I don’t know how bad Ralph Breaks the Internet was. It was one of maybe three movies I walked out in my entire life. Framing every top American corporation as if it was a quirky caricature of a paradisaic existence is insulting to a real artist.

Ready Player One had the illusion of corporate culture posing as
cinematic art, insulting us all in a subversive, big brother-is-laughing-at-you kind of way.

Ralph Breaks the Internet, like Emoji: The Movie, was little more than a two-hour commercial for Internet commerce. In terms of storytelling, it had the pathos of a Geico commercial with the adorable animated lizard reminding you to check in and make your payments on time. Not so much a satire as an orgy of American Excess.

Shame since I admired the retro sensibility of the first one. But maybe the second one brings home the point: in any generation, you’re a consumer and your memories were bought and paid for by somebody.

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