Facebook has banned several “extremist leaders”, including Alex Jones, Louis Farrakhan, Milo Yiannopoulos, Laura Loomer and Joseph Watson, among other “Dangerous Individuals.”

This action has also given The Magical Kingdom Admin a big head, since LM Warren’s Magical Kingdom Facebook page was banned BEFORE Alex Jones, Farrakhan and company, thereby implying that Warren was a million times worse than all the other trolls.

Who would have thought our sex jokes and funny Disney memes were promoting hate and violence?

When we asked Facebook for a comment, they responded by re-sharing some memes that Magical Kingdom originally shared.

In hindsight, we kind of get what the problem was.


4 thoughts on “Facebook Declares The Magical Kingdom a Terrorist Organization”

  1. Recently I noticed a couple of “bad princess” memes that look suspiciously similar to your red-headed, smoking princess. I think Facebook wanted to bump you out of the way before allowing them so there wouldn’t be any plagiarism issues.

  2. Aren’t you supposed to be chanting “We’re #1, we’re #1” here?

    Actually I think it is part of Facebook’s new campaign: Make FaceBook Boring! I mean most of my feed at this point consists of commercials which are paused about 10 seconds in so they can run a commercial. Then another huge section of my feed is Facebook trying to encourage me to run commercials for sites I run the pages for.

    Whatever is left is devoted to friends making political posts because they are entirely fed up with the political process. I don’t even get any decent cat pictures anymore 😉

  3. Damn I tried to “like” your comments for 20 minutes until I realized I’m not on Facebook anymore. Imagine having to invent words, like an actual conversation in the old days, rather than click emoticons to acknowledge that statements were read. And yeah I totally get the “make Facebook boring” thing. Kind of makes me wonder if it’s a strategy on their part, or just a sign of gradual decline – ala MySpace.

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