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Zionists Banks Are Behind the American Industrial Military Complex

fight4israelBy: Petter Hamalainen

There is a trillion dollar arms industry, protected by a trillion dollar military establishment, located in the United States of America. Under the capitalist regime, this industry is not just expected to churn a profit, but it exists only to make a profit. The modern form of this industry was developed in the USA especially for WWII. It was established with money from rich banking establishments from Europe, like the Rothschilds, who were all Jewish.

A military-industrial complex was developed in the USA with the sole intention of crushing the global uprising against Rothschild/Zionist world banking. Three of the most enlightened, industrious and educated societies of the time, Germany, Japan and Italy were the leaders of a global rebellion to destroy debt. They wanted to destroy the global banking establishment which held the monopoly on money. The big banks printed and owned all money. All money was the property of the big bank. The bank simply loaned it out to people in exchange for a profit in the form of interest.

The Axis countries demanded the alternative, that money be printed debt-free as a service to society and not as a form of manipulation. The biggest problem with the big bank economies had been demonstrated in the previous World War. It was realized, first that when a country was ravaged and destroyed by war, its people had to resort to taking loans from the international world bank in order to rebuild their nation. Whole nations became indebted to the World Bank after the First World War. What this meant was essentially that the people of those nations had to work in order not just to repay the loan, but also an additional monthly percentage, like 20%.

Whole nations were working for the banks. The people had to pay a monthly tribute to the banks and this tribute weighed hard on them it didn’t allow their economy to bloom as it should because 20% of it was being sucked off by a big banking entity up in the clouds. Then, it was realized that the only alternative option to pay the bank back quickly was through war. The indentured nation went to war and laid waste to another country, stealing their resources and handing it to the bank thus erasing (or reducing) their own debt. (Or more likely increasing their debt limit/ceiling) In turn, forcing another plundered and destroyed nation to look to the bank for a loan thus ensuring the repetition of the cycle.

The US military-industrial complex today is not like the Iranian military-industrial complex at all. The Iranian one is non-profit where the American war machine is for-profit. What this means is that the Iranian MIC exists in order to defend Iran from attacks and to deter invasions but the one in the U.S.A., as a capitalist corporate entity, exists only to make a profit. Everyone knows that the U.S.A. is the least likely country in the world to ever get invaded even in the absence of the U.S. military the U.S.A. can never be taken by an invading army. Everyone in the USA is armed, the communities and neighborhoods are strictly military formation and patriotic sentiment is very ingrained in Americans. A true American would love the idea of defending their neighborhood against invaders, just look at the history of the Hells Angels. Wherever they went, the people were armed and ready to defend themselves against the barbarian motorcycle leather hordes.

The Iranian military on the other hand, had it not existed, Saddam Hussein would have captured Tehran in 1982 and handed it over to the U.S.A. (by annexing it to Iraq.) If the Iranian military did not exist today, the U.S.A. would have already invaded Iran. But instead, they were forced to invade Iran’s neighbors and close allies first. Afghanistan (A Farsi-speaking country) was first then Saddam Hussein (the Ayatollahs new ally against the Zionist threat) had to go and Iraq had to be blown to bits (for 10 years) too. (It’s still being blown to bits by bombs every other day.) Last but not least, covert ops resulted in an armed assault on Syria by Saudi/Al-Qaeda/Mossad insurgencies. Hospitals and schools are being targeted specifically by the rebels in Syria. These rebels are portrayed by the media as angry Syrians who want Bashar Assad to go away and die. If this is true, why are these Syrians destroying their own economic infrastructure? In any case, whoever they are, for whom are they doing this?

I grew up believing that the U.S.A. was #1. I really believed that it was the greatest nation in the world, perhaps even the greatest nation ever. I saw the United States as the righteous leader of the world, the concerned father, the voice of truth, justice, and freedom in a dark world. And boy was the rest of the world dark in my mind. I could almost accept the proposition that every country in the world needed us to go and bring them our wonderful civilization and democracy and that by doing this we were actually saving those people from their own grotesque and ignorant, barbaric pre-literate (and definitely Muslim) ways. Because Muslims are just bizarre. I was such an ignorant fool that I should rightly cry laughing at myself. The U.S.A. today is nothing but the plaything of a bunch of big corporations. And I’m not gonna shy away from saying this for fear of being labeled an anti-Semite I am in fact more Semitic than any European Jew.

