The End of the Magical Kingdom

Comedy. Fantasy. Tragedy. Horror. A book for the outcasts of society. Find out why this fairy tale satire is being called the “weirdest book you’ve ever read”.

The Evil Princess

What happens when a singing fairy tale princess falls in love with a witch instead of the handsome prince she’s destined to marry? This is Mary Melancholy’s story.

The rules of being a fairy tale princess are simple:

1. Always overdress.
2. Always play to win.
3. Share with those less fortunate.
4. Stay true to yourself.
5. And for heaven’s sake NEVER fall in love with a WITCH!

Princess Mary Melancholy has no idea how to be happy. Self-conscious and socially awkward, all she really wants is to believe in something the way everyone else does. Her royal troubles abound since she’s engaged to be married as part of a peace treaty between two warring kings and has a weird habit of singing out in public.

Mary meets a witch named Salem who is cantankerous, bawdy and banned from the land because of her Evil intentions. But when Salem accidentally kisses the princess and they both feel a spark of attraction, a forbidden romance begins that threatens the future of two kingdoms.

Will Mary choose love and scandalize the family as The Evil Princess or accept responsibility and protect her people? This lesbian fairy tale is an Anti-Disney parody of conflicted feels.

Although “The End of the Magical Kingdom 1: The Evil Princess” is not an age-restricted book, the story contains adult subject matter, disturbing violence and harsh emotional intensity. Discretion is advised for readers under the age of 13.

The Saint of Science

It’s hard growing up in a House of Evil Queens when you have a conscience and must uphold the integrity of Science and Atheism. This is Sweet Blossom’s story.

It’s hard growing up in a long line of Evil Queens and Wicked Stepmothers in the Palace of Saints, the royal family of the Commonwealth of the Pink Sky. “Sweet” Blossom is a princess in waiting with big ideas on how to change the world, but she must contend with her scheming family, not to mention a sexual, cultural and social revolution happening all over Cadabra.

A woman destined to inherit power has many friends, suitors and enemies hiding behind smiling faces. She must choose her friends carefully. Prince Aaron is a nice guy and an old-fashioned idealist who struggles with the new wave of feminism. Tom Callin is a foul-mouthed, two-faced opportunist who hides behind fake mouse ears and corporate promises. And then there is the Big Bad Wolf, a master of disguise and an actor with an incredible range of false emotion.

Blossom can only choose one path on the road to Sainthood. Will she follow her morals, her ambitions, or her aching heart?

Although “The End of the Magical Kingdom 2: The Saint of Science” is not an age-restricted book, the story contains controversial subject matter, graphic violence, and violent emotional intensity. Discretion is advised for readers under the age of 16.

The Watchmaker’s Child

Playing God is much harder than it looks on TV, even with unlimited technology at your disposal. Secrets must be protected or empires crumble. This is Wendy’s story.

Wendy is the real “wizard” of the Diamond Empire, a kingdom built on gadgets, robotics and a free market society. Using her ultracomputer and her Cadabra-wide surveillance system, she can spy on everybody and plan their futures, playing God and pulling the strings.

But Wendy’s secret is spreading quickly. Conspiracies abound about her father being dead and her entire royal ancestry being a sham. What will the kings of Cadabra do once they find out Wendy is just a lonely teenage girl holding unlimited resources and power?

Wendy’s villains are increasing. Conspiracy buffs, violent protesters, witch covens, assassins, vigilantes and multinational corporations are all determined to destroy the “Diamond Standard” and break the hold that the Diamond Empire has on the Cadabra economy.

It’s going to take an act of God to prevent a World War…or at least the sharp mind of a watchmaker’s child.

Although “The End of the Magical Kingdom 3: The Watchmaker’s Child” is not an age-restricted book, the story contains controversial subject matter, horrific scenes of sadism, and emotionally violent content that may trigger traumatic memories in some readers. Discretion is advised for readers under the age of 16.

The Twin Flame

WHAT? Is that how it ends? What about the loose ends? It’s not over yet. Don’t miss the final episode of The End of the Magical Kingdom!

How can there be a happy ending when so much destruction has taken place in the name of peace and goodwill? In the words of Princess Mary Melancholy, “Happily Ever After is always possible.”

In the story of Princess Elisa and her sister Katrina we find redemption and the “soul” of Cadabra that has gone missing. The bond between two sisters is the strongest in the world. But how strong is family love when tested by such monstrous forces of nature?

Can Princess Elisa, the most powerful princess of them all, survive ongoing threats of seduction, oppression, apathy and despair? Bianca and Rita, two powerful witches in the Wilderness, stand in the way of Elisa’s plans to save her family and start the chain reaction that heals Cadabra’s wounds.

If Princess Elisa is to win the war, she must learn to embrace people and teach love in a world dominated by hate.

This prequel and sequel to “The End of the Magical Kingdom” marks the end of the author’s princess war novel quadrilogy. Just as in fairy tales, Book 4: “The Twin Flame” ends with a hard-earned Happily Ever After, but not before a few plot twists, dark comedy episodes, and a bevy of psychological traumas.

“The End of the Magical Kingdom” is classic L.M. Warren – sarcastic, shocking, funny, and emotionally wrenching, but always with a life lesson. A book that you must experience to believe!

The final book includes 3 mini-books that will finish The End of the Magical Kingdom series and find the elusive “Happily Ever After” that fans have been eagerly waiting.

Although “The End of the Magical Kingdom 4: The Twin Flame” is not an age-restricted book, the story contains adult content, horrific scenes of sadism and violence that may trigger traumatic memories in some readers. Discretion is advised for readers under the age of 17.

Special Thanks to the Artists Who Helped Create The End of the Magical Kingdom’s Cast: Sebastian Sabo, Dahnell, Antonio and Benjamin Davi

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