Well, good evening, hello!
Glad you like the pattern on the necklace that from under my shirt does show.
What’s that? Oh they are coloured teeth –
No not animal – oh, aye, there is a story that lies underneath…

The Resurrection of Harvey Milk

By: The David If he had lived, had he not been assassinated, he would be 78 years old. He would have become an elder statesman for the GLBT Community. He may have become a politician recognized on a State-wide basis in California, and possibly on a National basis. He had come to San Francisco in…

Cracks in the Child Welfare System

by Grainne Rhaud Beneficial Trade Fostering is an ancient practice. Originally instituted to solidify family and national treaties, ancient fostering practices called for children; usually sons; to be sent to another family which raised them

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