Savannah Thorne- There was something deep to voodoo, something that spoke to him in sparks of his blood. He wished he knew its secrets. It called to him, wanting him to follow the intricate tracery of its veins, to be lost in its shadows and never come back.

Never Talk About this Again

Savannah Thorne- There were so many stories about the graveyard: It was haunted, Satanists sacrificed animals there, strange lights had been seen and tinkling noises heard. It had attained a mythic status not just in my neighborhood; the whole

The Prizewinning Fertilizer

By: Neonorth- Gardening is not just a hobby; it’s a metaphor about life, when you think about it. You have to prepare a garden, plan what you want, plant then tend to it by weeding it, watering and protecting it so that what you want in the end comes out with the richest of flavours and colour.

Black Point

By: Neonorth- “C’mon and scream, you stupid fuck!” Shay-Lynn commanded through gritted teeth. Didn’t Raymond realize by now that she was stronger than he was; there was no way his skinny ass was going to pull him out?