Those big corporations are all controlled by Jewish people today. The same Jewish people that were supposedly all killed by the Nazi bastards. The Nazi war-criminals killed all the Jewish poor people in concentration camps, while all the Goldmans and Sugarmans and Bankmans safely relocated to the U.S.A. where they hold the monopoly on everything today. This is not an exaggeration. Everyone who is anyone in the U.S.A. today is either a –‘man’ or a –‘berg’ or a –‘stein.’ The US corporate media is theirs and they use it to spread lies and disinformation and to affect and manipulate public opinion. The military-industrial complex is theirs. They sell weapons to all warring people on earth. They start wars between Christians and Muslims, Shia and Sunni, in order to sell their weapons and to end up owning the countries through debt. They sell weapons to African Black people and keep those poor people fighting each other while their oil and gold and diamonds (the biggest reserves of gold and diamonds are in Africa. probably uranium and a bunch of other stuff too.) the point is, there is chaos in Africa and in this chaos rich western executives are cahooting with corrupt dictators as they loot and defraud and bankrupt entire nations taking their riches to the U.S.A. and Europe by the ton.

Aside from war, drugs like crack and heroin have been brought to African countries in order to further empty the pockets of the people while at the same time rendering the youths addicted and docile. When those countries have nothing more to give, then the World Bank swoops in and offers to bail them out, as with Greece. The World Bank now owns Greece twice over. The country has no more resources to give but its citizens labor.

After the Second World War, Germany, Japan and Italy became the world’s top industrial nations. Why? Because they had to in order to pay their debts. The best cars and technologies today come without a doubt from Japan and Germany. But none of those big industries belong to the Japanese people. All Japanese people work so that those companies can make a profit that will leave Japan. They are being milked for capital. They are still in debt over WWII, so is Germany, and both of them have strict restrictions on their militaries. They are defenseless by their own right. The U.S. (actually it’s more like NATO) army is in charge of defending them. If the people ever choose to go against the economic mandates imposed on them by the financial establishment, their military defense will simply be pulled, rendering them simply fucked. After Japan had been taken the U.S.A. turned its attention next door to Vietnam and Korea. Korea was to become a tech-colony like Japan and Vietnam and Taiwan were to become sweatshops where peon labor produced cheap Nike™ sneakers and assembled technology which came from next door.

How can there be peace when the devil sits on his high throne in New Uruk,(York) the world capital, protected by the beast, the US military industrial complex. How?

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19 thoughts on “Zionists Banks Are Behind the American Industrial Military Complex”
  1. Anti-Semitism aside, this article has got to be the worst piece I’ve ever read on Subversify. I expected a higher quality submission threshold from you Subversify.

