Halloween Horror Flick Winner and Reviews

By: Grainne Rhuad After hours of watching blood, guts, extreme close ups of god knows what and artistical use of colour, I have come to a conclusion about Horror this season.  Makers of Horror are getting lazy.  There is a terrifying trend in the Horror genre to try to re-create what the writer/directors feel would…

A Dickens of a Tale…..

Mike- I was almost knocked down by a man in dark flowing clothing riding a large black horse. He was traveling at a great gallop along my side of the road. As I stood there, another three horsemen came riding up and passed me as if in pursuit of the

A Stalk in the Park

A.B. Thomas- It had been a warm spring night four years ago, half drunk, stumbling home from a high school party, Leanne had opted to cut through the trail that ran along the river bank that paralleled the windy road. The spruce trees that lined either

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