I, Here

The sun sets as Point Vicente Lighthouse illuminates its light on the most southwesterly point of the Palos Verdes Peninsula in Rancho Palos Verde on Wednesday. //ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: trav.palosverdes.xxxx– 02/18/15 – ED CRISOSTOMO, ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER- Wayfarer’s Chapel and Point Vicente Lighthouse. This is one of my favorite day trip getaways, and it’s really close, though it feels really far. The Point Vicente Lighthouse is adjacent to the Point Vicente Interpretive Center in Rancho Palos Verdes and maintained by the U.S. Coast Guard. It was built in 1926 and decommissioned in 1975. Tours are available on the second Saturday of each month. The City acquired this property from Los Angeles County through a grant deed in May 2004. This 10.5-acre site features a paved parking lot, a restroom building, an improved trail to the shoreline, and incredible Catalina and ocean views. You don’t have to be religious to appreciate the architectural beauty of the Wayfarers Chapel, which was designed by Lloyd Wright, Frank Lloyd Wright’s son.

by Renee Garcia-Brown

For my cousin Bruce Morgan, 1957-2017



I dreamed I saw the ocean again

And remembering the dream now, I’m crying.

On my birthday I dreamed I was home, homeland, ocean the birthplace of life

Homeland the birthplace of me

3 AM near the sea.

In the dream I walked between tall buildings until I stepped out beyond them and from a cliff

Saw the ocean, translucent blue-green water glimmering under the sun. I descended a steep trail onto a rocky beach and

Upon a shore of great sea-tumbled stones stood Bruce, shining golden with long blond hair flowing in the breeze, young, muscular and Norse-god handsome pointing out to the far sea.

“I, here” he said, perfect in his radiant sun-kissed eternity.

My eyes followed the line of his direction to the infinite horizon and encompassing the full scope of the ocean, its vastness and the curvature of the earth so overpowering I stepped back.

I never feared the ocean before. I grew up with it.

But after nearly four decades away,

Seeing something bigger than anything else on our planet, covering far more of the world than land or people or their small technologies

Can strike a kind of awed unease and respect,

A melancholy longing… homeland, sea… golden beyond infinity…

I breathed, knowing a feeling that can only be called ‘I, here.’




2 thoughts on “I, Here

  1. I love the call of the sea! Beautifully written. I was able to imagine exactly what it looked and felt like in your dream.

  2. Thank you for this beautiful evovcative poem about the ephemeral nature of time and the eternity of love. It was perfect for the feelings I am going through just now, a great friend may be gone, so looking to gather the spirit around him… and then found your work….
    Showers of love on you forever!

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