  2. Here’s some historical background regarding the banking, which I mentioned only in passing in the OP, it is my understanding that the Christian and Muslim worlds were intended as debt-free economies based on the religious laws set in motion by their respective initiators. These laws were put forth as a counter-measure against the wealth and power of the previous religious cults (the cult of Ishtar being the most prominent one) based in the Middleeast. The cult of Ishtar, headquartered in the city-state of Uruk (biblical Erech, modern Iraq) is believed to be the historical first-ever debt-based proto-banking institution. The Jewish religion was derived almost wholesale from the customs of the Mesopotamians as observed by the “captive” Canaanites. Although it is unclear to what degree these early Jews were truly captive, as Abraham was a citizen of Ur, and Daniel was a native of Babel, etc. In any case, the early Canaanites were simply trying to bring the complex and sophisticated, and burgeoning socio-economic structure of Babylon to their own land. The Mesopotamian temples had been founded on principles of debt and credit financing, they had been able to create vast city-states, empires and military kingdoms based on this system. The fundamentals of the system are quite plain and a simple elucidation should suffice: all gold was the property of the temple, and the temple allowed people the privilege of loaning it to them in return for interest. Because this system always demanded more interest than the amount of gold in circulation, the people were constantly faced with a quasi-illusionary scarcity. This scarcity could only be averted (but not entirely avoided) through military endeavours. The first Mesopotamian armies would head out into the wilderness and plunder uncivilized tribal peoples, taking anything of worth (which included slaves, first and foremost) to be sold at the temple-market. This influx of slave-labor destroyed the farming economy of the first cities. The temple/bank eventually bought all the land and became the dominant agricultural entity. But I digress. The Jews took this system back to their homeland and implemented it, just as all other city-state empires that were emerging in those days did. However, the book of Deuteronomy, which was written well after the Jewish kingdom had been established, states that a Jewish person is forbidden from demanding interest on a loan to a fellow Jew, whereas it is encouraged that interest be charged from non-Jewish people, in quite plain terms. With the advent of Christianity, Usury, or in other words, the profession of lending money in exchange for interest, was outlawed. Jesus, in one of his famous acts, went berserk, beat the shit out of the rsurers and kicked them out of the temple for good. It is my understanding that the Catholic Church took this one step further and outlawed practically all forms of business and commercial activity, which is how the -burgs (Jewish commerce-towns) came into existence in the Middle Ages. Later on, Mohamad went still a step further than Jesus and outlined a system of Islamic banking, whereby the bank would function as a giver and taker of loans. His system implied that people would lend their money to the bank and receive monthly interest in return, whereas the bank would lend out money to businesses and charge them interest. The interest generated by bank-funded business activities would go to pay the people their monthly interest which they received on account of their money being circulated by the bank. This system was offered as a public service to mankind, as a favor to humanity, so that all people might benefit and flourish. It was understood that banks should have no private owners, no stock-holders, no beneficiaries other than the public whose money was contained in savings accounts. Anyway, things were all good and well, until the new white Jews appeared in Europe around the 8th or 9th century. By this time, almost all the Jews in the world (99%) had converted to either Christianity or Islam, and the Jewish religion with its outdated and unjust Babylonian economic models was quickly becoming extinct. But by some strange chance occurrence, a Khazar Khaghan (King) ruling over the city of Itil at the mouth of the Volga River, decided to convert to Judaism in order to be free from the yoke of his neighbors, the Christians Byzantines and the Islamic Caliphate. Of course, every man and woman in the Khazar Empire (which was a large and powerful Turkish empire) was forced to accept Judaism if they wanted to keep living in their homes. A few centuries later, the Rus, the Slavs and the Byzantines in a joint Christian-effort brought down the Khaghanate and ended the Jewish kingdom, which caused many of the Khazars to move westward into Europe. The final blow came when the Mongol hordes arrived and drove the remaining Jews into Western Russia and Europe, where their largest populations were located in the 11th and 12th centuries. These Jews practiced Usury in a strict debt-free society, and they quickly set up the -burg trading posts (every European city whose name ends in -burg) which competed fiercely with the Feudalist kingdoms of Europe. In those days, Europe was composed of only Feudalist communities with Lords and Peasants. The Khazar Jews introduced the “burgeoisie” culture, as they undermined the power and authority of the nobility. The Khazar Jews had attempted Messianic movements at capturing the Holy Land at least twice while their Kingdom still existed, and failed both times. After a century or two of their post-8th century presence in Europe, once their loan-givers had evolved into quasi-banking institutions, they were able to accumulate vast wealth and even take hold of the Vatican through debt. This was the historical beginning of Zionism, the movement by white-skinned Ashkenazi Jews to capture the Holy Land funded by Jews and executed by Christians (not _recapture_, because none of these Jews ever had a single historical ancestor who set foot anywhere near the land of Canaan.) And just like today, with the Zionist hate-mongering and spreading of fear against Muslims through their media in the west, in those days the Jews did the exact same thing. They made it seem like the Muslims were a threat to the Christians, and as such needed exterminating. When in truth, the Muslims and Christians had been living in relative peace for centuries before the First Crusade. Now, before any European non-Jew could realize what was happening, the Jews were already dominating the whole loan-and-capital-industry (aka banking/credit/financing institutions.) This is evident in pre-modern times by the Rothschild banking dynasty, which is estimated to be worth 500 trillion dollars today. Also here’s the names of some modern banks which were established in the USA by Jews: I would think that Goldman-Sachs, Chase-Manhattan (JP Morgan), Citigroup, Kuhn, Loeb & Co., etc. together with the World Bank (not to mention the credit card companies) would qualify as such, among others. Do not be fooled by the fact that some of these organizations are labelled as “public,” rest assured, there is no banking activity on earth today (except in Iran) that the Rothschilds do not have a direct hand in. None of these western banking institutions are ‘public’ in the sense that Islamic banking is public. What you must understand is that the whole concept of a bank is essentially a patented trademark of the descendents of Medieval European loan-givers, who all united in the late 19th century. The reason the Jews/Israelis hate Iran so much today, and spread so much negative propaganda against Iran and all of Islam in general is simply because Islamic banking (developed 700AD) is superior to Jewish banking (developed 1000BC.)

