The Mini Me

Edward-Yemil Rosario- Why does our innate vision, which knows only happy endings and simple solutions, rarely lead to what we had imagined? When we dare give flight to our dreams, why is it so often destined for a crash landing?

Edward- Yemil Rosario: We are all Othellos at heart — open, trusting, wanting to see the best in each other — and we are often seduced by our own invisible Iagos.

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The Case Against Meat

Raven: According to the most recent surveys, 6% of the World’s population admits to never eating meat. That’s an easy 360 million people. They’re here, and their numbers are growing. According to the last US health reports, vegetarians and vegans ranked amongst the healthiest strata of population: little to no diabetes, heart conditions, weight problems and overall highest life expectancy.

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