Sexy Terrorist

sexy2by The Late Mitchell Warren

Now that the NSA and FBI have been alerted with carefully chosen keywords, let’s talk about what “terrorism” means.

Terrorism is defined as the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

That’s a broad definition and one that encompasses the State as well as the Revolution. We identify terrorists as such because we cannot bear to describe our “enemy” as merely another group of soldiers. We cannot imagine our own country as one that uses violence or intimidation to ensure their political aims.

We outgrew the term “commie” because we saw the fall of the Soviet Union, and though there is a renaissance of Russian-hate building again, most people will not accept another war that has already come and gone.

Now it’s time for companies / countries to re-brand the marketing. “Enemy” is such an empty word and it makes people think too hard about who is actually good and who is evil. “Terrorist” is a much easier word to accept because it is implied that terrorists are without souls, without conscience or compassion, and that they do cruel and sickening things to innocent people.

But if you take away the label of terrorist and describe a Good Christian who is willing to die for Jesus, or a Good Soldier who is willing to die for his country, you have something wonderful and inspirational.

Terrorism Discussion

The State not only takes on the actions of terrorists by using violence against innocent civilians (called Imperialism when it’s the wealthy attacking the poor) but sometimes they can actually help promote other terrorist entrepreneurs as a means of distraction. Whether it’s funding “terrorist” groups overseas or creating fictitious terrorist threats, or inadvertently creating vengeful monsters out of the remains of broken people. Sexy, if it’s someone like Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger looking for patriotic revenge – disgusting if it’s a dark skinned man speaking Arabic, fighting for the vengeance of his dead child.

The people of the French Revolution, rebelling against the rich and elite were the terrorists of their day. Witches, who resisted the teachings of Protestant and Catholic religions were something to be abhorred, even more disgusting than terrorists – they were heathens, orgiasts, baby killers and Satanic vessels, deserving of nothing but rape and death.  Even in modern terms, mankind has used words like “Savages” to describe Native Americans or African Americans – because they were the “enemy” that threatened our own lives, our selfish expansion of culture.

Witches Are Terrorists

Everybody loves a hero and despises a villain because that’s what evokes emotion and emotion incites war.

In my book, “The End of the Magical Kingdom”, witches are terrorists or “horrorists”, as the civilized world calls them. Some are merely labeled that way because they are enemies of the state. Others are self-identified because their mission is to overthrow the government and start a new change – the very thing Trump supporters wanted months ago, and now the very thing Hillary followers crave more than anything.

The point being that to describe something as less than human, as something as disgusting and soulless as an animal (er, except dogs and cats, because they don’t deserve the death and torture that cows and pigs are subject to because of their immoral lifestyles) is to justify the most vile and exploitative behavior we are capable of – to show us the harrowing mob justice mankind dispenses, once he is driven into an emotional stampede.

Terrorists are not human. They are witches, they are roaches, they are evil, and they are godless (or they don’t believe in Science like we believe in Science). They are stupid, they are unworthy of procreation, they deserve imprisonment, they deserve disease, old age and suffering.

The easy route is to declare all terrorists, and anyone that disagrees with the government, as a threat to national security.  To stamp them out, to cleanse the human race, and to destroy their families while we’re at it.  The more challenging route, the more “evil” and unpatriotic thing to do, is to try to determine how to end the war – how to negotiate a compromise that can bring some stability, not just to one region, but well beyond the borders.  It is the very thing that politicians promise to do and a higher standard we should continue to uphold.

But yes, to call a terrorist “sexy” is a very tasteless thing to do.

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