A Stalk in the Park

A.B. Thomas- It had been a warm spring night four years ago, half drunk, stumbling home from a high school party, Leanne had opted to cut through the trail that ran along the river bank that paralleled the windy road. The spruce trees that lined either

Takitawah-The End

In which Jared Club finalizes his assignment and learns a bit about his own nature, which we assume he will forget as soon as he reaches the next bar.

Takitawah Part 5

In which Dr. Phal joins Jared Club for a round of drinks and philosophical meanderings. “The only known mutant penis with independence in thought…”

Takitawah Part 4

A.B. Thomas-In which Ty Moreland discovers just how much of a badass he isn’t and also that horse tranquilizers cause you to make bad decisions.

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