    Hubbleboy, this is for you sweetheart. Ignorance sucks.

  3. Here’s some more ‘opinion’, definitely not-truth! (snort…laughter)

    (I included the wikipedia references purely because they are the favorite information-bible of the esteemed average western person who swears on them nowadays. But my knowledge on this matter was derived from none of the sources cited above. I looked these up on google after the fact. Although it’s funny how everyone who does independent research on the matter turns up with almost the exact same ideas. Like, there’s no one out there claiming that Muslims or Native Americans or African Blacks or Chinese people hold the world’s largest banking cartels. Must be a conspiracy against the Jews eh?)

    I’m quite sure that very few people in the USA want to give up their lifelong view that they live in a free and sovereign nation where their opinions and votes actually matter, and as such they will refuse to see objective truth where it is presented, labelling it ‘opinion’ instead. This is all good and well. Everyone is entitled to their view, no matter how deluded and foolish it may be. And nobody really reads this shit anyway. (There’s 7 billion people in the world, and at most 700 of them read subversify.) But I’m quite sure that after WWIII (Armageddon) comes and goes, many people will wonder “Who were these Iranian Aryan Nazis who hated the Jews so much and felt they were so superior that they had to go to war against Israel, poor poor defenseless Israel, with it’s poor defenseless penniless Jews who never did anything to anyone?” My hope is that in that time, people will discover the true reasons behind Iran’s massive retaliatory attacks against the Zionist pseudostate, attacks which are yet to come as of the time of this writing.

    It is a fact available to all that in the 1930s, the German Nationalist Socialist Party backed by an overwhelming majority vote of an educated populace (as opposed to the misinformed, utterly under-educated, media-brainwashed public in the USA today) unilaterally declared all debt erased, essentially like how Tyler Durden blew up the Credit Card companies and their debt databases at the end of Fight Club, and they declared all private capitalist banking cartels, whether Jewish or non-Jewish (all of them were Jewish) illegal and criminal enterprises. The Germans Nazis proclaimed “Jewish Rothschild/Warburg shitbirds: take your fiat money and your capitalist warmongering and shove it up your asses. Your debt-scam is over in Germany. Every German in this great industrial nation is with us. Nobody likes you here, nobody wants you here, this is our country. We accepted you with open arms when you had nowhere else to go, we let you work here among us as equals, and you enslaved us with your anti-Christian anti-human usury schemes. Now, take your bullshit somewhere else.” Anyone with a half-assed education should know that Nationalist Socialism (which the US corporate-politicians hate and fear so much today) means essentially this: the big industries at the top must be nationalized and their income should belong to all (ie. nationalism) and smaller industries should be taxed and that revenue should go to social spending like making healthcare, education, and generally all social aspects of life ‘free’ and ‘affordable’ and ‘available’ for _all_, because people are not slave-laborers (ie. socialism.) The rich Jews found all of this so offensive that they launched the biggest smear-campaign in the history of the world. They made up some horseshit story about 6 million Jews being killed in Germany for no reason at all, a dubious story that has never been independently verified. And either way, let’s say the Germans were Aryan white-supremacists as the stories claim, and that they had a racial beef with the white Jews (there were no brown Semitic Jews in Germany in the 1930s, NOT EVEN ONE.) but this doesn’t explain why the Italians and the Japanese got on board this boat with the Germans? Did they also think they were Aryans? Of course not! They just followed Germany’s lead and declared all debt erased and all people free from bondage and servitude to the banks. The rich Jews were foaming at the mouth by this point. They were raging like rabid dogs. “HOW DARE THEY!! WE OWN THEM!! WE WILL KILL THEM ALL!!” Thus spake Winston Churchill the Jew. And the rest is history, eg. the US-Military-Industrial Beast devouring half the world and dropping two atomic bombs on Japan (*gasp*) and plunging half the world into such magnitude of debt that they could never again emerge from.

