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A Review of PizzaGate:

The Sensational Slew of Documentaries That Ruined Everyone’s Appetite

by Late Mitchell Warren

If you ever get around to watching one of a million #PizzaGate documentaries on YouTube, you might be surprised at how easy this forbidden information is to access—especially after hearing that any mention of it has been banned from Google, Reddit and Facebook.

You may find the term PizzaGate is ubiquitous on even the unlikeliest of websites, and especially a parlor you might expect to be censor-happy: The Almighty Google-owned YouTube.

The main idea behind PizzaGate is that the Democratic Party, and the Clintons in particular, are running a human-trafficking scheme with multiple basements set up in hotspots all over the world.

The hysteria of the conspiracy became so intense it has resulted in mob violence and web harassment against a local business owner, who just so happened to be a major Democratic contributor and associate of the Clinton’s.

Among other casualties of this conspiracy are prominent members of the Democratic Party, and their artisan friends, who just so happen to have very creepy collections of art depicting torture, child abuse, and so on.(Their names will not be used here, so as not to incite more mob action against the accused)

The ramifications of this citizen-sting are dangerous: what right does a public mob have, to invade your privacy and over-analyze every object in your house, carefully evaluating lines between aesthetics and your own perverted tastes?

Is it fair game that politicians should have their private lives dissected since they support the National Security Agency, which has been confirmed to invade your privacy for patriotic reasons?

An even better question is whether it’s fair that someone can creatively edit a video to reflect badly on a political candidate—considering that this is exactly what politicians do every day, to mud-sling their opponent?

Creative editing, scary music, and unflattering pictures are some of the main reasons why we associate Donald Trump with racism, Hillary Clinton with Secret Satanic Emails, and apparently now Cheese Pizza with really dirty things.

Unfortunately, for all the mainstream attention the “underground” movement of PizzaGate has received, the results have been absolutely horrendous. Because misplaced enthusiasm for one unlikely hypothesis has destroyed legitimate leads and mitigated a number of crimes and unsolved mysteries in the eyes of the mainstream.

The creative editing and conspiracy gathering of PizzaGate was very sloppily done. Rather than stick to facts, creators and brainstormers latched onto some of the most ludicrous lines of evidence that would never hold up in court. Among others:

  • A strange obsession with pizza (which apparently can no longer be described as delicious, because of pedophile associations)
  • Underground symbology of what pizzas, hot dogs and triangles really mean
  • Photos of a person hanging out with children in any context is surely indicative that something’s wrong with them
  • Hidden “codes” in leaked emails, which give glory to Satan

And it is very unfortunate that this singular far-fetched hypothesis (That the Clinton’s run a human trafficking operation out of a local pizza parlor) has been used to discredit the very real #PedoGate investigation that continues to see accusations made from children or adults who were abused as children at the hands of a Washington/Hollywood elite.

While some pedophiles have been exposed and brought to justice, such as Jeffrey Epstein (a close friend of the Clintons), others remain deeply in the closet but are still haunted by accusations stemming from the likes of mainstream stars like Elijah Wood and Corey Feldman.

In fact, many Hollywood celebrities and politicians have gone to great lengths to publicly fight against human trafficking, thereby acknowledging that a major problem already exists with child exploitation and the powerful people who allow it to happen.

The real question is, why aren’t we investigating these solid leads? Especially after discovering the reality of Bill Cosby—that Hollywood was protecting him for years before these crimes came out? Or that Hollywood is still protecting Roman Polanski, insisting he should be forgiven for the rape of a child?

How did the absurdity of PizzaGate also persuade millions of Americans to completely disregard the reality of the Clinton Foundation’s Pay to Play bribery with other countries around the world, which was exposed and confirmed, and then blamed on Russians for “hacking” the truth and influencing the election?

Why is it that #PizzaGate’s incoherent match up game somehow invalidated the death of Monica Peterson, Assistant Director at the Human Trafficking Center, who died under very suspicious circumstances? SNOPES, a very biased “left” news source, had no choice but to list this “conspiracy” as *Unproven, as opposed to *False—simply because her death was just that suspicious.

Doesn’t it seem like PizzaGate is distracting us from all these other legitimate issues?

The answer is very likely that PizzaGate is and always was a psy-ops perpetrated by VIPs in Washington and or Hollywood, in hopes that it would distract from real issues that are just too costly to investigate at this time.

PizzaGate and other Fake News did not cost Hillary the election and so it was not invented by Donald Trump supporters. The Democrats’ failure was the result of the party’s arrogance and total disconnect with the American public, most of which are not millionaires or elitists wanting things to continue the way they are.

