Legacy of a King

by Karla Fetrow Alaska has a flair for scandalous politicians. The eruption into Congressional uproars and electrifying discourse convened the first day territorial statesman,

Medically Militant

We have made great strides in the prevention and treatment of disease. Things that would have resulted in death a hundred years ago, like a ruptured appendix or consumption are easily treated with surgical intervention and antibiotics. However do we go too far in requiring that our ideals of treatment are met regardless of the patient’s wishes?

“Stand Up For The Stupid and Crazy”-A case for supporting public funding of Mental Health Care

Chances are that each of us has been either directly or indirectly affected by Mental Illness at some time in our life. Chances also are that we have paid for treating Mental Illness in one way or another. Whether it be paying for psychotherapy or pharmacotherapy following a particularly bad event in our lives or by our tax dollars going towards treating others who have, or claim to have, a mental illness.
How much should we as a society be responsible for when it comes to Mental Health needs and how much should an individual take responsibility for?