    Now, all of the Nazi Anti-Semitism and Jew-hate propaganda associated with by the US media with the Germans in the 30s and 40s is being attributed to Iran today. Iran is facing the exact same demonization, sanctions and isolation that the Germans went through. At this point it is quite pertinent to note that Iran holds the last ‘free’ Central Bank, the last country where the Rothschild cocksuckers have no authority. Some coincidence huh? My feeling is that this time around 6 million Jews in Israel will actually die, in contrast to WWII when no such thing can in fact be proven to have occurred. (It’s ironic as hell that Israel’s Jewish population today is almost exactly 6 million soulless combat-trained armed-to-the-teeth Arab-hating racist-as-fuck child-murdering land-stealing souls) So, in a few years when the dust of WWIII settles, and people ask themselves “Why did the Nazis (Iranians) do what they did?” The answer will be “Because they were provoked and endlessly harrassed. Because all they wanted was to be left alone, which World Emperor Netanyahu just wouldn’t have. So they decided to go on a debt-ending rampage, to free mankind from tyranny, to really fuck the shit out of the Zionists. Because the earth has enough resources that everyone should live and prosper happily ever after. Because why should a handful of Jewish families control 99.99% (fuck it, let’s just say an even 100%) of the earth’s wealth?” And the proof will be right here in the form of all these Jewish banking institutions who hold the patent on the concept of money today. (Just in case you’re still not getting it, Bubbleboy (chuckle) it’s not that these Jews have all the money. It’s that they hold the monopoly on the printing of all money, and by doing so they hold all governments and corporations in the world in their debt. And because all those corporations have to make enough profit to pay interest on their debts, the world economy is under strain. Get it? Doesn’t take a nuclear physicist to understand this. Just imagine if the USA could unilaterally declare its debt wiped clean; the recession would be over for good. Imagine if US industries and corporations became nationalized and socialized; no one in the USA would ever be poor or homeless or hungry ever again. There would never be war for the sake of war ever again.)

    It’s time to face facts people. Just because you happen to live in the USA and enjoy a relatively higher standard of life than people everywhere else doesn’t mean everything is A-OK. It means you are living a better life because Muslims are having their oil stolen, Africans are having their gold and diamonds stolen, Afghans are having their Poppies stolen, etc. You are living on stolen goods. Wake up and realize that you don’t _deserve_ the higher standard of life that you’re living. You aren’t more special, more educated, more beautiful, more intelligent, or more hard-working than anyone else on earth. And yes, that includes African Black people and Brown Muslims. Hard as it may seem to swallow, you are equal to brown and black people. Your higher standard of living is just a ploy, a strategy to ensure Americans never revolt and never wake up to the cold reality. It’s not racist that tens of thousands of Muslims are killed in cold blood every single year, but it’s racist to say that no Jews are killed or discriminated against anywhere in the world today, nor have they ever been especially mistreated any more so than any other people. Now go back to your couch, watch more TV, drink some beer and stuff your face until your stomach hurts, like only Americans know how to do. And while you’re enjoying your life, remember that Africans and Muslims are being killed and driven off their land right now so that you can live the American Dream. Be proud, hold your head up high. Your ancestors were responsible for squashing the German freedom movement half a century ago, and your children will be responsible for putting to rest the Iranian freedom movement today.