PizzaGate didn’t help Clinton’s campaign, but it was not the primary cause of its failure. If anything, FBI Head James Comey (who was pounded by the NYPD to look into Anthony Weiner’s laptop to find secret information pertaining to Hillary) was to blame for reopening the FBI’s investigation.

What PizzaGate was and continues to be is a distraction – a media created red herring that diverts people from looking too closely into more believable scenarios in favor of the absurd. The absurd scenario, which of course, everyone makes fun of, thus destroying all accusations in the public eye.

But it’s very tragic that numerous leads into rich and influential pedophiles are being suppressed or ignored right now, in hopes of laying the PizzaGate false flag to rest.

Let’s always remember that no matter how “pure” your institution is, (a church, a religion, a political party, a country) there is always going to be a minority pedophile population within that group. It’s absurd to reason that there are no big name Hollywood pedophiles. Ridiculous to say that the Democratic party is free of any child abusers because of their good intentions.

Anyone who suggests we should ignore any leads for pedophiles and human trafficking operations because it’s “Fake News” is not in touch with the reality of pedophilia and just how prevalent these people are in the human population.

Or worst of all, maybe they just don’t care about the welfare of children because they hate talking about the scandal that much.

Remember, perverts aren’t just ugly people driving up in a van…sometimes they do hide behind smiles, handsome faces, and big parties.

10 Things to Know About Pizza Gate

  1. The owner of that pizza place has some weird, disturbing art.
  2. So does John Podesta.
  3. Apparently everybody in Hollywood, Washington, and everybody you know uses secret child porn symbols to communicate messages of human trafficking.
  4. If you hang out with children and take photos of them (even your own kids), you’re probably a pedophile.
  5. If you like pizza, like obsessively enjoy eating it, you are probably connected in this giant ring of filth.
  6. PizzaGate conspirators supposedly coerced a child into saying he was abused by a Satanist elite. Which admittedly is weird, because children usually don’t lie or make up stories about being abused.
  7. Monica Peterson committed suicide. So do a lot of people connected with the Clintons. The Clinton’s are either truly evil or just really annoying, rich and entitled hillbillies who actually make people want to kill themselves rather than deal with their narcissism any longer.
  8. A LOT of kids and adults have come forward in Hollywood saying there are big name pedophiles being protected. As Bill Cosby taught us, predators can be protected from the public for years on end…until they make one mistake.
  9. Assuming PizzaGate is false, that means the Clintons and all their friends seem like really pretentious and obnoxious people that enjoy “spirit cooking” and doing other rich douchebaggy things at parties.
  10. Creative editing can make anyone seem like a criminal, a racist, a pedophile, a liar and etc. Think about the company / person that owns your news source before making judgments on people or events you don’t even f__ing know in real life.

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4 thoughts on “A Review of PizzaGate”
  1. I had to do my own rundown on Pizzagate, since the video did not come with captions. What actually disturbed me most were the actions taken by members of the public against Comet Ping Pong and Besta Pizza. Edgar Maddison Welch fired three shots into Comet Ping Pong while conducting his own citizen investigation. He found no evidence of underage children being secreted within the establishment, no tunnels, no basement, nothing more than an ordinary pizza parlor that supported ping pong. Because of sloppy journalism, businesses within the same district as Comet Ping Pong have been harassed, sent threatening e-mails and received bomb scares. Because of sloppy journalism, the Comet Ping Pong story could have turned into a tragic incident.

    Human trafficking is a problem. Tracing the organization from its perpetrators to its clientele will be an enormous challenge as certainly it does involve some rather high-end personnel. Money measures the degree to which you can get away with breaking the law. But creating a conspiracy theory off pure speculation is like trying to bake your grandmother’s incredible German chocolate cake simply by guessing the ingredients from the taste. Conspiracies are uncovered by being there, by carefully following a trail objectively, not caring who it will reveal if the exposure is the truth. When shrilly shouted,with nothing more backing it than some statements taken out of context and a string of coincidences that don’t even tie together; a conspiracy theory becomes a witch hunt.

  2. Black propaganda is an art form. Smear your own stuffs with such patently ridiculous accusations, supposedly coming from your enemies, that their real accusations will sink without a trace and never be believed, no matter how hard they try.

  3. This article misrepresented the facts. I invite you to educate yourself by reading through this summary. If you are honest with yourself, you will have to admit that this at least warrants further investigation.

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