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Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it.  — Confucious 

venetian-carnival-5-597281-mBeauty and the Beast


by Renee Y. Brown


I put pen to paper and with words intend

Writing a letter, but not to send.

What I write will remain unknown

To the man I love it will never be shown.

In words unspoken and silent dreams

I show him all that can’t be seen.

My heart open, my face unmasked,

So who I am is clear as glass.

My hero sees beyond his eyes

And finds in truth where beauty lies.

He loves me in the world of my mind

Outside of that, the prince is not mine.

Fairy tales are just as life

The beautiful face becomes the wife.

So I shake my head, I sigh, I know

Like fairy tales life too does go.

I set pen to paper and write words without end

A lifetime of letters never to send.

I live in this world and so does he

And only with eyes do people see.

My love for him is manifest

In not asking him to rest

The sight of his lovely eyes on me —

Beauty’s love for this beast cannot be.



It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness. –- Leo Tolstoy

broken-mirror-3-379470-mMirror, Mirror


by Renee Y. Brown


Mirror, mirror on the wall

Who’s the fairest one of all?

Most fair of face, of flesh and hair

A single beauty beyond compare?

In fairy tales what’s fair is right,

Beauty is virtue




Worthiness by fairness of face

Deserving of the saving grace

In a prince’s kiss, the gift of life

Eternal love as princess wife.

Her only virtue in being seen

As the fairest of all to reign as queen.


To say ugly is evil, beauty is good

Makes fairy tales hate-speech for childhood.

They teach little girls to hate what they see

When they look in a mirror and know they can’t be

The beautiful princess who gets it all

Because she’s the fairest of them all.


The mirror haunts girls all their lives

From their very first glance till the day they die.

‘How do I look, is it good enough?’

But it never is, you can’t measure up.

Appearance is value and so they are judged

By the world, by culture, and mostly themselves.

All true values that come from within

Are superseded by the value of skin.

Courage, compassion, integrity

Intelligence, talent, ability

And most of all, genius –

In women superfluous

Denied, denounced, denigrated, destroyed

Ignored, bullied, ridiculed, and void.

Genius is a beauty that comes from the mind

And creates beauty that can’t be defined

By facial structure and tight skin

Or youthful bodies smooth and thin.

But the collective fairy tale implies

Female genius as ugly, evil, ostracized

Usually ending in homicide.


Cinderella, Snow White, or Princess Pretty Generic,

Disney’s ugly villains, beautiful good girls and handsome princes heroic

Brainwash generations of girls from one century to another

To hate themselves and judge each other

To love the handsome charming abuser

And dismiss the invisible nice guy as loser.


Mirror, mirror on the wall,

Who’s the fairest one of all?

Fair as fair as in equality

Justice, freedom, empathy,

A world without war and poverty.

What’s fair is fair for all humanity.

The one who’s fairest of all

Is the one who’s fairest towards us all —


The one who smashes the mirror and makes it fall.



 It’s not what you look at that matters…it’s what you see.— Henry David Thoreau


A Kiss From The Princeshutterstock_177086045

by Renee Y. Brown


But not a beauty

I sleepwalked through life

Waiting for the magic kiss

Of the prince to awaken me

And bring my happily-ever-after.

Not that I expected much –

After a lifetime of waiting, getting older and ever more ‘not a beauty’

I slumped into







Unforgiving of

All the sins


And God

Had done unto me.

Then one night

My prince finally arrived.

He placed a gentle kiss

Upon my sleeping lips

And I awoke.

I thought I was still dreaming but there he stood,

Just as I had imagined –

Handsome, regal,

And radiating love for me.

“At last,” I said, “I’ve been waiting so long.”

“Then you’re an idiot,” he said.

“Wait, my prince would never say that.”

“But you do.”

“I thought you were here to rescue me.”

“I am if you’d just shut up and open up.”

“Maybe I should call 911.”

“I am your 911.”

“You love me… don’t you?”

“Blessed are those who love themselves for they shall always be loved.”


“You heard me. Blessed are those who choose happiness for they feel the mind of God.”

“That sounds like New Age bullshit. What kind of prince are you?”

“Yours. Blessed are the receivers for they shall receive.”

“I thought the poor were blessed?”

“Do you think poverty is a blessing? Blessed are those who count their blessings for their blessings shall be multiplied.”

“Get out.”

“Blessed are the grateful for they hold the keys to the kingdom.”

“Stop being cruel!”

“Blessed are those who reject victimhood for theirs is the power to live.”

“I hate you!”

“Blessed are the forgivers for they create universes.”

There was nothing left for me to say. My prince smiled.

“No more whining. Get up and go forth.

You are never alone because we are all one and you can’t destroy yourself enough to ever be separated.

Whiners only get more to whine about.

Accept this gift, say thanks, love me by loving yourself and remember the prince never comes to you and you never go to him.

You are the prince and the princess and the alpha and the omega.

I am with you always because you are the always and time, which doesn’t exist, is now.

BTW, you are beautiful and I love you. Kiss-kiss.”

He disappeared but he wasn’t gone.

I got up and looked in the mirror and I saw All That Is.

I never looked better.




Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder. — Kinky Friedman


Renee Y. Brown is an American army veteran who now has all the time in the world to devote to writing, general goofing around and catching up on sleep. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she is making her wayward way back home one state at a time, eventually. Never offer her a free meal because she will take you up on it. Her Linked-In page is:



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