    BTW, Hubbleboy, what exactly did you find Anti-Semitic about the original post? I’m curious. Just FYI, my mother’s people, the Finns, are distantly related to the Khazar Turks, and my father’s grandfather was a Qashqai Turk who was genetically very closely related to the Khazars. Additionally, I definitely have a direct ancestor who was a true brown-skinned black-haired Semite right out of Ethiopia, most likely by way of Iraq. So, keep your Anti-Semitism nonsense to yourself if you choose to further engage in this discussion, which I doubt you will.

    Also, forgive my harsh and unforgiving tone. Like everyone else in my country, I’m quite on edge over the constant threat of an Israeli/US strike which looms large over the horizon and seems imminent and inevitable at this point. The military here is in a state of near-constant alert, and the people live their lives day to day with the idea of an American invasion imprinted in the back of their minds. It is not a pleasant state at all, I assure you. But on the bright side, at least we’re not getting bombed and droned and killed every day like our neighbors in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan. That’s something to be thankful for, you know, living in fear and watching all of your neighbors dropping like flies. The question which keeps recurring in my head, and which I’m sure all 80 million of my people share, is “What did I ever do to the USA? Why do they want to invade and bomb us? Why are they bombing my neighbors? Why have they destroyed our economy through their sanctions? Don’t our young people deserve to have jobs and homes and cars? Are we trully inferior to the white people like the Americans and Israelis constantly imply? Are we less deserving of peace and prosperity than they are? etc. etc.”

    Thank you come again. (Apu)

  4. And the ironic icon: captain america defend america lol, i’m indonesian and a muslim and a lot of (if not all) indonesian people already knew who behind capitol, white house and media. Thanks for your great post , it’s not about jews it’s about zionism i never blame jewish people for zionis secret agenda nor i praise nazi that much, and now they stole our gold in papua via fee port they stole our oil via chevron , and we stuck with a bunch of bastard we called goverment. Sorry for my bad english.

  5. This is laughable anti-semitic drivel. Blaming jews for american wars? come on. Everyone knows that israel is a peaceful democratic nation. They are friends of America. and palestine didn’t even exist a hundred years ago. The arabs are the root of the problem in the mideast. who are the terrorists and the suicide bombers, arabs or jews?

  6. In the Public Interest: Netanyahu, the other Israelis and Bobby Burns
    Ralph Nader
    March 6, 2015
    Apart from inadvertently making the case for equal time by his Israeli pre-election opposition, the spectacle of Benjamin Netanyahu’s wild diatribe at the joint session of Congress amidst the feral cheers of his congressional yahoos will be remembered as a textbook case of propaganda unhinged from reality.

    Starting from his preposterous premise that Iran, a poor country of 77 million people with an economy nearly the size of Massachusetts’, is planning a caliphate to conquer the world, Mr. Netanyahu builds his case on belligerent words by Iranian leaders, who believe they are responding to Israeli belligerence backed by its ultra-modern, U.S. equipped military machine and its repeated threats of preemptive attacks against Tehran.

    Unwilling, unlike his Israeli opponents, to subject himself to questions before congressional committees, this three-time soliloquist at joint congressional sessions (1996, 2011 and 2015) was received with hoopla quite different from his reception in a much more critical Knesset. The Prime Minister’s 42 minute speech was punctuated by 23 standing ovations and sitting applauses that took up 10 minutes.

    The U.S. Israeli lobby has made Congress a rubber stamp for lopsided policies in the Middle East.

    Only about fifty Democrats boycotted his address.

    It is as if Israel doesn’t frighten Iran with its 200 nuclear weapons and its rejection of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty whose international inspections are required for all other signatory nations on Earth, including Iran.

