The Icelandic Accord, Part II episode 3

Karla Fetrow- Failing to gain a majority vote despite President Ting’s support, Vandeweerd prepares to leave yet another deadlocked summit meeting when his course his swayed by a minor detail. Queen Caridad, of the Peruvian Empire has summoned him.

The Boomerang Kids

Poetry by Amnesia Grok- That night, I dream of the perfect son, & I dream of what he’d be like. Come next morning, I find that Dream Child still in my head, & he’s taking online classes & demanding piano lessons!\

The Valley of the Glacier

by Karla Fetrow This is the land of fire and ice. On one side of the twisting Turnagain Arm, grey silt waters of a tumultuous inlet, seething with trembling fault lines, jellying clay and vicious bore tides;