his eye. Sizing him up. Unsure of what the boy might do if frightened. Mostly though, he was trying to figure out if the boy was worth helping. It wasn’t like he had a backup plan should the boy eat up all his food. Hell. Maybe the boy would have been food if he had been more than flesh vacuum sealed over bones.

How To Grow A Garden Part 3

Randon was a Patriot, that’s what they called him now. Like it was some dirty word. Branded a Patriot like someone would brand a witch, and hunted like one too. In his life long passed he was a full fledged member of The Council of Twenty, but he worked his way up to it, and she knew every little dirty secret he ever had. Every underhanded, sneaky, and terrible thing he’d ever done, willfully, or by complete chance. She called him the man with the overactive pen.

America in Decline-Stockton

By: Paul William Fassett An example of the deteriorating cities of America; Stockton was one of the first cities in California to officially declare bankruptcy, but this city’s decline was well in the making some time ago. I went to Stockton with eyes full of diamonds, and well wishes. I was sent there to film…