    It is as if Israel has not threatened Iran with annihilation, sent spies to sabotage and slay Iranian scientists and worked with its Arab allies to undermine the Iranian regime;

    It is as if Iranians do not remember that the United State overthrew their popularly elected Prime Minister Mossadegh in 1953 to reinstate the Shah’s dictatorship for 26 years;

    It is as if the Iranians do not mourn the loss of hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilians killed by Saddam Hussein’s brutal invasion of their country from 1980 to 1988 with the military, intelligence and diplomatic support of the United States;

    It is as if Iranians are not frightened into thinking they’re next when George W. Bush named Iran as part of the “axis of evil” (along with Iraq and North Korea), and proceeded to destroy Iraq and surround Iran with U.S. armed forces that are still in place to this day;

    It is as if the Iranian people are not suffering from economic boycotts which, by impacting disproportionately civilian health and safety there, (See Public Citizen’s Health Letter) violate international law;

    It is as if Iran should accept a wide sphere of influence by the U.S. and not try to expand its sphere of influence for its own defense;

    It is as if Iran had not proposed a serious plan to George W. Bush over ten years ago to settle disputes and establish a nuclear-weapons free zone in the Middle East, which Mr. Bush completely ignored;

    It is as if Iran is not, in the words of former Obama adviser, Vali R. Nasr, carrying “most of the weight” in the “battles on the ground” against ISIS in Iraq, thereby saving the U.S. from committing again U.S. soldiers to avert a complete rout of those left behind after our deadly debacle in Iraq since 2003;

    It is as if Iran is not claiming it is building nuclear power plants for electricity (a foolishly dangerous move for its own people) and not building an atomic bomb, has not been in full compliance with the Geneva interim accord (November 2013) with the P5+1 countries, as these parties, led by the United States, strive to conclude a complete agreement this year;

    It is as if Israel has not illegally occupied, colonized and stolen Palestinian land and water over the decades (including regularly invading a blockaded Gaza, invading Lebanon five times and attacking other nearby countries pre-emptively) and caused hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties;

    It is as if Israel, while complaining about Iranian behavior, does not continue their Palestinian policies that violate several United Nations’ resolutions, while goading the U.S. toward war against Iran;

    It is as if the Arab League, with 22 member nations, has not offered repeatedly since 2002 a comprehensive peace treaty in return to Israel returning to its 1967 borders that was also rejected by Israel;

    It is as if Iran has forgotten the shooting down of a scheduled Iranian civilian Airbus by the U.S. Navy in 1988 with a loss of 290 innocent lives, including 66 children;

    It is as if Iran, a country that hasn’t invaded any country for over 250 years, should remain cool in the face of such attacks, threats, infiltrations, boycotts, U.S. Navy in the Persian Gulf, and not engage in any military alliances; and

    It is as if Iran’s authoritarian leaders are not preoccupied enough with pressures inside their country that are both internally and externally driven without also planning to conquer the world.

    The pop-up lawmakers in Congress on Tuesday have not shown any interest in their own government’s causal responsibility for Iranian animosities. The priority for many in Congress is marching to the drumbeat of whatever the U.S. Israeli lobby wants from the Pentagon, the State Department and the American taxpayers. (Some members of Congress have spoken up in the past, notably Republican Congressmen Ron Paul and Paul Findley and Senators Chuck Percy and James Abourezk.)

    Why does a large majority of Congress block the viewpoints and policies that could lead to peace as advocated by many former chiefs of Israel’s security, intelligence, military and political institutions? They have spoken up repeatedly in Israel but are never allowed to testify before congressional committees. This entrenched anti-Semitism on Capitol Hill against the “other Israeli” Jews needs to be challenged by peace and justice-loving Americans who want to avoid future blowbacks and war quagmires for our soldiers.

    A way to clarify jingoistic biases in foreign policy is to ask the questions: who was the initial aggressor? Who is the invader, the occupier, the ever hovering armed drone operator? Who has backed and armed dictators to repress their people who want no more such nation-building by the U.S.?

    For a century, is it we, with the British and French, who have been over there or is it they who have been over here? Brutish conditions breed brutish behavior in all directions.

    The poetic wisdom of the great Scottish poet Bobby Burns teaches the crucial empathy: “O would some power the giftie gie us to see ourselves as others see us.”

