Zionists Banks Are Behind the American Industrial Military Complex

fight4israelBy: Petter Hamalainen

There is a trillion dollar arms industry, protected by a trillion dollar military establishment, located in the United States of America. Under the capitalist regime, this industry is not just expected to churn a profit, but it exists only to make a profit. The modern form of this industry was developed in the USA especially for WWII. It was established with money from rich banking establishments from Europe, like the Rothschilds, who were all Jewish.

A military-industrial complex was developed in the USA with the sole intention of crushing the global uprising against Rothschild/Zionist world banking. Three of the most enlightened, industrious and educated societies of the time, Germany, Japan and Italy were the leaders of a global rebellion to destroy debt. They wanted to destroy the global banking establishment which held the monopoly on money. The big banks printed and owned all money. All money was the property of the big bank. The bank simply loaned it out to people in exchange for a profit in the form of interest.

The Axis countries demanded the alternative, that money be printed debt-free as a service to society and not as a form of manipulation. The biggest problem with the big bank economies had been demonstrated in the previous World War. It was realized, first that when a country was ravaged and destroyed by war, its people had to resort to taking loans from the international world bank in order to rebuild their nation. Whole nations became indebted to the World Bank after the First World War. What this meant was essentially that the people of those nations had to work in order not just to repay the loan, but also an additional monthly percentage, like 20%.

Whole nations were working for the banks. The people had to pay a monthly tribute to the banks and this tribute weighed hard on them it didn’t allow their economy to bloom as it should because 20% of it was being sucked off by a big banking entity up in the clouds. Then, it was realized that the only alternative option to pay the bank back quickly was through war. The indentured nation went to war and laid waste to another country, stealing their resources and handing it to the bank thus erasing (or reducing) their own debt. (Or more likely increasing their debt limit/ceiling) In turn, forcing another plundered and destroyed nation to look to the bank for a loan thus ensuring the repetition of the cycle.

The US military-industrial complex today is not like the Iranian military-industrial complex at all. The Iranian one is non-profit where the American war machine is for-profit. What this means is that the Iranian MIC exists in order to defend Iran from attacks and to deter invasions but the one in the U.S.A., as a capitalist corporate entity, exists only to make a profit. Everyone knows that the U.S.A. is the least likely country in the world to ever get invaded even in the absence of the U.S. military the U.S.A. can never be taken by an invading army. Everyone in the USA is armed, the communities and neighborhoods are strictly military formation and patriotic sentiment is very ingrained in Americans. A true American would love the idea of defending their neighborhood against invaders, just look at the history of the Hells Angels. Wherever they went, the people were armed and ready to defend themselves against the barbarian motorcycle leather hordes.

The Iranian military on the other hand, had it not existed, Saddam Hussein would have captured Tehran in 1982 and handed it over to the U.S.A. (by annexing it to Iraq.) If the Iranian military did not exist today, the U.S.A. would have already invaded Iran. But instead, they were forced to invade Iran’s neighbors and close allies first. Afghanistan (A Farsi-speaking country) was first then Saddam Hussein (the Ayatollahs new ally against the Zionist threat) had to go and Iraq had to be blown to bits (for 10 years) too. (It’s still being blown to bits by bombs every other day.) Last but not least, covert ops resulted in an armed assault on Syria by Saudi/Al-Qaeda/Mossad insurgencies. Hospitals and schools are being targeted specifically by the rebels in Syria. These rebels are portrayed by the media as angry Syrians who want Bashar Assad to go away and die. If this is true, why are these Syrians destroying their own economic infrastructure? In any case, whoever they are, for whom are they doing this?

I grew up believing that the U.S.A. was #1. I really believed that it was the greatest nation in the world, perhaps even the greatest nation ever. I saw the United States as the righteous leader of the world, the concerned father, the voice of truth, justice, and freedom in a dark world. And boy was the rest of the world dark in my mind. I could almost accept the proposition that every country in the world needed us to go and bring them our wonderful civilization and democracy and that by doing this we were actually saving those people from their own grotesque and ignorant, barbaric pre-literate (and definitely Muslim) ways. Because Muslims are just bizarre. I was such an ignorant fool that I should rightly cry laughing at myself. The U.S.A. today is nothing but the plaything of a bunch of big corporations. And I’m not gonna shy away from saying this for fear of being labeled an anti-Semite I am in fact more Semitic than any European Jew.

Those big corporations are all controlled by Jewish people today. The same Jewish people that were supposedly all killed by the Nazi bastards. The Nazi war-criminals killed all the Jewish poor people in concentration camps, while all the Goldmans and Sugarmans and Bankmans safely relocated to the U.S.A. where they hold the monopoly on everything today. This is not an exaggeration. Everyone who is anyone in the U.S.A. today is either a –‘man’ or a –‘berg’ or a –‘stein.’ The US corporate media is theirs and they use it to spread lies and disinformation and to affect and manipulate public opinion. The military-industrial complex is theirs. They sell weapons to all warring people on earth. They start wars between Christians and Muslims, Shia and Sunni, in order to sell their weapons and to end up owning the countries through debt. They sell weapons to African Black people and keep those poor people fighting each other while their oil and gold and diamonds (the biggest reserves of gold and diamonds are in Africa. probably uranium and a bunch of other stuff too.) the point is, there is chaos in Africa and in this chaos rich western executives are cahooting with corrupt dictators as they loot and defraud and bankrupt entire nations taking their riches to the U.S.A. and Europe by the ton.

Aside from war, drugs like crack and heroin have been brought to African countries in order to further empty the pockets of the people while at the same time rendering the youths addicted and docile. When those countries have nothing more to give, then the World Bank swoops in and offers to bail them out, as with Greece. The World Bank now owns Greece twice over. The country has no more resources to give but its citizens labor.

After the Second World War, Germany, Japan and Italy became the world’s top industrial nations. Why? Because they had to in order to pay their debts. The best cars and technologies today come without a doubt from Japan and Germany. But none of those big industries belong to the Japanese people. All Japanese people work so that those companies can make a profit that will leave Japan. They are being milked for capital. They are still in debt over WWII, so is Germany, and both of them have strict restrictions on their militaries. They are defenseless by their own right. The U.S. (actually it’s more like NATO) army is in charge of defending them. If the people ever choose to go against the economic mandates imposed on them by the financial establishment, their military defense will simply be pulled, rendering them simply fucked. After Japan had been taken the U.S.A. turned its attention next door to Vietnam and Korea. Korea was to become a tech-colony like Japan and Vietnam and Taiwan were to become sweatshops where peon labor produced cheap Nike™ sneakers and assembled technology which came from next door.

How can there be peace when the devil sits on his high throne in New Uruk,(York) the world capital, protected by the beast, the US military industrial complex. How?