I’ve always said Spielberg is a propagandist filmmaker – the best in the world.

Ready Player One was an ode to the best side of corporate culture. The “artistry” behind commercial products has never looked so lovely. The beautiful idealism of dreamers and how they turn into trillionaires.

Were we expecting anything deep from Spielberg besides patriotism and sentiment? This was his fun retirement film, a tribute to all the pop culture that shaped his generation.

It was a film only he could make, given how many copyright codes it broke. What’s most fascinating about it, was his apologist philosophy for ruthless capitalism. Sometimes greed goes wrong and when it does, we fix it!

There were so many visual parodies and homages I lost count. Hopefully it set a Guinness World Record. Emotionally it felt like a less narcissistic Scott Pilgrim vs. the World – which was the more scathing criticism of millennial and Gen-X culture.

Spielberg remains the corporate babyboomer to the end, in love with art for art’s sake, even if it’s a Kinkade painting.

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