by Late Mitchell Warren


Accepting that your own parent is mentally ill is a terrible feeling. No one likes to think of their parent as a slave to their own delusions or an insane person that can no longer make rational decisions. Accepting that a once powerful family member in your life is now a shell of their former self, rambling and drooling without dignity, is a humbling and depressing experience.

Yet it is what has happened to the Democratic Party and their violent mob of NeoLiberals who now fit the definition of “mentally disturbed individuals”.

It may help to remember that Democrats used to have good intentions. They despise the reality of life—it’s too dark and depressing to think about. So they insist on humming to themselves that the world is going to be so much better under an Communist Utopia—an authoritarian government created by billionaire overlords with the intention of micromanaging the lives of the lower class.

Democrats will defend their own blatantly visible corruption and war crimes, self-deluded with the idea that they are doing what they must to survive. Even when presented with evidence–no longer just an accusation but hundreds of emails naming Clinton as an international conspirator and war monger– the FBI (another branch of the same government in power) will reject the evidence and mumble about a conspiracy concocted by their imagined enemies—in this case, a clown car of Republicans that lost this sham election the minute Idiot Trump decided to run.

Democrats are the intellectual equivalent of Creationists, of meth-heads, of poor little Chihuahua puppies that yip at someone who threatens their all-powerful human owner. They are in power only because there are too many rabid sheep shoving every intelligent critical thinker out of the way of this out of control bus.

Democrats, just as delusional as self-flagellating, God-crazy Republicans, advocate insane solutions to world problems. Is there too much war overseas?

“Let’s start another war to maintain the peace!”

Is there too much terrorism from Radical Islam?

“Let’s invade the privacy of every person in the country and arrest them for whatever dirt they’ve got. No, not just every person in our own country but every person in every country, courtesy of the National Security Agency.”

Are the people becoming too cynical?

“Let’s arrest or kill whistle blowers and detain suspected terrorists–you know anyone who opposes our perfect Utopia.”

Is there a problem with too much gun violence?

“Let’s take guns away from poor people, all the while allowing the rich to have as many weapons as they want, the police to have as much right to kill unarmed citizens as they want, and give more power to gangs and criminals, who break laws every day. This does put the poor in a position of total helplessness, but then again, since they’re poor, does it really matter?”

Democrats have the “gift” of sociopathic leadership, meaning they are capable of drone bombing innocent civilians and children at that—which they admit to—because they can rationalize that war profiteering and capitalizing from Middle Eastern Oil and Central Banking is for the greater good.

They defend their billionaire and millionaire elite for criminal actions, citing negligence while they allow a corrupt government system to prosecute the poor and negligent to the maximum penalty, throwing them in jail for minor charges and producing hardened criminals which serves to keep the for-profit prisons in business.

We must now face what is obvious to everyone in the world. American Democrats are mentally ill and are incapable of recognizing their own hypocrisy and delusions. They are incapable of change. They will either ignore valid criticisms, brutally attack whoever questions their perceptions, or they rationalize that evidence of their leader breaking the law is just the enemy’s secret conspiracy.

They will use “cards” of racism, bigotry and sexism to fend off any criticism, no matter how heinous their crimes. They don’t care how many wars they start, how many innocent people die, or how much the poor suffer at the hands of the rich.

They are out of control.

But What Do We Do Now?

We as third party voters, must be bigger than Nazi Democrats and Mafia Republicans. We as the non-voters, the peaceful protesters, the non-sheep and the non-violent resisters of corporate influence, must remain morally superior to these mentally disturbed politicians who seek to take over the world.

We must rise above their level and not stoop to fighting fire with fire. We will not fight cruelty and violence with greater cruelty and violence. We must not lie just because they lie. We must not succumb to fear just because they constantly create enemies and manipulate us to support their greed, bribery and bullying behavior. Buying into their fear mongering doesn’t make us safe. It makes us insane like they are.

We must be forgiving of the mentally ill. We must be understanding of sociopaths, murderers and confused children who lash out at society in profane ways. We must show them love, even though all they’ve ever known is hate.

True, the mentally ill are not qualified to hold public office, since they are not capable of distinguishing right or wrong or real and imagined. But removing them with force is not the answer right now because it would ultimately lead to more death and violence. Nobody wants more violence on their hands. This cannot be the way.

But that is why, fellow resisters and protesters, we must stop voting for these people. We must not buy into the delusions of Democrats and build imaginary shelters to protect ourselves from imaginary monsters.

And not only in election, but we must stop buying corporate products and stop letting billionaires profit from our daily lifestyles. We must have the courage to research which companies are supporting these war criminals and boycott them as socially conscious consumers.

We must stop taking part in their illegal and immoral wars, less we be guilty of supporting criminal acts and be held accountable either by our Gods or by the next administration of non-corporate leaders who will look upon the past with great woe.

Remember that surviving Nazi war criminals are still being tried today and who knows? Some day Democrats who supported a commercial war may be seen with similar contempt by a futurist society who isn’t afraid to expose corruption.

So ask yourself, are you really going to say #imwithher, knowing that evidence of her crime has been exposed and the government has decided that the rules don’t apply to the 1% the way they apply to the detestable 99%?

Be smarter than that. Be proud to be a non-voter of both Democrats and Republicans.

Nobody wants a Donald Trump presidency.

Nobody wants a Hillary Clinton presidency.

They are players on the same team and they are the elite’s way of taunting us with the joke of “Free Election.”

Your vote obviously doesn’t count and learning that is sometimes a hard truth to swallow. You may suddenly feel great anger as you realize how much of a fool you’ve been to let your dreams of a Democratic Socialist Utopia erode slowly before your eyes.

But please don’t resort to violent protest, because as we’ve seen, the lives of protesters are expendable. The lives of “traitors” are expendable. They’re planned for.

You are more valuable alive. Spread information and continue exposing their corruption. Your continuing life as a journalist and concerned citizen is doing greater good than your dead body.

What you can do is just sit back and let the monster implode naturally. Let Democrat Skeletor explode from all of the power of evil he accumulates in his godlust.

Democrat Skeletor, aroused at all those manipulated votes. But he needs more! MORE!

Because the Democrats are on a road to Hell, heading full speed ahead towards a natural breaking point, which is sure to send America into a self-cannibalizing financial disaster.

To all you who are gnashing your teeth at the hypocrisy, you may very well soon see the comeuppance of the Democratic Party within your lifetime. It won’t be pretty but it will be inevitable, as debt increases and the world turns against the billionaire elite worldwide.

In the meantime, the best way to get through the rough summer and fall season is to sing a little jingle and ignore the destruction the rampaging monsters in the background. If you just don’t vote, they will eventually be forced to change their ways. It reminds us of that old Simpsons episode…


Late Mitchell Warren is the author of the political satire / tragic romance, The Evil Princess, part of The End of the Magical Kingdom series. He didn’t go through all the trouble of leaving church just to join another cult of loons, you know.

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