Although Bernie Sanders conceding to Hillary Clinton and saying he will vote for her in November was expected, let’s make one thing clear: it is a betrayal of everything Sanders hyped up and persuaded us to believe. He used the “oligarchy” angle to rile up a nation of undecided youth, who were not keen on voting for Democratic Corporatism or Trump pseudo-Republican elitism.

He gave a nation of young people a reason to be optimistic – that everything they long suspected about the government was true and that there was something to be done about it. He did the unthinkable and gave the average non-voter a reason to vote, a reason to still believe in American patriotism. Sanders wasn’t everyone’s “first choice” but his campaign skyrocketed and gave the illusion that the voting process was the last thing corporate America couldn’t tamper with.

And it wasn’t enough that Sanders mysteriously lost—he did actually outvote Hillary Clinton but lost because of ridiculous technicalities involving Super Delegates and disqualified votes from unaffiliated voters.

If anyone had reason to be angry it had to be Bernie Sanders. His campaign was sabotaged and how does he react to injustice?

He takes it like a man, he loses with class. He does the “team spirit” thing and endorses Clinton, just so that she can beat a caricature, a parody candidate, and a lifelong Democrat who plays Dan Quayle in real life for a laugh.

And in doing so Sanders betrays his entire campaign against standing up to Democratic Corporatism. With his classy gesture, he has essentially told us that his presidential campaign was just a show. His dream of a more socialist-friendly United States was just a fantasy that was never going to happen.

Worse yet, he is voting for the same system that he pretended to be against, that he suggested we ought to stop supporting. Stop supporting the ideal of a Socialistic United States and instead support Hillary and the Democrats against Cartoon Republicanism.

While I long suspected Sanders would concede, he was trouble from the start. He agreed to run on a Democratic platform, all the while knowing that Democrats fuel the corporatist agenda, whether it’s treating the poor like terrorists, or letting corporations get away with organized murder.

All along, he told the truth. He would support illegal wars overseas. He would support corporations making their own laws and the 1% of America’s wealthiest crippling the economy of the poor. He would support turning America into a Police State.

He was never a true socialist but threw around the term hoping to start a revolutionary reaction…one that he probably knew the outcome of in advance and hoped he could steer these angry young rebels into voting for the very system he condemned. None of it really mattered, just another false flag, another smoke screen designed to give power to the Police State, invented for the safety of the 1%.

Did we all see it coming? Of course. Perhaps what we didn’t anticipate is that Sanders’ false representation of socialism is going to put a bad taste of real socialism in the public eye for a long time to come.

The United States doesn’t want socialism. They want Obama-Socialism Lite, Hillary-Socialism Lite. And for another generation, we will resist the “commies”, even while we borrow all of the Thought Police’s tactics just to ensure this Iron Corporate Government is never toppled.

One can only imagine Che Guevara’s reaction to the news that Sanders has backed down and done the unthinkable.


Late Mitchell Warren is the author of The End of the Magical Kingdom series, a political satire of American politics.

One thought on “It’s Official – Bernie Sanders Votes for Evil”

  1. In some ways I feel sad that those who control the political machinery are no longer even trying to hide their manipulations. It’s like being told there’s no Santa Claus before you’re ready to accept that, simply because your parents no longer want to give you presents. And that’s what it amounts to. No more indulging us. No more pretending that our votes count. No more hiding the fact that they use tax payers’ dollars to secure themselves unfathomable power and position. And the thing is, just like the child who has been deprived of presents, there’s nothing we can do about it.

    We are ruled by an oligarchy, not common consent. We are ruled by terror, and a very mundane terror at that; terror that if we define our political preferences, we will be labeled a fool; or worse yet, a traitor. The remnants of the last socialized programs that brought the US to its feet during the Great Depression, are being quietly dismantled. The infrastructure of roads, bridges, sewage and other public works is neglected. A steady campaign to privatize schools and libraries chip away at free education. The funds paid into Social Security from the day we were old enough to punch a clock are being diverted to other government coffers; mainly the military and fat paychecks for government officials. Quite literally, we are being taxed without representation, all because collectively, we fear the word, “socialized”.

    The Millennials have a hard road ahead of them. Already the think-tank of corporate minds are studying ways to fool them, to lead them to believe what they buy into is what they want. They hold the future in their hands, but without true leaders, true spokes people, true vision, the future is a fragile one. We are slaves, told not only what to do, but where we may go, how we may live and what we can and cannot say. The Millennials will also become slaves unless they discover a means of defeating corporate power.

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