  7. Who owns military indrustrial complex world wide, Rothschild. No war can start without his permission. Aipac is an offshoot of this family controlling American Congress and their foreign policies regarding Middle East conflicts.

  8. I think the jewish bankster cartels owe my family reparations for all the relatives and ancestors lost in these wars.

  9. The American Industrial Military Complex is behind The American Industrial Military Complex, your anti-semitic vile falsehoods are disgusting BULLSHIT !! Money rules the world $$$$, not any race !!
    Damn site is full of nonsensical hard-core hatred of Jews, you are deprived maniacal scumbags !!

  10. Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislane Maxwell raping American children. Never gets mentioned that they are Jewish. Same with Harvey Weinstein.

    Who is stupid enough to believe Epstein committed suicide? He is having sex with a toddler on his private island right now.

  11. This is a great article. It perfectly outlines the major problem with the world today: Bankers controlling the West. Whether these Bankers are Jewish or not should not matter, and yet somehow it does.

    Can anyone imagine the outrage if Muslim Bankers were sending the US military to kill millions of innocent people?

    What if the Sackler family who unleashed the plague of oxycontin addiction on the west were Muslim and not Jewish?

    What if Monsanto, giving people cancer on purpose, was a Muslim company, rather than a Jewish-owned company?

    What if Bayer, selling people expensive cancer drugs, was a Muslim company and not Jewish?

    They destroy nations. Then they give loans to rebuild. They give people cancer. Then they sell cancer medication.

    They systematically rape hundreds of women. Where is Harvey Weinstein now?

    They publish lies as news. When will Murdoch and the rest of the lying scumbags be held accountable? They have turned the American people into nitwits ffs.

    What if these people weren’t Jewish? Would we still let them get away with it?

  12. Israel’s occupation of Palestine pales in comparison to its smothering and ever tightning chokehold on the United States.

    All US politicians starting from lowly county and state officials all the way up to the office of the president are requried to swear allegiance to Israel and pledge unconditional support to it.

    Its obscene, but this is the reality that confronts Americans.

    The governor of Florida Ron DeSantis, who has signed legislation to outlaw BDS in the state, recently convened a meeting of his cabinet in Israel.
    Not in Tellahassee, in Israel.

    While there, the governor – who has presidential ambitions – doubled down on his support for Israel and reassured Israelis that his support is unconditional.

    The former US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley – in reality she spent 99% of her time while there representing Israel – was also in Israel recently and while there she met with Miriam Adelson and Israeli officials and she was presented as a 2024 contender for the White House.

    Below is the headline from Haaretz about her visit :

    “In Israel, With Netanyahu at Her Side, Miriam Adelson Places Her Bet for 2024 – if Not Sooner”

    Jewish control over US politicians and US government policy, especially in matters relating to the Middle East is total and complete.

    But this comes it a price.

    Yet no one is allowed to point out this fact, for fear of being denounced as “anti-semetic”

    America’s endless wars in the region is as a direct result of its unconditional support for Israel.

    Therefore, if the lady wishes to end these wars, one of the first thing to confront and change is the unconditional support to Israel.

    If this is not done, then her campaign is a sham, and those who support her will be disappointed

    The US Congress is still busy weeping and wailing about “Russian interferance” and continues to hold hearings in this regard.

    Today Mueller was hauled in for questioning, for failing to deliver a clear indictment against Trump and his Russian enablers.

    Yet Israel, not Russia, is the country that interferes in US politics and elections.

    But no US politician dares to point out this fact.

    Remember what happened to Ilhan Omar recently when she spoke out about the “Benjamins”?

    Almost the entire Congress led by Nancy Pelosi denounced her.
    Bcause how dare she throw shade at their beloved Israel.

    Just bear this in mind : Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley did not go to Moscow to curry favor with the Kremlin with an eye on a later run for the office of US president.

    No, they went to Israel, because that is where you will find those who can interfere in the internal affairs of the US, but with impunity.

    I dare the US Congress to convene a hearing into the corrosive influence of Israel and its supporters in the US.

  13. I met Einstein in person several times. He as well as Dr Frankl whom I heard speak clearly were persons of color.

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